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Questions about Crypt of the Everflame

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I am thinking about running crypt of the everflame (and the two sequel modules) and since this is going to be my first time DMing i thought about chosing this module, although i have some questions:
(I haven't read the entire module yet so please exuse any questions that are answered later in the module)
1) The module goes from level 1 to level 3 right?
2) The PCs can't (during the module) go back to town and buy stuff right? I assume the module gives them what they require in order to complete their task and the money given is just for show right?
3) From what i have read so far nearly the whole module takes place inside the dungeon, so my question is where do the PCs rest in oder to gain their levels? (and replenish their spells, channels etc.)
4) For non-new players how many hours do you think that it takes to complete the module?

Thank you.

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Spoilers for the Crypt:

1) 3rd or near to it (for example when I ran this recently my players where about 500 xp short of 3rd, so in the start of the second module I threw in a sea hag random encounter to get them to third)

2) The PC do not need to go back to town ~ there is even a room where the townpeople have gifted them masterwork versions of their favored weapons (they do not need to go back... even if the players think they want/need to.. push the lost little girl alone in the dark with monsters)

3) There are designated safe rooms in the dungeon ~ it's a dangerous enough module that you don't need to 'surprise' them when they are resting... but don't let them devolve into the 10-min adventuring day. When my guys did it, they arrived at dusk, took care of the lst level right side of the map until they ran into Roldare, rested, finished that level the next day, rested in the safe room on the second floor, and did the second floor the second day. That was with 3 PCs - paladin, ranger, cleric/alchemist.

4) I had 1 player whose played a bunch of Pathfinder, 1 that is a older player (think AD&D) and the shiny newbie. It took us 3 gaming sessions of about 6-7 hours, but I also played out some social interactions and such.

Sovereign Court

Agree with Chavamana on 1-3 (I think a party of four comes out about 200 xp short or so of third level, or did in my case).

4) With four players who'd all played PF before, it took us two sessions, one of about 6 hours and one of about four hours, until it was done.

EverFlame spoiler:

1. You will probably need something to bump your players all the way to 3 since the module, as written, does not get you quite there before MotLG. I chose to give a small experience bonus to start to my players for having completed a character history before starting the game.

2 and 3. Chavamana is right, there are plenty of places in the dungeon to rest. It is not even terribly inplausible that they aren't disturbed since for the most part the intelligent undead is brooding and waiting, and the unintelligent are simply standing in puddles of their own dust or drool. This also means there is no reason to go back to town.

4. Every GM's experience differs on time. My biggest surprise when I ran this module and others before is that my group NEVER got as far as I had planned for. I think it took from 3-5 sessions for my group to complete Everflame.

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If you have the time you might want to give this a listen

Chronlicles Pathfinder podcast episode 1

Grand Lodge

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My thoughts:


1 - The module should end you around level 3 if you have 4 players. I don't know how much actual XP is included in the module (my group doesn't use XP, so I don't pay much attention to it). Regardless, nothing is to stop you from telling your players at the end, "congrats, you're all level 3 now!"
2 - Going back to town is impracticable (town is at least an overnight trip away), IIRC. It's also sort of an adventure buster. If the PCs go back to town, the townsfolk are going to find out that something has gone wrong with their little prank and they're realistically going to want to do something about it. there are people in town that are higher level than the PCs and would "steal the show" so to speak. Plus, they have the young girl to consider. If someone doesn't act "now" she might die before "real help" from town can arrive in 3 or so days.
3 - Since the townsfolk set up the Quest of the Everflame as sort of a test for the PCs, they've built in safe areas in the prepared parts of the dungeon. Also, the PCs could just rest outside the dungeon without going back to town.
4 - My group completed it in about 12-ish hours. 8-16 seems to be a good estimate.

Have fun with it!


We just finished this module with my group. All seasoned role-players, but some newer to Pathfinder, and esp Society play (this doesn't need to be done as a Society module).

We had a mix of 1st and 2nd level characters, and there were some things that were really tough for them. (no real cleric, btw. Ugh!)

The characters are not really supposed to go back to town - and there isn't really a need for them to do so, as stated by others.
There were a couple rooms that were easily designated as safe rooms if they needed a rest.

It took us 3 sessions of 4-5 hours each, and I drew the maps as we went. If you have them ready ahead of time or use the flip-mat, that should make things easier.

Also... bit of a SPOILER...

The group got a little confused/frustrated that this whole thing was not exactly what they were 'told to do'. They were wondering why so many other groups were sent here before them. It made them a hard to handle at times - but then again, that might just be how my friends are. =]

Good luck, and have fun!

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