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Maxximilius's Archetypes 2.0: More grey matter on your game!

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Silver Crusade

And you've yet to see some awesome things... ;)

The Exchange

Ooohhhh..... Me likey.

How dare you tease me instead of posting wonderful new archtypes! I demand progress!

Forunately, I'm about to be distracted reading the new sorcerer bloodlines, and thus will be paying less attetion. Take your time following my demands! ;)

Any chance you could do a Scrollmaster Revisited? Their abilities aren't worthwhile until you can get 3rd level scrolls. In my opinion anyway.

"Haha! I hit you once with this 25gp scroll and now I'll... have to go spend 25gp to make another one to hit you with. Huh, guess I didn't think this through." :(

Hmm, maybe this is a good place for the Tellian?

Crossbow Gunslinger.

Rite Publishing's Faces of the Tarnished Souk: Nix Bael the Dream Killer has a crossbow gunslinger, as an FYI. Just the base class works marvelously with just replacing "firearm" with "crossbow", although some deeds are a bit odd.

Silver Crusade

Cheapy wrote:
Hmm, maybe this is a good place for the Tellian?

Sure, go ahead and post it if you feel it's done ! After all, it's a cooperative work of ours (though I'm more an adviser on this one and the real brain wasn't mine to begin with, you may want to precise this in the pre-description). :)

Also, to Kelsey : I'm not writing content that other 3PPs have already done, especially if they did it right !

*Looks at Azten*

Maxximilius wrote:
*Looks at Azten*

Oh, it's on.

Max, can you make an alternate document without images? I want to print a copy (I might be without frequent internet access for awhile), and if I do that I don't want pictures. I just want close lines of text.

Silver Crusade

In how much days would you need this ? My main concern with the doc right now is that it loses it's organisation when I try to export it as a word document or pdf, while it looks perfectly fine as a google doc... ಠ_ಠ

I don't have a lot of free time these days but I'll put up a printer-friendly version, it's not like deleting pictures would take ages.
Will probably delete the Freak bard too.

Shadow Lodge

Not a single Cleric Archtype? :(

Silver Crusade

Beckett wrote:
Not a single Cleric Archtype? :(

Sshh, that's some kind of secret...

Thanks. I can wait a few weeks for it.

Silver Crusade

Here you go. Shouldn't be too harsh on dead tree and ink.

Silver Crusade

By the way... the printer-friendly document is now public.
Hurr, forgot that a document isn't immediately accessible to anyone without mentionning it beforehand in the options. >_>


Maxximilius wrote:
And you've yet to see some awesome things... ;)

A little bird just told me those things are only a week or so away.

Silver Crusade

Cheapy wrote:
Maxximilius wrote:
And you've yet to see some awesome things... ;)
A little bird just told me those things are only a week or so away.

Sshh, that's some kind of secret ! :D

Shadow Lodge


Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.



So, I've been a bit busy and sick these days... but right now, I've got some really cool news for you people.
I indeed have been lucky enough to have been trusted some weeks ago by Will "Cheapy" McCardell and Rite Publishing to co-design with him a supplement for Pathfinder RPG.

After hours of teamwork, sleepless nights made of coffee, gallons of awesomeness-induced sweat and a lot of secrets, we are proud to present to you :

The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II !

If you were waiting for an update, be happy, because 14 new archetypes are now awaiting you !

