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How many PFS characters do you have?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge *

I'm setting myself up to dive in and have 1 character in, another character near done and will likely do 2 others.

Is that more than the average PFS player? Is it too many to have? Too Few? How many do ya'all have registered?

Silver Crusade **

Helaman wrote:

I'm setting myself up to dive in and have 1 character in, another character near done and will likely do 2 others.

Is that more than the average PFS player? Is it too many to have? Too Few? How many do ya'all have registered?

I've got 8. One 5th level, one 3rd, one 2nd, and a boatload waiting in the wings or played once. Jenos, Vykk, Ivy, Jonathan, Alexander, Aislyn, never hurts having characters that are in several tiers of play, and I like to have some that cover different roles, so that I don't end up taking up part of someone else's spotlight moments.

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Illinois—Chicago aka thunderspirit

Alexander_Damocles wrote:
Helaman wrote:

I'm setting myself up to dive in and have 1 character in, another character near done and will likely do 2 others.

Is that more than the average PFS player? Is it too many to have? Too Few? How many do ya'all have registered?

I've got 8. One 5th level, one 3rd, one 2nd, and a boatload waiting in the wings or played once. Jenos, Vykk, Ivy, Jonathan, Alexander, Aislyn, never hurts having characters that are in several tiers of play, and I like to have some that cover different roles, so that I don't end up taking up part of someone else's spotlight moments.

I have three active (5th, 3rd, and 2nd), one more created but not yet played, and a passel of concepts in reserve.

Grand Lodge ***

I've got 4. A 12, 8, 6, and 1. I guess I technically have a 5th but he was my first and died before ever reaching 2nd level.

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

One character just turned 11th level. Three more are in this traffic jam at 5th and 6th level. A fifth PC is statted up for a home campaign. And so I should probably start a sixth one. Hmmm. An Oread martial artist / Living Monolith might be cool.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I have:

- an 11th level cleric of Abadar
- a 5th level ftr/barbarian
- 4th level magus
- a 1st level tiefling ninja (yep, it's legal, thank you GenCon boon)

I would like to get my barbarian to 7th level so I can play any range of tier that might be available.

Frankly I would have been happy with just 2 PCs. But I wanted to try out a magus and I couldn't let the GenCon boon go to waste.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

6 Characters

Gellius Ratarion 10th Level Human Rogue Andoran
Alexite Pindleloric 5th Level Human Bard Grand Lodge
Jaali 7th Level Human Alchemist Osirion
Stigur Ironclad 3rd Level Dwarf Gunslinger Qadira
Holg 2nd Level Human Cleric Sczarni
Hashi 1st Level Tengu Gunslinger Lantern Lodge

Sovereign Court *****

OK, I'm a little bit over the top. I just registered my 19th character.

# -1 Egger 11Ftr (two weapon fighter)
# -8 Frost Fist 8Ftr (1/2 Orc / Orc Double Axe)
# -4 Vicar Clarence 8Clr
# -2 Roddy Vintner 4Rog
# -5 Som Soret 4Sor
# -14 Freeman the Quick 1Ftr,1Clr,1Brb
# -17 Comperto 2Clr
# -18 Ringo 2Rog
# -19 Beere 1Brb Armored Hulk

# -3 Monty the Monk 1st Level New Monk?
# -6 Willard 1st Level New Wizard
# -7 Break Roc 1st Level New Barbarian
# -9 d'Drann 1st Level New Druid
# -10 Pergrin of Red Hill 1st Level New Paladin
# -11 Rangar 1st Level New Ranger Archer
# -12 Rangif 1st Level New Ranger Double Sword
# -13 Antom 1st Level New Fighter Archer
# -15 Krump Clack 1st Level New Monk
# -16 Mönch Bogenschütze 1st Level New Zen Archer Monk

Dark Archive **

I currently have 4 registered, and a handful of concepts I toy with laying around for whenever I should find myself in need of another. They are as follows:

#1 Human Summoner 8
#2 Human Crossbowman 4/Sniper 1 (5)
#3 Half-Orc Cleric 2
#4 Human Paladin 1

There would probably be a much bigger gap between #1 & #2, but I stopped playing my Summoner after level 5 until Ultimate Magic came out while I was waiting on more feats for the class. #4 was for a game day where we did Fallen Fortress for a second time.

I've got at least three concepts laying around for when/if I should need another 1st level character or need something to play in one of the adapted modules.

