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Website Feedback

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For Chrome users having scrolling problems, try switching to the computer version of the page. For me it kept the same display as the mobile version while solving the issue. Haven't tested it for long but so far haven't seen any problems on my phone.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

monsters by terrain

"Rivers/Lakes" falls bt Forest (Warm) and Hills (Cold) rather than bt Planar (X) and Swamp (Cold)


The infiltrator ranger archetype in the APG section needs to be updated with the correction from this errata.

Under Generating Gems, the Random Gems table appears twice.

On the front page, the link to the Iconics in the NPC Codex is missing.

The sleeves of many garments isn't highlighted. Doing a search for the item turns up the shackles of durance vile.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I can never get to the Core Magic Items page on my windows phone - citems-core

Grand Lodge

Multiweapon Fighting feat is missing from the master feat index.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

All of items which list prices in copper pieces on this page use the abbreviation 'cP' instead of the proper 'cp' in their long descriptions.

Some of the items use 'Gp' instead of 'gp' or 'Sp' instead of 'sp'.

Some of the items on this page suffer from the same problems in their long descriptions, but have 'GP' instead of 'gp'.

When ever I look at the mobile page on my phone the page continually resets to the top of the page. looking for a spell, BAM! top of the page. Scroll back do-BAM! top of page. One more time, scroll, scroll,, ah, here we- BAM! top of page. It makes the mobile RD unusable. Is there a fix to this?

Paizo Employee Assistant Software Developer

Do you have OS and version for your phone?

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Anti-life shell calls out elementals as a separate creature type which they were in 3.5 D&D, but not in PFRPG. They are now a subtype of outsiders.

Speaking of which, outsiders are alive, so I'm not sure why they aren't hedged out by the spell.

greysector wrote:

Anti-life shell calls out elementals as a separate creature type which they were in 3.5 D&D, but not in PFRPG. They are now a subtype of outsiders.

Speaking of which, outsiders are alive, so I'm not sure why they aren't hedged out by the spell.

This might be more appropriate for the rule forum than the PRD topic.

Typo in the description of the Wyrwood race in Race Builder

"and stole the serpets of their own creation"

Should probably be "secrets" of their own creation.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

The text for Crane Riposte Crane Riposte reducing the attack penalty for fighting defensively seems to have been replaced by the Crane Wing errata. Crane Wing still lists the original version.


why is it that whenever I mouse over the grippli favored class bonuses, the page turns blue in that area

The reason that the grippli favored class bonuses turn blue is this:

PRD code snafu wrote:

<a id="Anchor-2">

<blockquote><p><i>Grippli Poison</i>

That <a> tag hasn't been closed, so your browser is interpreting the whole chunk of text as a link, and applying the colors that are supposed to be used when you mouse over a link.

Since there's no closing </a> for that tag, your browser takes a guess as to where it ought to be. In this case it looks like it's decided to put it right after the end of the gunslinger favored class option. It probably settled on that spot because there's another opening <a> tag in the next line (the rogue favored class option has a link to the Perception skill description). Since you can't have a link inside a link, it backed up to the end of the previous line and stuck it there.

Anyway, it can be fixed like this:

PRD code snafu correction wrote:

<a id="Anchor-2"></a>

<blockquote><p><i>Grippli Poison</i>

That's all.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Under the druid animal companions there are some missing hyperlinks.

For the Fort/Ref/Will entry only Ref is hyperlinked.

Under the animal feats section, Improved Natural Attack and Improved Natural Armor are not hyperlinked to the Bestiary's monster feats section.

The various SQs of the animal companions are all hyperlinked, but the SAs are not.

Tinalles wrote:

2) I have a tablet. Specifically, this one. It's Android-based, it has sufficient resolution (1280x800) that the PRD uses the full-size version rather than mobile. The PRD prevents me from pinch-zooming; the display port renders at the size it renders, and nothing I can do will change that.

As a result, it is freakishly difficult to tap the link I want. About 80% of the time I'll accidentally hit the link above or below the one I was aiming for. For example, I often wind up on the Open Game License page when I was trying to get to the Spell List Index. When this happens three or four times in a row, it makes me want to hurl my tablet across the room.