Alchemist: Spellchymist, a gifted resercher whose extracts take effect at range, emulating the spells of others.
Barbarian: Savage Tactician, pedagogue barbarians versed in the art of guerrilla warfare.
Bard: Umbral Weaver, a master at manipulating and listening to the forgotten secrets of shadows.
Cleric: Pious Sentinel, able to change the tide of battle by praying for their allies, and inspiring them with bursts of divine strategical insight.
Druid: Elementalurgist, focuses on the very building blocks that allow for nature's grandeur to aid his allies
Fighter: Peltast, specialized skirmishers and masters in the art of hurling weapons swiftly and quickly.
Inquisitor: Grand Inquisitor, who focuses on his spellcasting and overwhelming presence to impart judgment and strike divine fear upon the unworthy.
Monk: War Scholar, Born-strategist, a war scholar's wisdom allows him to manage his troops with an efficiency that can reverse the most uneven odds.
Oracle: Aetherurgist, renowned for her ability to bind spirits to do her bidding.
Paladin: Purifier, militant healers who providing warmth, comfort, and health to the innocent.
Rogue: Vicious Opportunist, who always seems to strike at his enemies at the best moment for maximum effect.
Sorcerer: Magilith, whose bloodline power is altered due to being born at a convergent point, or node of eldritch might.
Witch: Circle Warden, unities fellow creatures inside a ring of abjuration.
Wizard: Force Commander, who sees, and shapes, the world as a giant battlemap or chess board whose sole limits are the range onto which they can control a foe.

These archetypes will be made available in this document once they become available on a prd.

As a personal fave in the new abilities that you will find in this supplement, meet the Force Commander's Move Pawns :

The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II, Force Commander wizard wrote:

Move Pawns (Sp): The force commander can manipulate creatures on the battlefield as pawns on the layout of a strategy game. As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, he can perform a ranged bull rush, drag, or reposition maneuver on a creature that he attuned to his wondrous battlemap, choosing one square adjacent to the target - this is where the maneuver starts from. He resolves these attempts as normal, using his caster level in place of his base attack bonus and Intelligence modifier in place of his strength modifier for determining his combat maneuver bonus.

No save is allowed against these maneuver attempts, and the movement from the maneuvers does not provoke attacks of opportunity unless the force commander possess the appropriate feats and wish for the movement to provoke. This is a force effect. This ability replaces arcane school.

For classes, the Umbral Weaver and Circle Warden are my faves.

If you have any question or doubt, just ask !
And I hope you'll love them... a lot of passion sure has been put into this work ! :D

The Exchange

If I had any money, I'd buy it. I lack the funds, however. :(

Silver Crusade

Ahah, no worries, that's not like I'm putting a loaded pistol on your head ! That would be crazy !

*Hides gun in his jar*

The Exchange

Well then. *Ahem* Uh...... Good Luck!

*runs away*

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Disregard food; acquire archetypes.

I've been following Maxximilius's archetypes for a loooong time, and always liked what he had. Sure, there were issues with them here and there, but that's true for any archetype, really. I suggested he make the google docs to make it easier for people to see his stuff (or rather, it was something of mine that he commented on with "what sorcery is this?! I saw you edit it while I was reading!" and then I suggested it :))

His archetypes are always extremely imaginative (and definitely weird in the good sense), and he is always overflowing with ideas. So when it was time for a sequel to the first book in the series, I knew who to ask for help.

While it was a collaboration and we both worked on all of them, a few of archetypes he predominately worked on are already favorites of some. The Circle Warden witch is purely his idea, and that archetype has received high praise. His implementation of the Force Commander tempted one of the playtesters with quitting GMing for my group so he could play one.

I am exceedingly pleased with how these turned out, and it was a pleasure to work with him.

I can't wait to see what other archetypes he's working on for this thread.

Silver Crusade

Cheapy wrote:
Lots of awesome things.

Ahahah, now I feel like I have to answer in the same fashion !

Not that I do not say whenever I can than Cheapy is awesome.
No, really, just from a knowledge point of view, this guy could make any group's trusted rules lawyer awe in wonder. I do not recount the number of times he's like "hey, I think that *obscure ability from obscure archetype* could be cool here for the concept" and I'm like "Sure !" before googling it quickly not to look dumb. Then I suggest something and it's like "the Simpson already did it with *this obscure spell* from *this 3.5 X supplement* on *page XX*, a bit like SGG's more recent *X supplement*".