Sovereign Court ****

In total? 7. In "use"? 5. Thing is I had characters during Season 0 but after my 2 year hiatus I simply chose to abandon those characters... it had been so long since I had used them the last time, and they weren't constructed in a proper fashion...

-1 Saia Thorn - Halfling Bard 1/Ranger 1 (dead)
-2 Alestair Bleakrock - Halfling Bard 4/Ranger 2 (no longer in play)
-3 Dhastrach Orisialis - Dwarf Cleric of Nethys 2 (GM First Steps!)
-4 Burburtep - Half-orc Monk 5
-5 Razmand Nevantes - Human Inquisitor of Asmodeus 2
-6 Zamzar/Xactabrasznar - Human Summoner (Synthesist) 2 (GM First steps!)
-7 That deaf lady - Human Oracle of Wind 1 (GM First Steps!)

Running First Steps really gets you a lot of 2nd level characters.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

I just registered my tenth, I've actually only got 6 made, but since all were different factions, I figured since I love creating characters I'd go ahead and register 4 more for the other factions. I've got ideas for them, but just not created yet.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I have five...

Sillitta Ederus, 11th-level halfling wizard (Andoran)
Anneke Bjornsdottir, 6th/3rd-level human barbarian/fighter (Taldor)
Mikki Muddytoes, 3rd/3rd-level halfing ranger/rogue (Andoran)
Danica, 2nd/4th-level human monk/rogue (Taldor)
Zaminiyah al'Zaman, 1st/1st-level human fighter/rogue (Grand Lodge)

Sillitta and Anneke have been played exclusively. Mikki and Danica have a mix of player and GM credit. Zaminiyah has all GM credit.

Silver Crusade *****

Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, PFS RPG, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

Lets see I have seven characters

Fatum Aedituus Venificus, 11th level human Mystic Theurge of Pharasma, (Andoran), Switching to Grand Lodge

Hugh Berenger 8th level human Inquisitor of Iomedae, (Andoran)

Fizzabang the Fabulous 2nd lvl rogue/ 6th level Alchemist gnome, (Osirion)

Iago Isildur 5th level human cleric of Asmodeus, (Cheliax)

Mithos 4th level elven Magus, (Andoran) switching to Lantern Lodge

Imam Gabriel Al Katheer: 3rd level human cleric of Sarenrae,( Qadiran), switching to Silver Crusade

Aravice 1st lvl rogue 1st lvl Barbarian, Half orc, Qadiran

I have two more I'm planning to make two more..Bard (archeologist archtype) and sorcerer/ bloat mage prestige class. Ill get around to them eventually.

Last year I lived in Durham/ Raligh for about 7 months. There was a nearby Game store called Game Theory, where there is a very active PFS group. I got to Play and or GM twice a week. Now I am living in Vermont, and running and occasionally playing a weekly PFS game at the local gaming store.

Liberty's Edge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, PFS RPG, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I had 1 prior to having a girlfriend. Got him up to 4th level.

When she came into my life, I was going to start another, so that we could play together at the same table.

Somehow, I ended up GM'ing or being needed at a higher level table to make tables work, so never played that one.

At Gen Con, I created a 3rd and then advanced it to 14th level to play Tomb of the Iron Medusa. But that didn't end up happening, so never really played that guy.

Then ran First steps Part I 3 times and Part II 4 times, so I have 7 characters.

After today when I run all 3 First Steps, I will have 8.

Only one of them, my 4th character, which I applied all my Gen Con boons to, including the Ifrit boon, will probably see play anytime soon.


6 characters

Here they are in order of creation:

lvl 11 Human Siege Engineer (Ranger 3, Fighter 2, Rogue 1, Shadow Dancer 5)
lvl 11 Gnomish Mortician (Cleric of Sarenrae 11)
lvl 7 Osirian Sand Merchant (Druid 7)
lvl 3 Absalonian Sports Athlete (Barbarian 3)
lvl 5 Pretentious Cheliaxian Elven Wizard (Wizard 5)
lvl 7 Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in all of Absalom (??? 7)

I should probably make a new character for when I end up at a low table but I just haven't been inspired by anything for awhile

Sovereign Court ***** Owner - Enchanted Grounds


12th level half-elf cleric of Sivanah (Cleric 9, Rogue 3)
9th level human oracle of flame
5th level halfling slinger (ranger 2, rogue 3)
4th level dwarven guide (ranger 4)
2nd level half-orc conjurer
1st level human weapon master (monk 1)
1st level human cleric of Iomedae

I love playing PFS and want to be sure to be able to join any table, any time, at any tier. My goal is to have one character for each faction, as I really enjoy conceiving the divergent personality types.

