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Tenra Bansho Zero place holder site with link to Blog

Have any of you been following this game? Stumbled across it from a link to the Maid RPG. Maid doesn't seem to be made for me, however TBZero looks really interesting.

Was curious if any have played the original version, or just know more about it


Color me interested. As usual, what was the hotness in Japan in 97 is eagerly sought in America in 2011.

In America!

Freehold DM wrote:

Color me interested. As usual, what was the hotness in Japan in 97 is eagerly sought in America in 2011.

In America!

I spent some time reading the blog and the character types. Still not much in a way of preview of how the classes(?) are going to work, but gosh it really seems to have the whole scifi anime feel to it. SpiritMagicMen, Princess Piloted Mechs, Cyborg Assassins,Psychotic Robots disguised as humans, the noble natives named after demons, Samurai in power armor, and more...I really hope the conversion happens soon.

But I also have been burned by games I thunked would be awesome, so was curious if anyone played the Japanese version and could comment. or if anyone was involved in the playtest or translation was over here.

Anyway, I will keep checkin' and post here with anything I hear about it.


The Kickstarter for Tenra Bansho Zero opened a few days ago and in the first 12 hours reached its goal and sold out of limited tier rewards in 16 hours. Right now Andy is working on getting new materials for the high tiers and adding stretch goals. Which I hope he hurries on since the project is now 300% funded in three days. I'm really excited as this is the first Japanese P&P RPG to officially be worked on for western release. (Maid RPG being the first to actually release.) Andy has worked hard on this project for seven long years and I've personally been waiting five. Glad to see in finally happening!

Cool beans!

Thanks for the update!


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