Honestly, the one that has been the most imaginative here isn't me, I have a hard time designing anything that hasn't already a cool and awesome concept ready to go and that's why I only take cool and imaginative requests. But, finding a concept that the games doesn't already allow yet ? It's becoming harder every day. Especially when the thematic is "teamwork".
The only ones whose base concept I really came up with are the Peltast, Circle Warden, Purifier, Magilith, and the regal/dreadful style of the Grand Inquisitor ; all others are extensions, and sharpening of the best ideas that we both threw around during brainstorming.

Fun thing is that most of the time, my ideas were welcomed with a "meh, not sure" before changing mind on reading. Still remembering that you didn't feel like a chessmaster wizard was a good idea until I insisted, wrote a full take on the concept and you were able to see how it played. And come on, a high-level, old wizard pushing his enemies into traps as vulgar pawns on his magic board game ? It's just awesomesauce and deliciously old-school... or evil, for you GMs ! :p

Also people, the Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II Full-Sized Preview is now available !

Next update on the archetypes document will be the Force Knight, I've got my DM drooling over the Force Commander and the Host, a fellow player wanting to use chakrams for which the peltast would do wonders, and another one I can swear is probably peeing himself at the thought of playing a jedi-like character right now.

Silver Crusade

Woot ! The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II just entered the top 3 of Rite's currently best-selling Race and Classes supplements !

To celebrate this, please welcome the Force Knight, and it's own list of ki powers !

A swordsman hitting true and influencing his surroundings, the force knight may lack the sheer destructive capacity of a fighter or the cosmic powers of a wizard, but he makes up for it with an incredible precision in his strikes, high physical and mental defenses, sharp senses, and the ability to enhance himself or hinder his foes. Charm or choke your enemies !

Updates on the document :

- Added the Force Knight !
- Added a bit of advertising !
- Removed the Freak for quality control reasons.
- Added teasers for future archetypes

Do you know what happens to the people that tease me? DO YOU? ಠ_ಠ

That's right, they get that creepy little face looking at them.

Silver Crusade

Azten wrote:

Do you know what happens to the people that tease me? DO YOU? ಠ_ಠ

That's right, they get that creepy little face looking at them.

Since I just posted 14 new archetypes now published under Rite Publishing's banneer, plus the Force knight as a freebie... that's a progression of 15 new archetypes available since the last time, almost 50% more content in one update !

Am I forgetting, or teasing about something that you would want to see without knowing it ? ಠ_ಠ

Sure, there are the Quantum, Mageochist and Holy Gun still waiting, but... :trollface:

Silver Crusade

Oh hai everyone !

Expect some errata coming for the Force Knight.
While building a level 14 character for a Star Wars nerd friend, I got a 42/35/30 AC crane style user halfling Yoda, with 38 CMD and +23/+18, 1d6+26 (17-20x2) to-hit and damage, Fort 17/Ref 22/Will 21.

Oh, and that's before using any ki power. With greater heroism, haste, 1 ki point to enhance his weapon and 1 ki point to gain a shield bonus, we've got a 48/36/36, 39 CMD, +28/+28/+23, 1d6+27 (17-20x2), Fort 21/Ref 27/Will 25 character.

Either something got friggin' wrong, Yoda is a god*amn jedi, or the monk is just awesome and just spent half his daily resources.
Probably all at once !

(By the way, did I mention that the Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II which I co-wrote with Cheapy just got another 5 star review ? :D
Allow me to quote Endzeitgeist himself :

"This pdf is quite frankly the best archetype-book for PFRPG I've read so far. While I'd detract half a star for the minor glitches, the pdf is just TOO GOOD. Authors Will McCardell and Benjamin Rombeaut have created a stellar book of smart options guaranteed to enrich your games, especially when looking for options to smart fighting. My final verdict will thus be 5 stars and the Endzeitgeist seal of approval.")