This is cross-browser; I've tried it in the default Android browser, which I believe is Webkit based, in Opera Mobile (currently version 16.0.1212.65583), and in Firefox Mobile (25.0).

I'm a web developer myself, and I investigated the code. I believe this behavior is caused by "minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" in the META viewport tag, which forcibly prevents users from scaling the content, as discussed here.

Please, please consider changing that to "initial-scale=1" instead. The links in the PRD are crammed in cheek by jowl in a fairly small font size, and my fingers are not that small!

Can you please fix this annoying feature(?) of the prd?

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

The ARG spell whispering lore has a typo in the ARG and the PRD.

Whispering Lore wrote: whisper information in a language you understand...

'Whisper' should be 'whispers'.

Problem with the Planar Adventures page:

You have repeated HTML id tags, which is a protocol violation, since it makes it impossible to navigate to the second tag from other pages. In particular:

p id="physical-traits"
p id="elemental-and-energy-traits"
p id="alignment-traits"
p id="magic-traits"

and later, in front of the sections with actual information,

h2 id="physical-traits"
h2 id="elemental-and-energy-traits"
h2 id="alignment-traits"
h2 id="magic-traits"

The page for Create Demiplane has links in it that want to go to the "elemental-and-energy-traits" section (and the others) and it takes you to the intro paragraph, not the detailed explication, because of the HTML violation I just described.

Thank you.

The link in the Spell List Index for 'Haunting Mists'a level 2 sorc/wiz spell is sending me to 'Haunting Choir' The level 3 bard spell.

Currently sorted to show me only Sorcerer and Wizard spells.

Just giving you guys a heads up.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Under "Lodging and Services" in Ultimate Equipment, the cost of an Inn Stay(Poor) is listed as 2gp. I think it's supposed to be 2sp, which is the price it's listed as under the CRB's equipment section.

Also, down in the Ultimate Equipment description for Inn Stay it has the price range listed as 2gp-32gp, when it should be 2sp-32gp.

I spotted an error in the Spell List Index.

When you select the Advanced Player's Guide, then Cantrips/Orizons, and finally the Inquisitor or the Witch, every spell is shown twice (actually, there's only Brand, Putrefy Food and Drink, and Sift).

Also, note that when you click on the words "Cantrips/Orizons" to select them (as opposed to clicking on the checkbox in front of these words), spells of level 1 are selected instead. With any other spell level, clicking on the text works fine.

PRD Typo in Wizard's Spell List

Symbol of Fear is linked to Symbol of Pain:

Symbol of Fear should instead be linked to:

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Do we have an ETA as to when the Bestiary 4 is going to be added?

Misplaced examples on this page: html
The list of rooms one can use to construct buildings gets as far as "Shack". Then it breaks off into Construction Examples and Restrictions on Earnings. Then it picks up again with "Sitting Room" and runs through the rest of the rooms, their augmentations, and teams.
Since the Construction Example in this format illustrates assembling an organization before the team elements have been presented, I suspect those two rogue sections belong at the end of the page.

When did we get a mobile version of the PRD?

Bestiary 4 when?

Apparently they said they have more important things to do then get the Bestiary 4 up. Dunno what that means, maybe the ACG and the upcoming GenCon is taking up all there time

It doesn't work on Firefox when the page is loaded when the screen is vertical. I have to turn it horizontal and reload. Then I get the standard page which works fine.

Alright, I was looking to pull up a quick list to create a more accurate encounter sheet table for my world, but when I pulled up the "Bestiary Monsters by Type", "Bestiary Monsters by CR", or "Bestiary Monsters by Terrain" pages, it only shows the monsters from the first Bestiary and not those from Bestiary 2 or 3, and Bestiary 4 is nowhere to be found even though it has been out for almost a year now?! Is this something that I am the only one that is interested in?
Oh, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing Bestiary 4 on the Mobile PRD app. When can we expect that?

Bestiary 4 question answered HERE

-- david

DM Papa.DRB wrote:

Bestiary 4 question answered HERE

-- david

Hey thanks, that kinda answers my last question, and I guess it kinda answers the first problem/ question. Hope things go well in sorting out those other issues that have come up.

If you click "Cantrips / Orisons" in the spell list index, it will toggle the checkbox for level 1 spells.