Liberty's Edge ****


9th 8pally/oricle
6th 3c/3Diviner died twice
5th conjurer
2 unbuilt gm cred
2 unbuilt gm cred

Grand Lodge ***

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

6 now

Terrox 8th level Human Osirian Battle Oracle

Galoob 4th level Human Qadiran Monk

Orlo Gravestrike 6th level Gnomish Chellish Illusionist of the Gravestrike Clan

Alfred Boomstick 3rd level Human Andoran Gunslinger

Donnar Unplayed Dwarven Bard (Detective)

Abrim Unplayed Half-Elf Ranger (Shapeshifter)

Grand Lodge ****

I've got 4 these days.

Hashim Corpsewalker, human Ranger 9 (Osirion)
Shaderick Havaad, human Fighter 9 (Cheliax)
Luther von Rasilov, half-orc Bard (arcane duelist) 5 (Taldor)
Donovan Jadros, human Cavalier (standard bearer) 2 (Andoran)

Hashim's come through from 3.5 Pathfinder Society, and doesn't see much play due to his sub-par feats and the like. That's what comes of gaining most of your levels before the APG is released.

Shaderick is a spiked gauntlet two-weapon fighter, and is one scary pointy badass.

Luther's a noble from Ustalav (he was adopted...long story). In his mind, his class is 'Protaganist'.

Donovan hasn't seen play yet - he's got to where he is from GMing First Steps. Ex-gladiator turned freedom fighter, wields his banner in his off-hand because I got tired of seeing every cavalier in the world with a back banner.

The Exchange *****

Retired: 1
Pasha Qolloran ben Kasiim <Half-Elven Paladin 10/Bard 2> [Qadira]

Active: 7
Sanuba <Elven Rogue 4/Ranger 2/Pathfinder Delver 5> [Shadow Lodge]
Chelzy D'Tona <Human Sorcerer 8/Oracle 1> [Cheliax]
Fuego! <Halfling Alchemist 5/Oracle 1> [Andoran]
Mal Havok <Half-Orc Black Blade Magus 7> [Taldan Baron]
Damini <Human Monk 2 /Cleric 2 of Sarenrae> [Grand Lodge]
Dorakk <Dwarven Ranger 1/Inquisitor 2 of Torag> [Silver Crusade]
Sylazi <Human Gunslinger 1 [Pistoleer]> [Sczarni]


Helaman wrote:

I'm setting myself up to dive in and have 1 character in, another character near done and will likely do 2 others.

Is that more than the average PFS player? Is it too many to have? Too Few? How many do you (inclusive) have registered?

Yes, I made a slight alteration to Helamon's actual post.

I have five characters at present.

1) 12th level Ranger/Rogue/Horizon Walker
2) 3rd level Fighter (Archer)
3) 11th level Wizard (Transmuter)/Monk of the Four Winds
4) 8th level Cleric/Paladin/Ranger/Holy Vindicator
5) 4th level Summoner (Synthesist)

Number six will likely be an Oracle (Metal) with an attempt to make the character melee capable.

As for registering new characters, it just kind of happens when the session gets reported (now). Seeing as more than half of the sessions I have played & judged apparently weren't reported (and I know that I am three sessions behind in my own reporting since being left in charge), I don't pay any attention to what the system records.

Liberty's Edge ****

I, currently, have 12 characters registered.

10th level archer (Fighter 8, Ranger 1, Cleric 1)
7th level trip/disarm (Fighter 7)
4th level musketeer (Gunslinger 4)
2nd level Lore Warden (Fighter 2)

Miscellaneous 1st levels, most with 1 XP.

Dark Archive

I have got 3 registered and that is one more than I would like
11th level cleric (I have a team with 2 friends of mine)
6th level Alchemist/monk (this is the guy I use when I am not playing with a team)
2nd level Paladin (this is the new team player since it is hard getting hi level games with my 11th)
Note: 90% of my PFS play is at CONs, if I played at my local game shop I would most likely have one or two more.

I have 2 active characters:

* Half orc cleric/barbarian 6
* Human magus 2

I had a third (actually my first PFS character) but he died at level 2.

I have a detective rogue waiting in the wings when I level the other two up a little more.