Silver Crusade

Big update/errata on the Force knight :

- Increased the Ki cost of the most important and powerful powers. Use them wisely, young monk !
- Added Barkskin as 4th level power to make Str-based force knights more viable.
- Added precisions on the Combat Style about natural attacks or additional attacks that someone could try to cheese into the character. Insight bonus/full BAB equivalent only applies to attacks made with the appropriate weapons.
- Using Crane Style now means you are treated as wielding your weapon one-handed for the purposes of Power attack, even if you wield it in two hands.
- The Ki pool ranged attack deflection/reflection is now a Wisdom check as to penalize Dex-based force knights and encourage Str-based ones. Reflection is now 10 points over the original attack roll's DC instead of 5.
- The Ki pool cannot be used anymore to gain a shield bonus to AC for one round !
- Basically, a Duel-based force knight potentially gains more AC for more precision, and less damage. A Two-Weapon-based force knight deals more damage, but lacks precision and AC.
- Good-aligned and Evil-aligned are more distinct in their effects in game.

=> Overall balance should be improved !

By the way, I will say it again and add it to the document so people don't get the wrong idea :

This class IS NOT the jedi. It is meant to represent the way and feeling of a jedi in the original mythology, not to change your game into Starwarsfinder. No, you'll not get to play Bubba Fott or Yado the halfling that talks backward. Be original.
The force knight is just a tool to give you a character useful and feeling true to the whole "wise swordsman influencing his surroundings" concept, so spare your DM and fellow players the pain of such 4th wall breaking.

Maxximilius wrote:
15 new archetypes

You win this time, brain-in-a-jar! :)

Silver Crusade

Azten wrote:
Maxximilius wrote:
15 new archetypes
You win this time, brain-in-a-jar! :)

I always win. Except when I lose !

Oh, by the way... IT'S BIG UPDATE TIME !

*Harmonica and drums*

The Holy Gun revisited awaits for you, both in a quick conversion AND a Maxximilius's Redux version !

- Use the Quick Conversion if your DM is mean, but cool enough to help you not suck too much while playing. It is basically a quick patch for people who don't want too much changes, but appreciate the correction. You keep detect evil and smite evil, trade armors and martial weapons for firearms, get deeds sooner but against mercies, keep flavorful extended list of Divine Bond properties (especially "disruptive" against undead).

- Use the Maxximilius's Redux if you want to be more than a paladin with a pistol, and if you appreciate my additional touch to the concept ! Gain a cool Divine Gun that shoots holy silver bullets, destroy evil more often with your grit, shoot positive energy, or burn evil abominations in divine fire !

Let me know if you got something you like or if you find an issue ! :)

Redux is better than quick conversion. That is what gun archetypes should be. Not just a couple grit abilities, but new things to do with the gun that a Gunslinger can't do.

Silver Crusade

Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:
Redux is better than quick conversion. That is what gun archetypes should be.

I sure hope so, between the simple patch and the personal revision, the second one should ultimately be more interesting ! At least, that's the objective.

Silver Crusade

Just a quick update to precise that I am working on the next update : The Mageochist.
This one thrives into being the center of attention. "Attention" being fireballs, dragon's breaths or any destructive effect affecting several squares, despite what the most common logic and wisdom would tell you about not being in range of big arcane warpings of time and space.
Arcane discoveries will follow, allowing you to spare allies from the range of your spells, convert touch attacks into bursts, gain bonuses according to damage suffered, or resist your own energy even more.

With great power and madness comes great resilience... prepare yourself for an explosive style of spellcasting ! (Also, Detonate + Quicken Detonate + Dimension door will be super phun time.)

Also, if you missed it, be sure to check Maxximilius's Cookbook for poisons, venoms, toxins and marshmallows : a brainy Guide to toxicants ; a google doc into which you will find revised poison crafting rules, including a system to price and craft your own custom poisons.

Play apprentice chemists today, play Maxximilius's Cookbook for poisons !

