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Requesting a new Amazon category

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I just submitted feedback to, and I suggest that others do the same. Here's where you can submit:

Amazon's "Contact Us" link

and here's what I said:


At this category:

There are sub-categories for: Dungeons & Dragons, Mage, Strategy, Vampire and Werewolf. However, looking on the sidebar to the right I see that most of the most popular items in this category are Pathfinder Roleplaying Game items.

It seems as if it's time for Pathfinder to have it's own sub-category, here, perhaps replacing one of the three White Wolf sub-categories (Mage, Vampire and Werewolf), since I'm fairly certain that all three see far fewer sales than Pathfinder's constant torrent of new items...

Side note: Congrats to Paizo for Pathfinder being so astoundingly popular on Amazon. Wizards and White Wolf products don't even appear in the side-bars for gift ideas and most wished for, and on the first page of 20 best sellers, 6 of them are Paizo products (#1 is a mis-categorized electronic game, so really Paizo occupies slots #s 1 and 2). Nice work, everybody!

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