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The New PRD

Website Feedback

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Liberty's Edge

The links to the diseases section in the description of the spell Plague Storm is missing the /prd/ text, so it is invalid (leads to the main Pathfinder page).

This is the link text:

It should be changed to:

The allosaurus lists Perception +28 at the top and +30 under Statistics.

Liberty's Edge

Dustin Ashe wrote:
The allosaurus lists Perception +28 at the top and +30 under Statistics.

FYI, it looks like it should be 28:

11 from 11 HD
3 from class skill (presumably)
4 from Alertness
8 from racial modifier
2 from 15 wisdom

The Poltergeist's AC bonuses are listed on the line following their AC, which is inconsistent with every other stat block on the SRD

The Tiger entry is missing the ECOLOGY section label:

The Soulbound Doll entry is missing the STATISTICS section label:

The Yet entry has "ECOLOGY" misspelt as "ECOOGY":

The "Skaveling Bat" entry has incorrect styling on the stat block for both the name and CR

Several Bestiary 2 Giant entries have their CR immediately following their name instead of aligned to the right like most other stat block on the SRD. I think I got all of the pages here: - COMPSOGNATHUS - Giant Gar l

HighTechnocrat wrote:

Several Bestiary 2 Giant entries have their CR immediately following their name instead of aligned to the right like most other stat block on the SRD. I think I got all of the pages here:

The Nosferatu Vampire has the same issue:

The "Slurk" entry has incorrect styling on the stat block for both the name and CR

The Bat entry has a section labeled "Special Features" instead of "Special Abilities".

The Derro entry is missing a space after "Int 10".

The Mastodon has a comma instead of a semicolon followings its CMB

The Gloomwing is missing a comma following "Wis 12"

The Amoeba Swarm entry is missing a semicolon following 'CMB -'

Investigate/-ive mind spell has issue with its name - the text contain investigative mind while the links refer to investigate mind.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

The horizon walker's terrain dominance for the Plane of Fire has a typo.

Plane of Fire terrain dominance wrote:
Plane of Fire: The horizon walker gains fire resistance 20 (this replaces the character's file resistance from mastery of the Plane of Fire terrain) and a +1 competence bonus on all attack and damage rolls again creatures of the fire subtype.

File should be fire.

The cleric's, druid's, paladin's, and ranger's list of class skills doesn't have a link to the Heal skill.

The description of Double Weapons in UE states "The character can also choose to use a double weapon two-handed, attacking with only one end of it. A creature wielding a double weapon in one hand can't use it as a double weapon—only one end of the weapon can be used in any given round."

Which is a misprint from 3.5 which doesn't appear in the PDF version of the UE or in the PRD:CRB

Page is tml#double

It should read "You can choose to wield one end of
a double weapon two-handed, but it cannot be used as a
double weapon when wielded in this way—only one end of
the weapon can be used in any given round."

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Page: Optional Kingdom Rules
Issue: Breadcrumbs for "Kingdoms and War" is broken. Has a url call for ultimate equipment instead of ultimate campaign.

Error in (link) Demilich

Defensive Abilities channel resistance +5, rejuvenation, unholy grace; DR 20/—; Immune acid, cold, electricity, magic, polymorph, undead traits

It's a problem with the immunities.

As written, it reads "immunity to undead traits".

It's not clear because the wrong punctuation is used, when the immunity list ends and when the other abilities start.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

seems to be corrected from original printing which had an attack +6(1d4+4) like it had an 18 str somehow. but the constrict attack is still listed as 1d4+4 when it should be 1d4.

also a bunch of 0th level spells are actually 1st level spells ( like Blessed Fist, in the cleric/oracle spell list its treated as a 0th level orison, when you click through you see its a 1st level cleric, 1st level paladin spell. ) ml

Silver Crusade

From the Combat page: "Distracting Spellcasters: You can ready an attack against a spellcaster with the trigger “if she starts casting a spell.” If you damage the spellcaster, she may lose the spell she was trying to cast (as determined by her Spellcraft check result)."

That is supposed to be Concentration check and not Spellcraft check, I'm sure.


The second table, 'Dragon Ability Scores,' has Charisma abbreviated as Chr, rather than Cha.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Filtering by level in the spell list index doesn't seem to be working.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Blessed fist is listed as a 0-level cleric spell rather than a 1st-level one in the spell list index. So are refine improvised weapon and stunning barrier.

EDIT: Er, as Seraphimpunk reported above. At least I provided a couple of concrete examples. :)

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Manager

Removed a few posts. This thread is for reporting/discussion of the PRD only.

I haven't been able to get the PRD search function to return anything since the server update yesterday.

Paizo Employee System Administrator

Hawkins wrote:
I haven't been able to get the PRD search function to return anything since the server update yesterday.

Should be fixed now.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Have the rules for determining DC of Special Abilities changed or are they just not in the PRD? [Edit found it ONLY here:

See Step 8 for Special Abilities

but it should probably be repeated in the actual Special Abilities sections.]