One day we will convice Maxximilis that what the Joker said is true:

"If your good at something never do it for free"


Silver Crusade

Rite Publishing wrote:

One day we will convice Maxximilis that what the Joker said is true:

"If your good at something never do it for free"


Well, I guess I could self-publish, but isn't self-publication the red-headed step child of any writing world ?

Besides, I probably suck a lot at anything other than archetypes design, considering my lack of experience in other fields...

Self-publish? Man, Maxximilius, I know meaning can get lost on the net, but I think Rite Publishing just offered you a job prospect. He all but said 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge'.

Liberty's Edge

VM mercenario wrote:
Self-publish? Man, Maxximilius, I know meaning can get lost on the net, but I think Rite Publishing just offered you a job prospect. He all but said 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge'.

That was certainly my take on it as well.

If that is true than it's awesome. 0-0

The Exchange

Yeah, that's what I took out of the post as well.

Silver Crusade

VM mercenario wrote:
Self-publish? Man, Maxximilius, I know meaning can get lost on the net, but I think Rite Publishing just offered you a job prospect. He all but said 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge'.

Either the meaning got lost ; or I have a tendancy to avoid jumping on any positive conclusion. "Hope for the best, expect the worse, you'll never be disappointed."

If you wish to use some of the Archetypes or the Poison Cookbook as a future supplement (after rewrite/tweak/playtest, of course, as to be up to Rite's quality standards), you can PM/mail me, Steve. A Revisited Series was suggested by Cheapy and could be a darn good idea to give another life to sucky/broken official archetypes that will probably never see the light of day in much games.

These days I'm rediscovering nature, the basis of a healthy lifestyle, and the terrible ending of Mass Effect 3 all the while having to determinate a goal in life. As such, I don't have much inspiration or free time during which I actually want to write anything related to games or imaginary universes. Guess it's not today that I'll earn my own seat on !

Also, slight update on the Mageochist : I included some thematic open content from 3PP (hey Rite and SGG !), and I will probably allow him to fight with two-handed weapons as to give the feeling and mechanics of a high-risk/high-steady-reward character. High damage potential, area spells *and* critical hits, low AC, medium HP : the mageochist is basically the magus's brütal brother of AM BARBARIAN, even by his own anti-casty standards.
Just think about it : you charge an enemy at the speed of light, hurt him like a rhinoceros, and down your maul in a vital strike that provokes a fireball explosion. Also, you're power-attacking and retribute the damage you suffer from the explosion as a bonus to the attack's damage roll. What's not to love when you are shattering earth and loving every second of the pain involved ?

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ho hai everyone : here comes the Mageochist.
This one took a bit more time than usual because of the inherent complexity, balance and design issues. Play it safe or play it like a magic berserker that couldn't care much, both are supported and should be viable options, even if not optimal.



Magic can be a dangerous and intoxicating energy. Some spellcasters learn it the hard way by slowly becoming drunk with sheer arcane power, that they unleash in the most dramatic and destructive fashion without any consideration to their own well-being. Such spellcasters are mageochists, weird magi thriving into the pleasure of arcane burns and shows of power. Mageochists always lack the dedication needed to improve their arcane knowledge up to a wizard’s ; but they make up for this by a natural selection which leads only the toughest to blend two-handed weapons with evocation spells in a deadly, explosive martial art.

Eldritch Grip (Ex)

A mageochist may treat one hand as free for the purposes of casting a spell while using a weapon wielded in two hands. By doing so, the magus takes a cumulative -1 penalty to concentration checks by level of the spell cast. This allows him to cast a spell and full-attack with the benefits of a two-handed weapon in the same round.