To correct, replace "1-level-checkbox" with "0-level-checkbox" in the FOR attribute of the LABEL element on line 238.

In the Oath Against Undead paladin oath, the Ghost Touch ability points to the ghost touch weapon property instead of the ghost touch armor property. aladin.html#oath-against-undeath ouch

-- david

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Minor typos:

Trickery Domain's Master's Illusion ability:

The save DC to disbelive this effect is equal to 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier.

disbelieve, instead of disbelive

Universalist School:

Wizards who do not specialize (known as as universalists) have the most diversity of all arcane spellcasters.

duplicate word


Characters who take a level in a favored class have the option of gaining 1 additional skill rank or an additional hit point .

extraneous space before the period

Acrobatics skill:

If you attempt to move though an enemy's space and fail the check, you lose the move action and provoke an attack of opportunity.

through, sted though

Feats table:

Turn Undead | Channel positive energy classfeature

missing space

Elemental Channel feat:

If you choose to heal or harm creatures of your elemental subtype, your channel energy has no affect on other creatures.

effect, sted affect

Improved Overrun feat:

In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to overrrun a foe.

overrun, sted overrrun


A javelin is a thin throwing spear .

extra space before the period

In the Barding table:

(40 ft)

missing period after ft.

Tactical Speed table:

Encumbrance: A character encumbered by carrying treasure. a large amount of gear, or fallen comrades may move slower than normal (see Additional Rules).

period, sted comma

Special Attacks:

Some of these special attacks can be made as part of another action (such as an attack) or as a attack of opportunity.

an, sted a

Grappling or Pinned in Magic:

Pinned creatures can only cast spells that do no have somatic components.

not, sted no

(Word Bottle; language-dependant); (Inspiring Command (Su); language-dependant); (Creating an Imperial Foo Creature; "all other variables dependant upon Hit Dice"); (Lure (Su); language-dependant); (Crush Will (Command); language-dependant); ("constructed with a combination of magic and precise technologies dependant upon"); (School evocation [fire, language-dependant])

dependent, sted dependant

Curse Water spell:

School necromancy [evil];Level cleric 1

missing space after semicolon

Detect Magic spell:

If the aura eminates from a magic item, you can attempt to identify its properties (see Spellcraft).

emanates, sted eminates

Glyph of Warding spell:

While any character can use Perception to find a glyph, only a character with the trapfining class feature can use Disable Device to disarm it..

trapfinding, sted trapfining; also, extraneous period

Gust of Wind spell:

This spell can't move a creature beyond the limit of it's range.

Holy Sword spell ("the powers of the spell supercede"); Kingdoms and War, viceroy ("her orders are superceded only"):

supersede, sted supercede

Summon Nature's Ally table; Summon Monster table:

mastodon, sted mastadon

Assassin prestige class features table:


+1 save bonus against poison,uncanny dodge

Improved uncannydodge, Sneak attack +3d6

+3 save bonus against poison,quiet death

+4 save bonus against poison,hide in plain sight

+5 save bonus against poison,angel of death

missing spaces

Shadowdancer prestige class, Uncanny Dodge class feature:

An shadowdancer with this ability can still lose his Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against him.

A, sted an

Lightning bolt gallery trap

heightened lighting bolt

lightning, sted lighting

Environment rules, cold dangers:

An unprotected character in cold weather (below 40° F)must make a Fortitude save each hour (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage.

missing space

Wondrous Items special qualities:

Roll d%. An 01 result indicates

A, sted an

Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location:

(as if the wearer had cast nondetection on herself ).

extraneous space before close paren

Golem Manual:

Iron Golem Manual: The book contains cloudkill, geas/quest, limited wish, and polymorph any object. The reader may treat her caster level as four levels higher than normal for the purpose of crafting a iron golem.

an, sted a


Onset 10 minutes.; Frequency 1/minute for 4 minutes

extraneous period

Glossary entry for Pinned:

Pinned: A pinned creature is tightly bound and can take few actions. A pinned creature cannot move and is denied its Dexterity bonus..

duplicate period

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

Attention to detail FTW!

