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Fitting in Carrion Hill module before Race to Ruins.

Serpent's Skull

In my current group, I'm a player. We've just finished Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (helped considerably by my ranger realizing the dryad shouldn't be so far away from her tree...and thus charging the snake lady).

I'll be taking over for the next book, and I've had Carrion Hill sitting around for a while. I'm thinking of having them be dropped off in a city on the coast, and setting this module there, then once we complete that, move on to Race to Ruins.

Any tips on this? I'm considering something about the aklo words we found on the Azlanti (?) / Vampire cultist ruins in Smuggler's, tying that to the Spawn of Yog. I need to actually read through RtR before I do this, but I'm sure I can make it fit.

I'm thinking of making this a quest to "gain trust" with the faction they sign up with.

Does that sound good?

They're already level 5, so I figure awarding them a feat at the end of the module is a good reward to not upset the scales too much.

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