Explosive Spellstrike (Ex)

At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with an instantaneous duration that deals damage in an area of effect from the magus spell list (like burning hands or fireball), he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding in two hands as part of a melee attack. Instead of selecting the spell’s area of effect as normal, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If this melee attack hits, it deals normal damage and the spell is cast with an area of effect centered on the magus ; the creature hit takes a -2 penalty to the saving throw made to suffer half damage from this spell. If the area of effect is a cone or line, it works as normal but the magus suffers the spell’s effect as if he was standing in it’s area of effect.
If the melee attack misses, the spell is cast, but every creature in the area is treated as automatically succeeding at the saving throw made to suffer half damage from the spell. The magus is always treated as succeeding at any saving throw or skill check made against the effects of a spell cast during an explosive spellstrike.

If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. Contrary to usual spells with an area of effect, this attack may result in a critical hit, using the weapon’s critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.

This ability replaces spellstrike.

Mageochist arcana

At 3rd level, and later on, a magus may select one of the following abilities as a magus arcana :

Selective Blast (Ex)
Whenever he casts a spell with an area of effect and an instantaneous duration (like color spray or fireball), the magus may expend one point from his arcane pool as a free action to designate a number of targets in the area up to his Intelligence modifier. These targets are not affected by the effects of this spell. The magus may not designate himself as the target of this arcana.

Devastating Spellstrike (Su)
The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as part of an explosive spellstrike to deal additional damage on a hit equal to the final hit point damage he receives from his own spell in the process. This choice is made before the attack roll and if the melee attack fails, this arcane point is lost to no effect. This bonus to damage is added after any other modifier, is of the same kind as the spell’s damage and isn’t multiplied by a critical hit.

Power Strike (Ex)
Prerequisite : Power Attack, Arcane Strike, Magus level 6
The magus discovers and learns the lead blades spell. It is added to his magus spell list spell and to his spellbook as a 1st-level spell. As long as he has at least one point left in his arcane pool, the magus uses his magus level in place of his BAB to determine the effects of Power Attack and to meet the prerequisites of the Vital Strike feats, including any feat with Power Attack or Vital Strike as a prerequisite. Finally, the magus may combine the melee attack of an explosive spellstrike made as a standard action with the benefit of Vital Strike feats.
A magus that no longer meets the prerequisites of a feat, as by expanding his last arcane point, cannot use it until he refreshes his arcane pool.

Exploding Spell (Su)
Prerequisite : Magus level 6
The magus can choose to unleash the raw energies of his spells in an arcane burst. When casting a spell with a range of touch, the magus can effectively change the spell’s range to a 5 feet radius burst centered on himself as a free action. Each creature adjacent to the magus, including himself, suffers the normal effect of the spell. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + half his magus class level + his Intelligence modifier) halves any kind of damage dealt by the spell before applying it’s normal effects and saving throws. The magus is treated as succeeding automatically at any saving throw or skill check against the effects of this spell.
If an exploding spell meets the prerequisites, it may be cast to perform a mageochist’s explosive spellstrike.

Resistant Assault (Su) (Super Genius Games, Ultimate Options: New Magus Arcana)
Prerequisite : Magus level 6
The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to protect himself from attacks from one energy type. This functions as resist energy against an energy type of the magus’ choice. The protection can only target the magus, and lasts a number of rounds equal to his Intelligence modifier.

Magic Resilience (Su)
Prerequisite : Magus level 9
When hit by a spell dealing hit point damage, the magus can expand magic energy to resist against death. As an immediate action, when a magus would be put into negative hit points because of a spell dealing hit points damage, he may expend all his remaining arcane points for the day to fall down to -1 hp and start dying instead. The magus must possess at least 1 arcane point in his pool to use this ability.

Charge of the Magi (Su) (Rite Publishing, The Secrets of the Magus)
Prerequisite: Magus 9
Benefit: The magus can spend 1 point from her arcane pool as a swift action when charging, so he can turn himself into a living projectile that blasts his opponent with a jolt of arcane power. He makes a charge as normal. If his attack hits, he deals an extra 1d6 points of force damage plus an additional 1d6 for every 3 magus levels he possesses in addition to his attack’s normal damage, and his foe must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half his magus class level + his Intelligence modifier) or be knocked prone. This extra damage is doubled on a critical hit, in addition upon a critical hit a +2 circumstance bonus is added to the DC of the save. When making this charge, he is considered to be flying. He can move over pits and other hazards, but he lands in the space where his charge ends and suffers any drawbacks for standing there after resolving her attack. If he misses the ability is expended.