Shadow Lodge ***

Shiba Natsume, Human Paladin 9/Ranger 1 Many times great granddaughter of she the Barb---Inhabitants of the Inner Sea region refer to as Sarenrae. (Andoran/Lantern Lodge)
Abernathy Adillow Halfling Transmuter 5 The seldom played soaker of DM credit. (Osirian)
Countess Eliese Velune, Human Bone Oracle6/Rogue 1, Beloved of Zyphus (Taldor)
Ariel Ardin and her 'chicken' Bertie. 1/2 Elven Summoner 3 (Andoran)
Marv, BBQ King, 1/2 Orc Alchemist 2 Scarzi, Master of Orcish BBQ cooking. Will BBQ anything to your satisfaction. Take out also available.

Proto characters gelling in my mind

Cleric of Pharasma
Cleric or Inquisitor of Milani modled somewhat on V (for vendetta)
Bard w/ either the streetperformer or daredevil archtype.

Grand Lodge ** RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I technically have 6 characters, but only half of them are being played.

My first character got to level 2 before I realized he was illegal (I'd taken a trait that I didn't know was banned).

My second character, Cledwyn, is now 5th level and in active use.

My third character is level 2 but I never really managed to get attached to him, so I just kind of stopped playing him.

My fourth character is one I made to play alongside my wife when I can get her to play. However, after two scenarios I decided I didn't like my feat/trait selections.

My fifth character is basically a re-make of the fourth - basically the same name (J.J.), and his stats are all the same except for the stuff I didn't like with the original version. I used a GM credit and a session that my wife didn't join me in so I could get him caught up to where the original was.

My sixth character, Dimitri, I created to play through First Steps. I plan to use him for when I need a low-level character to fill a table.

Grand Lodge *****

Currently I have 4 characters:

Thokkjr (pronounced Thock-jer, as one word): CG half-Orc Barbarian 7/ Ranger 1 of Andoren.

Solomon Wiseaxe: LN Dwarf Cleric of Torag 4 from Osirion.

Animus Lucrim: CN Human Wizard (Diviner) 3 of the Shadow Lodge.

Orin Blakros: LN Human Inquisitor of Abadar 1, Devoted Servant of the Decemvirate. Could possibly be related to THE Blackros family, but he isnt going to tell you yes or no. Played as a combination of US Senator McCarthy and the guy with the wiry mustache who was sent by the Emperor in Mulan. (Thinks everyone is secretly an Aespis Consortium member and will question the motives of other characters who seem distracted from the goal the Decemvirate has given them while they go about doing other stuff (like faction missions). )


I have four PCs that I've played (fighter, rogue, cleric, monk), but I've made maybe 9 PCs in total. Just in case I need a 1st level. :)

I looked at the number of scenarios available, and you can level around 3 PCs to level 12, assuming you don't permanently die. So spreading the lower level scenarios around multiple PCs isn't a great idea, unless you don't get to play often, which is my case.

At Gen Con it was hell trying to find a low level scenario that none of the players had played before in the "Classic Scenario" slot.

I have 4 that I have played one or more times:
-a level 5/1 wizard/pathfinder savant
-a level 3/1 cleric/sorcerer
-a level 2 lion shaman druid
-a level 1 druid

I also have another character that I have registered but never played.

My problem is that I'll happily play along for a while until I hit a module that really annoys me by using some kind of "gotcha" gimmicky monster or effect. And then I'll start planning a new character that will be impervious to that gimmick...


Grand Lodge ** RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

hogarth wrote:

I have 4 that I have played one or more times:

-a level 5/1 wizard/pathfinder savant
-a level 3/1 cleric/sorcerer
-a level 2 lion shaman druid
-a level 1 druid

Well, someone likes spellcasters. ;)

Jiggy wrote:
hogarth wrote:

I have 4 that I have played one or more times:

-a level 5/1 wizard/pathfinder savant
-a level 3/1 cleric/sorcerer
-a level 2 lion shaman druid
-a level 1 druid
Well, someone likes spellcasters. ;)

Most of the irritating gimmicks I'm trying to work around are only solved by spells. :-/

Liberty's Edge *

Helaman wrote:

I'm setting myself up to dive in and have 1 character in, another character near done and will likely do 2 others.

Is that more than the average PFS player? Is it too many to have? Too Few? How many do ya'all have registered?

Average? Average?!

There are no average PFS players! All PFS players are above average!

