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Who's Yer Con 2012 - Indianapolis

Local Play

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Silver Crusade *****

Sniggevert wrote:
Bob Jonquet wrote:
Tracy Windeknecht wrote:
So wait, I have nothing planned for Midnight Madness. Do I need to be planning something?
Nope. If there is a midnight madness event (I haven't heard anything so far), it'll be an impromptu game. You are not required to do anything except maybe report it as part of the convention.
Come on Bob, work with me here...we might have been able to work a couple of drinks out of it anyways ;)

I have 21 GMs coming to WYC! I cannot afford these shenanigans :)

Dark Archive ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

Sniggevert wrote:

Wish I could Bob, wish I could. I'm sure Thursday will be last minute map detail for me. Cactus and I are planning on heading down early Friday morning I believe.


Dark Archive ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

Bob Jonquet wrote:

I will be in town Thursday night. If anyone is around and wants to GM a game, I would be interested in playing.

Also, if you are not a player/GM during the special on Saturday night would like to gather for an alternate game, let me know. Again, I'm up for playing.

Otherwise, see y'all there!!!

I could be available. I figure that most peeps will be more interested in the Special over the Delves.

Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

Cactus-Jack wrote:
I could be available. I figure that most peeps will be more interested in the Special over the Delves.

I was thinking about those of us that have already played it. While I haven't actually played it, I have GM'd it twice and did the Overseer twice. I'm just not interested in playing a scenario in which I am thoroughly familiar. If no one wants to play with me :-( :sniff: I will just check out the action either in the PFS room or at the party.


Bob, if you would like I could offer a last minute game at one of the stores near downtown Indianapolis. I talked with the store tonight to reserve us a spot. I am not sure how many would be interested but I think some would like a chance to get a chance to have you GM for them.

The traditional hours for this store for PFS are from 6-10. The Arsenal Game Room and Cafe.

Having Bob most likely already intoxicated trying to find a store near downtown could be interesting. It sounds like the armored gopher folks have a mission. Buy bob lots of beer b4 sending him to GM.


ONE! One more day! Ah, ah, ah!


From the events from tonight, I feel this may be a very unique con.

So got together with two players did a very intensive player audit. Down to the last 8 cp and the mysteriously missing 150 gp riding dog. Later to find out the player would drive off with his character folder on top of his car.

Much time spent on walking around looking for chronicle sheets in the dark.

Only lost a single boon... Good times.

Grand Lodge *****

I hope all of you folks in the Midwest are ok with the slew of tornados you had go through there a few hours ago.

Liberty's Edge ****

Blow wind blow, we are still GAMING!!!


Michael Brock wrote:
I hope all of you folks in the Midwest are ok with the slew of tornados you had go through there a few hours ago.

Sorry about that.


A player survied due to me forggetting to add a multiplier on a crit.3d6+19 x3 not 2

The tornados went about 2 hours south. The con was spared. My prayers go out to those families affected.

The con was a blast. Only able to stay for Friday and part of Saturday. Kudos to all those who GM'd and organized the con.


Great convention, good job Tracy and Chris!

Liberty's Edge ****


Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

Home again...exhausted. Was suckered into another midnight madness. At least this one was void of any Purple Worms ;-)

Thanks go to the Indianapolis folks for hosting another fun convention.
Whatcha gonna do next year to top this one?

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

This was my first Who's-Yer-Con. I had a terrific time.

It's very different from a lot of the conventions I've attended. There's no fee to attend, and no fee to sit in on games, so there are more high school and college-aged attendees than I normally see. There are hard-liquor parties and a pool, so there's a "relaxicon sf convention" vibe, unusual for a gaming convention, which have, in my experience, been more uptight. Whoever thought up the idea of sticking the raffle prize check-and-claim in the middle of the Hucksters' Room was very clever. There's a cosplay presence at the con, which also brings in a lot of women. (I think Who's-Yer-Con had the highestest female-to-male gamer quotient I've ever seen.)

Incident to Pathfinder Society, Tracy and Chris did a great job. Things ran on time, issues were addressed and diffused before they became crises. Lots of fantastic new boons I'd never seen before, including one that's likely to be a key to victory in a lot of scenarios!

Sczarni **** RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Thanks to everyone involved. I had a great time GMing four slots, and even though my voice is completely shot, I'm glad I decided to attend.

Congratulations to everyone, and here's looking forward to next year!

Dark Archive ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

Awesome little Con!!! Tracy and Chris did a fantastic job, kudos to them!!!