Energy Burst (Su) (Rite Publishing, The Secrets of the Magus)
Prerequisite : Magus level 12
The magus can spend 2 points from his arcane pool as a swift action to create a burst of energy that fills a 30-foot spread centered on him. This energy is of a type chosen at the time he selects this major arcana and once chosen it cannot be changed (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). This burst of energy deals 1d6 points of damage per magus class level (maximum of 20d6). Anyone in this area must make Reflex saves (DC 10 + half his magus level + his Intelligence modifier) for half damage. The magus is immune to the effects and damage from her own energy burst.

Silver Crusade

I just separated the document in two parts :

Maxximilius's Archetypes - Part 1 : From Alchemist to Monk,
Maxximilius's Archetypes - Part 2 : From Ninja to Wizard.

Writing in the previous document was a pain, with all the loading times whenever I copy pasted more than three lines at a time, and the formating issues. It seems Google Doc can't handle well long documents and I feared that the doc would become definitely unaccessible someday if I put more content into it, as it already happened to me with the original document on which The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II was designed.

Silver Crusade

Ok people, now s#$& just got real.


- I completely overhauled the Ballroom Dancer, which is now named the Sword Dancer. Be sure to check it !
=> Inherent silliness of the previous archetype swept. The new one should be more interesting both in fluff and mechanics.
=> Now cumulable with the Geisha and Lotus Geisha.
=> His main feature is now similar to the Force Commander's ability from The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II, and allows you to move around an adjacent ally. Make sure to move the barbarian in melee range for lots of pounce-like fun ; or to grapple an enemy and enjoy the flurry of attacks of opportunities on your way back. You may consider the Sword Dancer as the spriritual heir or a bonus bard archetype to the Tactical Archetypes II supplement, usable separately ! :)
=> Added 2 new Style feat trees, complete and usable by anyone while especially complementing the Sword Dancer : Kunmudo Style (blending slashing weapons, evasive dance and unarmed strikes) and Capoeira Style (allowing you to use a foot as a free hand, gain base speed and dodge bonuses, and select Whirlwind Attack at higher levels).
=> Also, I'm particularly proud of the fluff behind the penalty to Will saves induced by Irresistible Dance. :p
- After having received feedback, the Dandy rogue class features and wording have been revised. All his weapons are now finesseable.
- Likewise, the wording of the Ragechemist has been revised a bit.


- Ballroom Dancer archetype removed.
- Sword Dancer, bard archetype focused on battlefield control and teamwork, added.
- Two new Combat Styles, both with full feat tree, added.
- Some existing archetypes, revised.

Sword Dancer preview :


Bardic Performance

A sword dancer receives the following kind of bardic performances :

Takes Two To Tango (Ex): Beginning at 1st level, the sword dancer can begin a performance to direct allies and hinder enemies. As long as he maintains the performance and has a free hand, each round, he may sacrifice one move action to reposition a willing ally into an adjacent square to another adjacent square of his choice ; this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. At level 5, the sword dancer may also sacrifice his 5-foot step to provide it to an adjacent ally. This 5-foot step is made during the sword dancer’s round, and the ally may still take a 5-foot step during his own turn as normal. At level 11, the sword dancer may move both himself and an adjacent willing ally at half his base speed as a move action, as if moving a grappled foe. This movement does not subtract any distance from the ally’s movement for the round. At level 11, the sword dancer extends it’s influence, and can cast a spell with a range of personal on an adjacent creature. At level 17, if both the sword dancer and an ally threaten the same creature, it is treated as flanked against their attacks ; also, the sword dancer may now move his partner at his base full speed whenever doing a move action.

