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Ideas for Dwarven Witch / Eldritch Knight


Hi all,

I'm planning on bringing in a new character to a long running game and I'm looking at a Dwarf Fighter/Witch/Eldritch Knight. I'm starting at level 16 so there's plenty of room to play around. I'd like some ideas for jazzing the guy up. I want him to be sinister and scary, without being (totally) evil. It does not need to be optimal (it's not that kind of game). Let's just say I want him to be flavourful, but effective.

The basic concept is that the dwarf, Vaskar, was a mercenary warrior who, impressed by his fighter/sorcerer companion's skillful synergy of melee and magical abilities, decided to learn the ways of wizardry. His innate dwarven resistance to magic stymied his attempts until he was approached by the raven familiar of a dark mage he had slain, who proposed an agreement. He would teach Vaskar magic in return for a share of any spoils his new powers granted him. The raven has since been revealed to be polymorphed mephit (probably a shadow mephit) and the pair have been led down a gradually darkening path.

So, I'm currently thinking Fighter 1/Witch 10/Ek 5. Ten levels of witch gives me major hexes which I quite like (especially retribution), but I could be convinced to drop it to eight levels (I want the upgraded evil eye). I'm intending to have a shadow patron (like the mephit), but could be persuaded otherwise. I realise strength would probably be a better bet for combat, but shadow is spooky and that suits me well.

The game is heavily house-ruled, the key thing being that I can cast spells in whatever armour I'm proficient in. I want to hold my own in melee, so heavy armour, shield and dwarven war-axe (or similar) are key paraphernalia.

So what feats/spells/hexes and items would compliment the character. Nifty combos (feats that go well with certain spells, for example) are especially welcome.

Any ideas welcome!

Dark Archive

My recommendation would be to go Magus (hexcrafter archetype).
It's a better fit thematically (fighter types who add a little bit of magic to their style but aren't so tied to their Familiar).
Mechanically you get better BaB and Armor progression with significantly more HP's.
Also as a Magus you'd get a better defensive/offensive spell selection if you really are planning on going Eldritch Knight.

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