Theconiel (rogue, based exactly on Merisiel the iconic) - my first and favorite character
Karrek (dwarf cleric)
Sazzle Verona (half-elf barbarian) - my favorite back story
Brother Sapo (human monk) - never played but reached 2nd level on GM credits and "We Be Goblins"
Sagotel (elf magus) - never played
The late Athyc (human monk) - died at level 1

The Exchange ***** Venture-Captain, Tennessee—East Tenessee

I currently have 8, however

Yasmin bint Faroud – lvl 12 and waiting for Eyes of Ten

Willow Skye – lvl 12 and waiting for the next lvl 12 arc

Morgana Smithdotter – quickly made for Origins of 10 to help make a table.. she was partially made and I just had to finishing touch things

Verisana Celethantar – lvl 4 wind oracle

Theraga Silverkin – lvl 2 half-orc bear shaman, has a pet bear named "boo"

Breaniver Clangwen – lvl 1 gnome Inquisitor – made to sit at Kyle Bairds' table an annoy him (worked the last time she was at his table pretty good)

Lady Thesia MagesBlood – lvl 1 Heaven's oracle of Pherasma

Aisnlynn n Nyxt – lvl 4 damphir summoner – legal due to Gencon boon, all GM credit save for the last most (ok first mod) she played.

I Currently have 4 with some more on the way.

Kyras Strongbow Lvl9: Fighter-6/Wizard-1/ArcaneArcher-2
Kieyana Lvl6: LoreOracle-4/Barbarian-2
Nessa Lvl2: Bard
Burette Lvl1: Zen Archer Monk

I like to play them so I have one at each tier, so as they lvl up and retire I will make more.

Liberty's Edge

I have three, with a fourth up-next as soon as some local kind soul runs First Steps at a place somewhat south of the latitude of Santa's workshop:

1: Burlap B. Brandyapple, halfling rogu2/paladin2/???? (leveled to 5th, and on hiatus while I decide what I want to do with him).

2: Korgan Redmane, dwarf barbarian/cleric and bon vivant (leveled to 3rd, and also on hiatus while I decide how to resolve certain nerfed abilities).

3. Akito Hirosaki, Tian Xia emigre samurai; currently 3rd and having lots of fun getting his horse into impossible situations.

4. Katrina Cailean, (unstarted) cleric (with a dash monk) of Shelyn who claims to be descended from Cayden ("...that drunkard who was never home!"). She's good, but has an irrepressible streak of naughtiness. Cute as a button and smart as a brick.


5. "The Beast", an unstarted concept which exists only to demonstrate the brokenness of certain unaddressed, un-ban-hammered loopholes in the core rules. Appearance: feral half-orc with a glimmer of animal cunning in his eyes (which makes him all the scarier). Does not wear shoes, and occasionally lopes on all-fours; does not appear to own any weapons or possess any equipment aside from grungy armor and a filthy backpack (from which noxious and pungent aromas escape). The very air "The Beast" breathes should be illegal. (It's highly unlikely I'll ever play this monster unless the campaign takes a decidedly darker, weirder and more dangerous turn, and "core special"-type TPK "death-mods" begin appearing.)

Liberty's Edge ****

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that plays this game way too much.

Gallard Stormeye - Druid/Barbarian 12. Ulfen wildman that was literally raised by the wilds.

Markus Kalepo - Fighter/Wizard 2. Varisian hitman with an affinity for knives.

Titan the Hunter - Inquisitor/Barbarian 10. Charming Half-Orc that calls himself the Champion of Erastil. Dedicated slayer of monsters and beasts but refuses to spill the blood of intelligent humanoids.

Brom'mash - Barbarian/Rogue 10. Half-Orc slave used by his Taldan noblewoman owner for pleasure, murder, and eventually to infiltrate the ranks of the Society.

Marduk Beastblooded - Sorcerer/Barbarian 5. Half-Orc savage imbued with the mighty blood of the first Orc warlords to see the surface of Golarion. Likes fire, a lot.

Ursus the Breaker - Barbarian/Monk 8. Former Ulfen Longaxe, turned brawler and member of the society. Has certain bestial tendencies. Strong, boisterous, and crude.

Tanrov-Speaks-With-Beasts - Cavalier 1. Shoanti roughrider living in the shadow of his brothers' glory.

Taurus-Strong-Like-Bull - Barbarian 1. Oldest brother of the former.


I have two characters right now with certs on them and am very busy debating what to make for a third.

Ar - a level 8 gnomish summoner. He's a bit of a maniac, but his primary goal is to complete the Quest of the Starstone and become the first major gnomish god. His eidolon, Cring, is the more level-headed of the pair, but sadly this quadrupedal summon's advice is largely unheeded.

Korra - a level 3 human (Tian) fighter. Korra has a long history of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is currently on a break from her family, at their instance. She hopes that by winning the Ruby Phoenix Tournament she might be welcomed back.



