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Elimilia Elizabeth Fraunchenkener’s Journal:
Gozran 15- Taxfest
Dear Journal,
Today has been a bit of a wild ride. The day started as one would expect for such an important day. My friends Tyla and Lilly came to help me pay the taxes of the year. Both have changed so much from since we were kids. Tyla seems to have turned into the most pious, virtuous, noble and respectable woman I know. She gave me a letter that said her parents wanted her to return home after all these years. Lilly on the other hand has grown sluttier and more uninhibited. While I don’t approve of her attitude, I can only respect her ability to do what she does.
But dear Journal, it wasn’t until after the feast when things got interested. We came late to the feast, and the good priests of Abadar were kind enough to keep some food left for us. There was the strangest group of people I have ever seen. I believe they all went there for the free food, though I can’t really say, at least I hope they all paid their taxes. There was a mermaid who could turn into a white monster, a half-elf who was part dragon, he had some curse or something that made him need to fight his brothers, a tree that could walk and eat, a strange but very well dressed lady and a pair of gladiators, one a lizardman the other a dwarf. All was going well; Lilly was making friends when I said that I wished that they could help me take Tyla back home. Then the Eye of the Benevolent Dark Tapestry decided that that was a noble quest and placed a spell on all those there in the tent. I guess now I’ll get to know them better since they’ll have to travel half way through the world with me. I’ve brought them home so we could prepare to leave tomorrow morning. I hope it all goes well.
Elimilia Elizabeth Fraunchenkener

Dark Archive

Elimilia Elizabeth Fraunchenkener’s Journal:
Gozran 15- Taxfest (continued)
Dear Journal,
It seems that Dei-Lan Fong has found out where Tyla has been staying for the past few days. He placed a most dangerous trap, in my own house no less. Is there no place left where we can be safe? This has placed a great tragic mood on me, while I can’t expect for anyone of my new companions to care, the death of Regando has hit me hard. Not only did that monster Dei-Lan Fong killed him, he was turned into one of the wretched undead. I will not be able to mourn his death until he rests. Rose later told my how it happened, how Regando fought that a cursed creation. How Dei-Lan Fong killed Regando with only two punches, and later tied up Rose.
While this has certainly has made my day foul, I have learned something interesting, that the lizardman fellow who will be accompanying us is actually much more refined and cultured than what he first appeared. It seems these days will be full of surprises both good and bad.
Elimilia Elizabeth Fraunchenkener

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