Ditto for number how many natural attacks a creature has (i.e. do number of limbs matter for slam attacks?) I know this used to be the case for 3.5 but the PRD seems to be silent on this or else I am just bad at finding the information in the PRD.


If you look at the NPC codex section, there is no link to the iconic character section (which used to be there). However, when I searched iconics, I found this: ters

It's obviously a bit messed up, with both the new navigation system and a broken version of the old one.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

The mobat's XP is missing the stat-block-xp class, and the skaveling's title line (on the same page) is missing the stat-block-title class and stat-block-cr span.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Looks like the listing for the boots of striding and springing on this table had its price lumped in with its name.

Grand Lodge

In the spell list index, the spell blessed fist is listed as a 0-level spell for clerics/oracles/warpriests when it's actually 1st-level.

Grand Lodge

The section for Stilts and masterwork Stilts on this page has been mashed together with stationary.

Silver Crusade

Changelings' description says:

Typically tall, slender, dark haired, and attractive, changelings otherwise resemble their fathers' race.

But the Height table says:
4' 2" + 2d4 inches. Averaging 4'7", with a max of 4'10"

I would think 5'2" + 2d6 would be more in line with the description, no?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hi everybody, I've "recently" joined the Pathfinder world (a couple of years) and sadly noticed that the italian publisher (Giochi Uniti released only few books, and more sadly they are released occasionally every few years and not in a high number of copies. Books released in the 2012 such as the Race Guide are not in development yet! D:
I think that such rhythm is unacceptable considering that in stores and events such as the LuccaComics these books ends quickly and are always a sold out.

Hence, seeing how helpful the online SRD is and how few people has a good enough English knowledge to flawlessly read the SRD, I would like to make a copy of it on my website and start translating it in italian with the help of some friends which all have at least a B2 certificate and are experienced player of Pathfinder (to avoid how is written\how is intended misconceptions during translations).

If I correctly understood the OpenGameLicense I shouldn't ask any permission for this initiative, given that the material is under the same license, however I would like to keep in contact with one of the SRD administrators.

Thanks in advance, Federico.

To give and idea of the unacceptable condition in which italian players are, these are the released books:
Core Rulebook
Advanced Player Guide
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Combat
Bestiary 1
Bestiary 2
Bestiary 3
NPC Codex

Each piece took 3 years to be published since the original Paizo release without considering multiple updates due to missing parts and grammatical errors.

All the other books are yet to be announced as working in progress.

The Ki Stand feat from Ultimate Magic is missing from the global feat index.

Gary Teter wrote:

Take a look at the new Pathfinder Reference Document. Now take a look using your phone, or your iPad. Notice anything different? That's right, it doesn't suck anymore.

In addition to now including all the open game content from Ultimate Combat and the errata for the third printing of the Bestiary, the PRD is now optimized for tablet and mobile display. Before you ask, yes, that means iPhone, iPad and Android. Probably others, too, but that's what we tested on.

I have been showing this thing off to anybody I can corral here at the office. Lissa and Chris Lambertz have put in a lot of hours tweaking this thing and they deserve all the credit. Ross deserves some too, but he gets all the credit for making the Pathfinder Battles subscriptions working. So there's plenty of credit to go around! Except for me. I take no credit for any of this. Except to say, "Make it not suck."

Since this is a major revision of several hundred pages of content and navigation, there are bound to be problems. Please use this thread to let us know anything you find that needs to be fixed, and we'll fix it as soon as we can.

And yeah, searching the PRD kind of sucks. We're working on that.

Since you asked us to do it...

I have found that not *all* the spells on the spell lists are in the proper levels (yeah, don't have it off the top of my head, can look it up if necessary).

Additionally, not all the feats are properly categorized. The one I just got done looking at (See? I have proofs!) is "Swap Places". Improved Swap Places is properly listed as a Teamwork Feat. However, on the index page, the feat "Swap Places" is not categorized as a Teamwork Feat (its detailed entry, however, has it on there).

The "Creature Types" page of the bestiary is missing the subtypes from Bestiary 4.

The html anchor id for the Example Kobolds on
doesn't work, since it's got a typobug in the code:

HTML source wrote:
<h1 is="example-kobolds">Example Kobolds</h1>

Typobugs, like kobolds, ain't big, but they can be darn annoying.

Blessed Fist is a 1st level spell for Clerics and Paladins, but it appears in the level 0 list for clerics in the index.

Minorest of quibbles, but on the Madness and Insanity page, -madness
Schizophrenia's "Description" line is formatted differently than the rest. Chiefly, it is not on its own line and in all capitols with a double spacer around it.
Thanks for your effort to make this a great tool.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Some items I have found whilst sifting through the spell index:

  • detect magic listed twice with different links.
  • nonexistent spell dimensional, duplicates link to dimensional anchor
  • free-range backslash character between passwall and path of glory
  • greater shield of fortification is missing
  • greater spellcrash is missing

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