Overall Con attendance seemed a little lower than last year, but that may have been an illusion based on the layout. PFS attendance was very good, if I remember correctly there were 13 full tables at 12pm on Friday, the first slot, and Sunday ended with 7 tables of 5-6 players each at 8am. Tracy and Chris will have more accurate numbers.

For my part I ran the Beginner Box Delves most of the weekend. We ran the Delves 12 times over the weekend including 1 on Sunday. I estimate conservatively that 80% of the people that played the delves were new to Pathfinder in one fashion or another. Many hadn't role played in a long time.

A large portion, I'd guess over half, continued to play in one or more Society Scenarios over the weekend and wanted more information on playing locally. The Beginner Box Delves are well written products (FREE) that provide a great balanced introduction to the Pathfinder RPG and running them alongside Society event is a valuable addition to any Con.

Thanks also to Bob for letting his arm be twisted into running a Scenario after hours Saturday night for a couple of us night owls. Most of my time with society has been spent GMing and organizing play at our local store so I relish these times that I get to play and I am very appreciative of a fellow GM willing to give up his sleep to run a scenario. Thanks again!!

Overall a fantastic time. I look forward to next year.

Shadow Lodge *

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I really enjoyed the convention, and I got to play 5 PFS scenarios. Thanks!

Favorite-est GM's were Tim Harborfield and Emmanuel Green, but there were one or two more close contenders.

Chris B., clearly I rolled a 1 on my diplomacy check during our first encounter. I was a complete dick to you. I'm sorry. Hopefully I did better on the re-roll later in the day.

Sir Bart not only lived, but even got a very cool new Monastic Training boon (poor-man's Improved Reposition bonus feat). Plus, I got to play him at the high-tier table for the special (played up to 8-9 from 7 at a table of 10-11's playing down for me!) That was superfun.

Three cheers all around.

Silver Crusade *****

Sorry for any duplication. This will be somewhat cross-posted in multiple places in various forms!

And we can now all breath a sigh of relief! Although this event was fun, I am glad it is over.

I am in the process of entering games into the system, but I think we ran about 60 sessions over the weekend, which is a slight increase from last year (but not as big as we'd planned). We also had a lot of one-hour delves go off, and many of these led to new players for scenarios in the next scheduled slot. I have a better feel for how to plan next year, and I think things will be even better then!

Thanks to Mike Brock and Paizo for all of their support. Thanks to Saltire Games for sponsoring a big chunk of our GM rewards! A big thanks to Chris Bonnet, who listened to every rant over the weekend, and who also answered every single "I am going crazy" email over the last few months of planning and preparation. Thanks to Greg Hurst for overseeing the Special on Saturday night. And for also listening to me complain for months and trying to keep me calm on Saturday night. And thanks to Bob Jonquet for giving us tips to keep the special at four hours, for running a midnight madness slot, and for prepping Cyphermage on very short notice. Thanks to Todd Morgan for the comic relief. And also for running players through a grueling retirement series. Thanks to Michael Costello for being back up, running delves, and giving me little breaks here and there. And to Chris Mortika for giving me a brain break when new players needed help creating characters. John Weber for donating a printer and ink for GMs. Ankur Gupta for donating paper and pre-gens. And the list goes on and on. Thanks to everyone who helped this event run smoothly.

I received nothing but positive feedback from players. Our GMs really brought it, and I want to thank you so much. I know that attending conventions is a lot of out of pocket money, and I have never been so grateful to a group of people. For my out of towners, I certainly owe you some slots at your local conventions in the future!

Just a shout out to you all:

Christopher Mortika
Michael Costello
Michael Yarnell
Todd Morgan
John Weber
Bob Jonquet
Ankur Gupta
Chris Bonnet
Greg Hurst
James Wilber
Kevin Ingle
Emmanuel Greene
Randy Oest
Rob Gentry
Thomas Uhlenhake
Sean O'Shea
Carlos Castaneda
Michael Uhlenhake
Tim Habenfeld
Steve Easley
Erick Young

And especially thanks for playing everyone!

Please send me any feedback you have to make next year bigger and better. You can PM me here or email at TracyPFSIndy at a gmail dot com address.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I just wanted to say I had a great time Tracy and Chris. Thanks for putting on a stellar time. One of my favorite times of the weekend was introducing a table of newcomers to the Paracountess Dralneen.

Bob, thank you for staying up into well past the middle of the night to run a table for a bunch of sleep deprived punch drunk GM's. I had a blast, though I was about worthless the entire next day.

I for one am eagerly awaiting next year!

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