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Cards, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

Note, though, that in the wondrous items special qualities table, "An 01" is correct if you vocalize this an "An oh-one". If you vocalise it as "zero one", of course, then you do want "A 01"

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
JohnF wrote:

Note, though, that in the wondrous items special qualities table, "An 01" is correct if you vocalize this an "An oh-one". If you vocalise it as "zero one", of course, then you do want "A 01"

Ah, good point. I was just reading as "A one" and figured listing the 0 was to differentiate it from a 10 on a d100. Do people say "oh-one" when they roll a 1 on a d100?

I'd expect they might say something like "oh crap" instead.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

And of course, since every correction must always have an error:

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Duelist prestige class: "td>" is visible before the class's progression table.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

UC feats table minor typos:
Ultimate Combat, Feats page, Table: Feats, Grit feats section, Prerequisites column:


Grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger,Mobility

Grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger,Bluff 4 ranks

Grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger,Blind-Fight

missing spaces after commas

Grit and Performance feats sections, Benefits column:


Gain 2 extra grit points per day, and maximum gritincreases by 2

Spend 1 grit point to recover powder or ammunitionfrom your person

Gain +2 on Performance checks and +1d6 ondamage rolls

missing spaces between words

The code for Interrogation, Greater is

PRD HTML wrote:
<p>Interrogation, Greater</p>
while it should be
PRD HTML wrote:
<p class="stat-block-title" id="interrogation,-greater">Interrogation, Greater</p>

(the ID being the one used, e.g., by the spell list).

Similarily, for Vermin Shape II,

PRD HTML wrote:
<p id="vermin-shape-ii">Vermin Shape II</p>
should be
PRD HTML wrote:
<p id="vermin-shape-ii" class="stat-block-title">Vermin Shape II</p>

Regarding the chrome bug, I think I've identified the specific behavior that causes the screen to jump. I'm running chrome on android 4.4.4, (firefox works fine).

It's tied to the autohiding feature of the address bar. Basically, if the address bar is completely visible before you put your finger on the screen to scroll up or down, the page will always jump back to the very top.

It's unavoidable on my phone if the address bar is visible when the page loads. However, I can avoid it after the initial jump if I make sure to always scroll down far enough for the address bar to autohide. As long as it's hidden before I start scrolling and after I take my finger off the screen, I'm safe. If it's visible when my finger is off the screen, then the next time I scroll up or down it will jump to the top after I take my finger off again.

Unfortunately I'm not yet savvy enough to point out the code that needs fixing, but I hope this helps narrow it down.

On another note, if we could filter spells by school, that would be super rad, but no rush. Thanks for all the work!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

In the Ultimate Equipment guide you have a description for STONEPLATE but it isn't listed in the ARMOR AND SHIELDS chart above

Armor <== here

Also while browsing in the Ultimate Equipment pages on the left side navigation table where the various books are listed there is a link at the bottom that should take you to the Ultimate Equipment guide for purchase but takes you instead to the Ultimate Combat guide instead.

It says specifically "Purchase the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or Ultimate Equipment."
i.e. replace with

To find it you actually have to select one of the sub categories/chapters inside the Ultimate Equipment guide listing.


Under the Ultimate Equipment -> Gear
The entry for "Pot"

The price for a mithril pot in the table is listed as 1,0001 gp

Either the comma is in the wrong place (super expensive pot) or there is an extra digit.

I do not know if this was brought up before so I'm posting it.

in UE (in the book and srd) in the appendix under random weapon type the table is missing numbers 66 to 84.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I mentioned this a while back, but since it's still bugging me and since I'm not sure I put the feedback in the proper place, here it is.

When using the PRD on my Android phone (Nexus 5) with the Chrome browser, it will frequently jump back to the top of the page. This makes the PRD unusable from my phone, which is a great frustration. :-(

Joe M. wrote:

I mentioned this a while back, but since it's still bugging me and since I'm not sure I put the feedback in the proper place, here it is.

When using the PRD on my Android phone (Nexus 5) with the Chrome browser, it will frequently jump back to the top of the page. This makes the PRD unusable from my phone, which is a great frustration. :-(

I have the exact same problem. Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4.2. I have tried both Chrome and Opera browsers. The site is basically unusable, which is unfortunate because it looks so awesome.


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