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Problem of Riches - Deciding the next game to run (potential spoilers)


Scarab Sages

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hi all, I'm currently trying to find a way to pick the next campaign I'm running. I've run Rise of the Runelords of the Runelords, Curse and Kingmaker.

I have 6 different campaigns I can choose to run:

(I finished converting these three to 3.p and Golarian recently)
Age of Worms
Savage Tide
Exploration of the ruins of castle Greyhawk
Legacy of Fire (3.p converted)
Carrion Crown
Jade Empire

In order to figure out which to run, I've talked with my gaming group. They are pretty good usually at saying what they would like to play, however this time the abundance of options mixed with their general lack of knowledge of the APs has left us mired in "anything's good" type choices.

I could make the decision myself, however I still like to have some direction before I do.

So I created the following 3 questions to help tease out which they'd like to play.

Please rank the following backdrop cultures that you would like to see in the next campaign I run, with 1 being the one you'd like to see the most, and 7 being the one you'd like to see the least

Note that we'll be playing Golarian, so when I say "Arabian Nights", I don't mean a fictitious Middle East set in our world, I mean cultures in Golarian based on these ideas (such as Quadira)

A. Arabian Nights
B. Medieval Europe
C. Victorian Europe
D. Japanese
E. Inuit
F . Viking
G. South American (Mayan + Incan)

and here's how I'm rating the scores for this question:

Q1 Legend
A = Legacy of Fire
B = Age of Worms, Castle Greyhawk
C = Carrion Crown
D = 1/2 Jade Empire
E = 1/4 Jade Empire
F = Savage Tide

What themes would you like to see in the next campaign I run?

Please rank the following themes that you would like to see in the next campaign I run, with 1 being the one you'd like to see the most, and 6 being the one you'd like to see the least.

A. Romeo-esque Undead Swarm (Swarm Horror)
B. Wilderness/world exploration
C. City Building
D. Dungeon exploration
E. Planar jumping (2+ planes total)
F. Disturbing Horror

Q2 Legend
A = Age of Worms
B = Jade Empire, Savage Tide
C = Jade Empire
D = Legacy of Fire, Castle Greyhawk, Age of Worms
E = Legacy of Fire, Savage Tide
F = Carrion Crown

The following are 6 adventure paths I own that I'm considering running next. Based on what you've heard and your own experiences/information/preferences, I'd like you to rank these APs, with 1 being the adventure path you'd most like me to run next , and 6 being the adventure path you'd like me to run next the least (yeah, that's awkward wording, sorry Adam).

Legacy of Fire
Carrion Crown
Jade Empire
Age of Worms
Savage Tide
Return to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

What I'm wondering: Did I miss anything? Did I tie in all the elements correctly? Is there anything glaring I should take into account? I asked about preferred alignment and classes, however that didn't really give too much information as I had hoped.

In question #1, you could combine answers D&E into one. "D. Viking & Inuit".

You might be overthinking this. I'm familiar with 5 of the 6 APs mentioned, and they're all good. If your players are in "whatever" mode, then any of them should do.

Personally, if my players were shrugging and saying "you decide", I might not head directly into an AP. I might consider hitting them with something out of left field -- the Hangman's Noose module, say. (This remains by far the freakiest first level module Paizo has yet made.) Or a shortened version Souls for Smugglers Shiv, but starting them on the beach with nothing but loincloths, half a magic book, ten feet of rope and a sharp pointy stick.

Doug M.

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