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The New PRD

Website Feedback

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Technology Guide/Cybertech

In the description entry for Skillslot there is a hyperlink entry:

PRD wrote:
(see here for information on the various forms of available skillchips.)

The hyperlink unfortunately leads to a blank page.

Technology Guide/Gear

In the Table for the Cortex Gun, the Mark V is improperly aligned.

Technology Guide/Gear

In the table for Force Field, all entries for Capacity, Temp HP, and Fast Healing are smashed together after the Color entries. They need to be properly spaced.

Also, unless I am making things up in my head, the old PRD used to have a small banner across the top of your webpage that was, "sticky" I guess is the word to use. But it scrolled down the page when you did and had a link back to PRD home. Could we get that banner back, I loved it for navigation. When I was done on a page I would go back to PRD home and navigate to the next page I needed. Much faster than scrolling all the way back to the top of the page.


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As a general issue, when I searched for, say, Coup De Grace in the old interface, and clicked on the link that came up, it would go directly to that term on the page in question. It now universally goes to the top of the page which is...extremely inconvenient when searching for something in, say, the combat section.

The following two pages use the old sideNav markup:


Fear the Alpaca wrote:

Just as an FYI:

Memory of Function
states: "When the spell's duration expires, " but it is listed as having an instantaneous duration, effectively making the spell permanent or non-functioning depending on interpretation.

Other than that seems shiny.

That would be an errata for the book, as it has the exact same error.

When I use my droid to go to the NPC classes it displays the entire prd menu on the page with the NPC classes at the bottom. Waaaaaaaay down at the bottom.

I've had numerous other issues using the new PRD on my droid tablet and phone, and so have others in my gaming group this past Saturday. We would have liked a way to view the old site until the bugs are worked out of the new one.

You still need to make changes so that Pinch to Zoom will work on iPads.

I really am not liking the format change at all.

Although this may have made things better on tablets and devices (dunno), it is a great deal less useful on PC's now.

Navigation menus that scroll off the screen, or not really useful for navigating.

If you could make a way for the menu to stay on the screen, despite scrolling down the content, that would go a long way to improving it.

When the menus were horizontal across the top like before, this was not an issue... those worked wonderfully. Having them in a panel to the left, however, just scrolls them with everything else... and given there's a lot of info on the content pages sometimes, this means they're pretty much always out of sight.

This has been an error for some time, but since there might be a lot of other 'fixes' going on I'll mention it here.

on the Spell List page for the Core Rulebook, under the 1st level cleric spells, the spell Doom's summary information states: "One subject takes –2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and checks."

The problem is the bolded portion.

If you then click on Doom and read the actual spell description, it gives the Shaken condition, which does NOT give a negative to damage.

So either the summary info in the spell listing is wrong, or the description of the shaken condition is wrong.

Hmm... never looked in the book to see what it says in the actual printed copy.... perhaps this isn't strictly a PRD thing.

Paizo Employee Paizo Glitterati Robot

Removed some posts. This is a thread for the PRD only. Thanks.

Paizo Employee Paizo Glitterati Robot

Also a quick note on some updates for some necessary fixes: the table scrolling issue is on my plate and actively being addressed as I type this. I've talked to our tech team about the search issue, and it looks like it will be something that they'll need to prod with a rather sharp stick to totally fix (since it actually ties into our search indexing), though I may be able to rig something up temporarily. Stay tuned for an update later this week. :)

I don't see the menus at all, where are they supposed to be?


Terquem wrote:
I don't see the menus at all, where are they supposed to be?

They should be appearing in red, on a column on the left side.

If all you see is the introductory paragraphs, take a look at this thread for some troubleshooting solutions and information.

I am using IE 8, stupid company cheap olios, and even in compatability it isn't showing up. I'll keep poking around to try and find a solution. Thanks Lamontius

I don't think you will get anywhere with version 8. I guess we are out of luck for the time being.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Pawns Subscriber

Not sure if its been posted yet (not scrolling through 900 pages!) but the entry for Wyrwood is broken. you get the message The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Found a copy error in the Technology Guide -> Technology in the World -> Archetypes -> Iron Priest:

PRD wrote:
Spontaneous Casting: An iron priest can spontaneously cast cure and greater make whole in place of cure/inflict moderate wounds and cure/inflict critical wounds, regardless of whether she channels positive or negative energy. This ability alters casting.
Technology Guide PDF wrote:
Spontaneous Casting: An iron priest can spontaneously cast make whole and greater make whole in place of cure/inflict moderate wounds and cure/inflict critical wounds, regardless of whether she channels positive or negative energy. This ability alters casting.

Also this should probably read "This ability alters spontaneous casting." at the end, but that's on both sources.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

From Here: ties.html

Breadcrumbs at the top of page back to "Downtime" gives a 404 golem page
The "PRD Home" breadcrumbs works, though.

The link for the colour out of space in the Bestiary 4 doesn't work.

The link goes to: -of-space

It's missing the "u" in colour. Adding in the "u" fixes it: ut-of-space

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