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Rate the icon for the poster above you

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Dark Archive

Lets start another game here. Rate the icon for the poster above you on a scale of 1-10 and also give a description why you you think that it deserves that rating.

The Exchange

Billy Mays_ wrote:
Lets start another game here. Rate the icon for the poster above you on a scale of 1-10 and also give a description why you you think that it deserves that rating.

8/10. I think the dragon looks regal and contemplative instead of murderous or savage like blue dragons are typically portrayed. Bonus point for blue being my favorite dragon/color.

Fangdelicious wrote:
Bonus point for blue being my favorite dragon/color.

4/10. Although I find the artwork highly skilled and detailed I just don't think it gives off the best impression.

Then again we shouldn't judge a poster by there icon, and I can appreciate your choice for the skill, detail, and emotion presented in the artwork.

3/10. I like the dignified alligator look, but the right hand for a left hand and left hand for right kills it. I guess that's why it's holding the spoon like a clod.

Scarab Sages

7/10. The picture strikes me as somehow bland, its quality amateurish, but the suggestion that an imp offering a stein of beer is "Live Bait" is funny.

1/10. If you don't know why,......thank whatever deity it is you mewl before.


The cat looks more angry, than grumpy.

Nice try though.

I can't import avatars here, and halforcs are stupid.

Silver Crusade


It's not quite good enough to base a decent alias on. At least its not a LOLcat.

Red renders were an extension of the gray render... a monster that has seen virtually no use since MM 3.0. I... am divided on that. Still, I can't fault the artwork, the gung ho attitude, or its use as an avatar. 6/10

Silver Crusade

5/10... seem to capture a haughty look, but the strange helmet kills it.

Liberty's Edge

7/10 Looks like a demon smurf. Yes, I went there.

Silver Crusade

2/10 it's a smurf.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

2/10 I see a problem with sm... on second thought, let's not go there. It is a silly place.

Shadow Lodge

8/10 I like the helmet/thing, I like the collar, I know they're ribbons but every time I see it at first it looks like you were caught in caught in a fence and then tore that section away. I guess -2 for the tattoo or whatever that is on the forehead.

the hair is grey, the lips are puckery, and the muscles on your neck make it look like you are wearing a condom on your head.


Sovereign Court

6/10 Sharks are so... 1970ish with Jaws. Though there is shark week, sharks cause terror on the beach and a beach is where I want to be right now. Now if it where a dolphin easy 10/10. Sorry Charlie

5/10 Due to coffe stains and red-glowing nose. Hair is awesome, though.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

8/10 I love hint of tattoo under the helmet, the regal look, and crisp artwork.

Sovereign Court

I'd love to give this guy a 9/10 for originality. A Steampunk dwarf who thinks he is a gnome. But I'll have to really give him 4/10 because Steampunk is so yesterday and no Dwarf would ever want to emulate a gnome.

Dark Archive

7/10, vaguely reminds me of me.

7/10 Sultry, not enough skin in image, and common. But it is none the less kind of pleasant to look at.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

5/10 The ferocious look is good but that much drool is nasty

Scarab Sages

4/10. "damnitall" goes well for different reasons both with a Cheliax affiliation and a somewhat tired-looking warrior hefting a mighty hammer, but the picture is small and not particularly attractive, and "[anything]##", though common, is NEVER good.

4/10...So this must be the tiny meat tenderizer golem.

Ah the closet ninja. 6/10. If you were wearing the dagger dolly avatar i'd have given you 9/10. It fit you so much better.

A very cool rabbit king, good expression, natural-looking crown which is damn hard to pull off. 8/10. Lemme guess what konijn means... Netherlands?

In other news, IceniQueen just cheated. She changed avies here. To one of my old ones, that I feel unable to judge well.

Grand Lodge

Because you know, she's the Queen of the Thriced Damned House of Thrune, from Cheliax.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

7/10 because damn! I want that beard, and the braids.

Note, Sissyl isn't the Abrogail. She's Lady Kaltessa, high priestess of Mammon.

Well I've got to give the mouse a mighty 8/10. He's lifting better than half my 1st stringers for football.

9/10. The animation isn't stellar, but its hard to get an expression better than that for the attitude. Well chosen.

Ah, 'tis reminding of my home in the Five Kings Mountains.

Grand Lodge

4/10 he looks two dimensional and angry. Not a good look.

looks like someone tried to combine Link and Conan the Barbarian, with paint. 7/10.

Dark Archive

5/10. THAT is an omnomnomnivore

Silver Crusade


Grand Lodge


The Exchange

3/10. You're lucky I like those blue buggers.

Sovereign Court

I give Tirq 1/10 but just because he has Boy Band Hair and I'm not a fan of boybands.

8/10 You have a lovely face, IQ, but we all see the zit you're looking at in the mirror.

1/10. I hate tieflings with emo bangs.

Grand Lodge

2/10 Skyrim reject.

Sovereign Court

3/10 Elijah Wood blinked more and had a better dumb stare for a halfling.

The Exchange

She ninja me! And I even previewed. Well, 5/10. I like the circlet, at least.

Now for that sexy image above her...

10/10. I was just going to the market. And then I saw this man. I cannot stop thinking about that intense look, and that ... certain something.

You want to join my party wagon, yes?

4/10, just going to the market to hang out on your skateboard. Punk kids get off my lawn!!!!

Scarab Sages

7/10. Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace meets the villain from the Saw movies?

Tim Roth doing a really bad drag version of Harly Quinn.
Now Batman's dead to me.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"You're just a petty, bitter little troll who enjoys raining on people's parades for the sake of it."

"Know what? That's good enough for us! 10/10!"


Dark Archive

5/10 exactly how many faces are there?

Scarab Sages

4/10. *squints* I'm tempted to ask you the same question.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1/10 the Phyllis Diller School of Beauty should lock up its practice models.

The Exchange


What? I like cats!

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