Against an unwilling creature, the sword dancer may attempt a grapple check. Any move made as part of maintaining the grapple provokes attacks of opportunity from both the sword dancer and his unwilling partner. As part of maintaining the grapple, the sword dancer may use the drag, bull rush, reposition and trip maneuvers against the grappled target without provoking attacks of opportunity. All these maneuvers are made using the sword dancer’s level as his base attack bonus, and do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
At levels 1, 5, 11 and 17, the sword dancer gains a +1 bonus to his CMB and CMD when using this bardic performance. Takes Two To Tango can use audible or visual components. The bard must choose which component to use when starting his performance.

This performance replaces Inspire Courage.

Styles preview :


Kunmudo Style : Practitioners of the kunmudo style are renowned for their graceful blending of dance, weapons, and unarmed combat. This style is often used by swordsmen or geishas in times of peace as a training and for it’s artistic value, but the nimbleness of it’s moves isn’t to be taken lightly by any opponent.

Kunmudo Dance

With graceful balance between your body and your weapon, you can avoid attacks at the last second.

Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, Perform (Dance) 3 ranks, Weapon Focus with a slashing weapon.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Perform (Dance) checks. While using the Kunmudo style feat, if you have a free hand and wield a weapon for which you possess the Weapon Focus feat, you can spend an immediate action to make a Perform (Dance) check when an opponent hits you with a melee or ranged attack. You can use the result of this check as your AC or touch AC against that attack. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. If the AC that results from this check is higher than the opposite attack roll, the attack misses.


Capoeira Style : Artists of the capoeira style fight and dance with their legs, which they use to evade attacks and deliver devastating kicks. Rudiments of capoeira are often unknowingly learnt by carrier slaves, as it is one of the few martial arts that can be practiced at full efficiency even with cuffed hands.

Capoeira Leg

You are adept at fighting only with your legs, standing on a single foot as the other flies against your foes.

Prerequisite: Acrobatics 3 ranks, Improved Unarmed Strike, Perform (Dance) 3 ranks, Weapon Finesse.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to CMD against trip attempts, combat maneuvers that forcibly move you, and on Acrobatics checks and saving throws to avoid being knocked prone. By using your foot, you are treated as always having a free hand for the purposes of feats or class abilities in addition to your normal main hand and off-hand. This foot cannot provide additional attacks, wield items or cast spells, but may catch items on the ground, hold an item or be used to grapple a foe your size or smaller. Finally, you gain a +10-feet bonus to your base speed.

Silver Crusade

Just as a note, be sure to check Pathways 14, the last issue of the free magazine.

Along with a lot of cool things, you'll find two archetypes I designed with Cheapy : the Knife Thrower rogue/ninja and the Plaguebringer alchemist, complete with two new rogue talents and one new discovery to complement them.

Sigh, I liked the ballroom dancer.

EDIT: And now I've got to download the pdf again. That makes it twice in one day. ;)

Silver Crusade

Fundamentaly, the Sword Dancer still works the same way and can be used with the same fluff as the Ballroom Dancer, it's crunch is just clearer, more balanced, and easier to comprehend while it's fluff is a bit less silly and now follows a more generalist dance thematic open to other concepts ; like with the Capoeira/Kunmudo style feats. ;)

Silver Crusade

Also, note that most of the Sword Dancer class features are still really close to what they were before, some have just been nerfed, some have been given a bit more candy or fused with another class feature, and others like "TTTT" have been clarified.
Compare it to a previous version of the document to see that if you loved the Ballroom Dancer, you should still love the Sword Dancer and it should now be a more serious concept in it's execution. :)

Just warning you, be sure to copy the current iron-clad if you like the current writing... I'm not saying I'll delete it, but it is way behind the quality of other archetypes both in my document and in what is currently available in 3PP, and I may soon do my own artificer and simply remove it as to not give a bad impression of the whole document right from the first archetype.

... so yeah, actually I'll probably delete it.

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