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Do I still qualify?

RPG Superstar™ 2012 General Discussion

Star Voter Season 6, Star Voter Season 9

Contest Rules wrote:
...Designers who have cover credits on print editions of Paizo's Pathfinder or GameMastery products are ineligible...

Now, by a "printed Pathfinder product", does that apply to printed products that aren't currently out, but might be by the end of the competition?

With myself as a specific example, I've been lucky enough to have a series of adventures I'm writing get picked up by Dreamscarred Press. The first one - Uncertain Futures - just came out a week ago in PDF format, and is slated to eventually come out in printed form, as are the other five adventures in the series. But the question is - does that disqualify me?

I'd really like to compete, of course, but there's no point in me trying to find just the right item if I'd just be disqualified halfway through the compeition.

Not an answer, but I couldn't help but note how ironic the adventure title is in this event.


Contest Rules wrote:
...Designers who have cover credits on print editions of Paizo's Pathfinder or GameMastery products are ineligible...

The quoted rule refers specifically to products published by Paizo, not anything published by another company using the Pathfinder RPG rules.

Star Voter Season 6, Star Voter Season 9

Great, that clairifies that a lot, and means I'm still in the good. Time to get the spit 'n polish out for my item. :)

Sovereign Court

Rather than run the risk of having an embarrassing disqualification, I'll just ask up-front: I've had work published in a few books for White Wolf's Exalted line, but I've never had a "cover credit" in the sense that my name is on the front cover (which is what I interpreted the rule to be when I submitted).

What constitutes a cover credit, and does this disqualify me? As far as I know, I was eligible last year and still had the same qualifications, though it's possible the issue was never raised because my item failed to make it out of the first round. If I am ineligible, I will retract my admission and apologize for misunderstanding the rules.


Is your name on the cover? Then you have a cover credit. Otherwise, ya don't have a cover credit. :)

Sovereign Court

Hooray! Thank you for the prompt response, Sean.

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