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Broodmaster Summoner Questions and Help

Rules Questions

Greetings long time forum reader first time Thread creator (I hope I got it right), I am playing a new Adventure Path tomorrow (Carrion Crown) and I have decided to play a Human Broodmaster Summoner who summons small clockwork golems to his side, however after reading extensively through the class features of the Archetype I have a few questions I am stumped on.

1) In regards to the Eidolon Brood ability when I have to split the Eidolons skill points among the Brood, What would happen if I made 1 Eidolon in the brood get a high enough Int modifier to gain more skill points, how does this affect the split of skill points between all the Eidolons. The text i am referring to:

Eidolon Brood wrote:

At 2nd level, instead of a single eidolon, a broodmaster summons two Small eidolons to his side, each less powerful than the single eidolon of a standard summoner. Each eidolon has it own base form and associated base statistics and free evolutions. Regardless of the number of eidolons in the brood, each eidolon has the same base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses, but the rest of the eidolons’ base statistics must be divided between the eidolons, including Hit Dice (minimum 1), skill points, number of feats, armor bonus, Str/Dex bonus, evolution pool (but see below), and maximum number of natural attacks. Individual eidolons in the brood must purchase evolutions separately. Once a broodmaster decides on the forms and abilities of his eidolons, they cannot be changed until the summoner gains a level. Example: A 2nd-level broodmaster can summon two eidolons. Each eidolon has 1 Hit Dice, BAB +2, +3 on its two good saves and +0 on its bad save. The broodmaster decides to give the first eidolon 4 skill points, one feat, a +1 armor bonus, a +1 bonus to Strength, 2 points from the evolution pool, and a maximum of two attacks. The remaining 4 skill points, +1 armor bonus, +1 bonus to Dexterity, and 2 points from the evolution pool go to the second eidolon, but it gains no feats and can have only one natural attack.

The broodmaster must dismiss all of his eidolons at one time. Likewise, all of the eidolons in a brood are banished if the broodmaster is unconscious, asleep, or killed. However, each eidolon in the brood is sent back to its home plane individually when its hit points are reduced to a negative number equal to or greater than its Constitution score.

This ability replaces the summoner’s normal eidolon ability.

2) In regards to the Brood Link (SU) ability, when I choose which of my Brood to sacrifice HP, do I pick which of my Brood I am sacrificing HP for at the the time of Summoning the brood (E.G. I summon Red and Green as my 2 Eidolons at the time of summoning I choose that I can only sacrifice Hp to Red if he takes damage leaving Green more vulnerable) or can I only sacrifice HP to a particular Eidolon during any given round (E.G. Red and Green are both caught in a Fireball, I choose to sacrifice HP to Green to prevent him from being auto-dismissed due to HP damage leaving Red to be cooked alive and Dismissed when his HP reaches the requisite amount for auto-dismissal). The text I'm referring to:

Brood Link (SU) wrote:

At 2nd level, a broodmaster forms a close bond with his eidolons. This ability works like the standard summoner life link ability, except the broodmaster can only sacrifice hit points to prevent damage to one eidolon in the brood at a time. If two or more eidolons in the brood take enough damage to send them back to their home plane, the broodmaster can only sacrifice hit points to prevent damage to one of them.

This ability replaces life link.


More questions as I think of them. Thank-you

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1) If you're spending one of your attribute increases to increase intelligence, I'd say you get the extra skill points. For flavor, I'd make sure the eidolon with the higher int had more skills, but that wouldn't be required by RAW.

2) I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be chosen when damage is taken, so it will only come up when both are caught in the same blast.

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