Agda Haskell, Paladin 2
Neve Pardell, Cleric 3
Corben Senjak, Fighter 6

Agda is going to multiclass to Shadowdancer at 5th.
Neve is going to take a 1 level dip into fighter at 4th and go Cleric the rest of the way.
Corben is going fighter all the way to 12th.

I plan on starting another 1st level character when Agda is 3rd, Neve is 5th and Corben is 7th.

I only play online through TTopRPG, though I have run Godsmouth Heresy face to face. If you're looking for a place to play PFS and run a Windows machine, log into to and ask for Pygon.

Three registered and played for me.

Merrik Trilvar, Human Fighter 11
-- Merrik very much enjoys having two clerics in his usual party (They know who they are :))
Llianna Everseer, Half-Elf Monk of the Four Winds 4
-- Two modules and 4 sessions, but yet to really establish the character's personality
Cael Flynt, Human Pistolero 1/Chirugeon 1 (soon to be 3rd)
-- One module, one gm credit, one session. But this one I have the personality down pat.

I have another concept that's somewhat finalized, but won't see play time any time soon I don't think.

5 for me.

  • Pandora (Pan for short) - A Half-elf Rogue 3/Fighter 1, and just one scenario shy of making her a 5th level.
  • Ping - A Gnome Bard 2, also one shy of leveling, seems to get beat the worst (out of the four times I've played her, she's been knocked unconscious two of those times and turned into a boar on another occasion)
  • Peregine - A Human Cleric 1 of Desna, also one shy of leveling up
  • Talron - An Elf Magus 1, I played him for the first time in a mod that went to another character, The poor guy got dropped by the first hit he took. A blunted arrow that did 21 points of non-lethal damage. (critical hit and not moving fast enough)
  • Elaina Whitescale - A Human Fighter 1 that I'm getting to play in an ongoing mod. Unfortunately, she's only gotten two good whacks in over the course of four encounters.

As an interesting aside, I seem to have horrid luck when playing male characters. Talron, as already mentioned, got hit for enough non-lethal damage to drop him into negative HP. Peregine, his first adventure wound up winning him the animosity of Falcon's Hollow (well, the town, not the Fey). And a one shot for a mod got flanked by two barbed devils, grappled, impaled, all while the GM cackled gleefully to the tune of demonic banjos. (You should be thinking deliveriance). Four failed Fort saves that turned the healer into dust early on and you have a TPK caused by yours truly.

Damn, I'm wordy.

Liberty's Edge

I have 5 registered.

Dwarf cleric lvl 1 (first character and only played once)
Gnome Ranger lvl 7 (my main character)
Gnome Wizard lvl 3 (made of DieCon haven't played since)
Gnome Barbarian lvl 0 (registered for a lvl 1 credit but not playable yet)
Gnome Samurai lvl 1 (just finished and will be playing at the next game)

My personal goal is to do all of the classes with gnomes, but we will see if I can pull it off.


9 - and that's far too many, on the other hand, all have credit....
Farouq - 3rd lvl human barbarian/lion shaman
Keya - 3rd lvl human witch
Kronk - 1st lvl half-orc alchemist, will get GM redit so 2nd soon
Bahiyy - 5th lvl human cleric
Dogan - 1st lvl human barbarian, but waiting for credit from We be goblins and a GM credit, so 2nd lvl - synthesist
Li Wan - 1st lvl human Qinggong tetori monk
Smoggin Stargazer - 2nd lvl gnome oracle
Targ Boneslicer - 1st lvl half-orc ninja
Falyf Nightwing - 1st lvl elf magus

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Maryland— Baltimore aka Qstor

I have eight. One I haven't played.

Grog 12th ranger/ftr/bar
Pursknitty 9th cleric
Shump 8th paladin/ftr/cav
Rogar 5th wizard
Namfoodle II 4th druid
Liam sorcerer 1
Harsk ranger never played
Namfoddle I druid dead not raised


The Exchange ****

5 registered and played (lvls 5,5,4,3, and 1 in First Steps 3), with another 4 waiting in the wings (fully set to start).

Silver Crusade ***

My first PFS character is 3rd level - should hit 4th this weekend.

I'm almost done creating my 2nd character, which obviously hasn't been played yet. Still tweaking the details.

I have ideas in mind for a couple of other character types I'd like to try. I think it's fun looking through the rules finding ways to make cool characters, and coming up with interesting back stories. So I could see myself creating a small herd of level 1 characters and never getting around to using some of them.

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