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Dhampir appearance

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

Not sure if this has been discussed before but I was wondering if there was any further details about the general appearance of Dhampirs. Nothing in the second Beastiary or Classic Horrors Revisited or the Carrion Crown Player's Guide describes one in terms of general hair color, skin tone, height, weight, etc. Any information available would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


P.S. Its not that I'm adverse to the black skin white hair look, I enjoy that motif, but would like to know if there is any variablity possible while staying within Pathfinder lore.

I am currently playing a Dhampir in my friends Carrion Crown adventure (unbeknownst to the other PCs at them moment heh heh), but I envision him with same physical appearance as the Dhampir in Bestiary 2.

I don't know of any published Paizo material that goes more in-depth about their physical appearances (a little more description in the Player's Guide would have been nice). However, Dhampirs are from vampiric folklore, meaning they exist in tales of our own history. You could do some research online to dig up some solid results I would imagine.

It may just be a race that is quite open to interpretation given the fact that they are half-breeds...

Not official, but I would have them with the same variance in features as a human, potentially with a couple "off" features - like tieflings, but vampire-themed instead of fiend-themed.

Liberty's Edge

I can't see any reason why Dhampir would look like Drow. Vampires look like humans of every ethnicity, looking more or less identical to how they appeared in life, so I would think a Dhampir would share the same general traits as her parents.

I agree that Dhampir should have as much versatility as their human parents, but surely there is something singular that takes place for being the progeny of an undead. Not that I am sure what that should be. Perhaps extremely pale skin, or a domineering prescence/gaze, or maybe it should be skin as black as midnight. Any other ideas would be welcome in my effort to understand half-vampires.

Liberty's Edge

I've got a player playing a Dhampir in Carrion Crown right now, and he looks "somewhat unnatural", with fangs and deathly pallor upon closer investigation. Unless someone's really looking (or sees how he reacts to positive energy), he's able to Disguise himself as a half-elf (especially easy when most of the people of Ustulav have never seen an elf or half-elf).

Silver Crusade

I would imagine they look like "D" search for vampire hunter D. As he is a Dhampir but when translated they referred to him as a "dunpeal" or "dampeer".

Historically, vampires were often described as "sanguine", with a very red completion, especialy after feeding. and deathly when starved. It might be interesting to have a similar appearance shift in the dhampir.

I thought this was about the backup Heat center that partied with the Mavs after they won the championship.

Ignoring the nonsense artwork in Bestiary 2, a dhampir's overly fluid movements would give his/her heritage away. In addition, light sensitivity will encourage nocturnal activity; appearing lethargic in bright light (every day) while functioning normally after-hours will have the locals talking in no time. Pale skin might feature into their appearance, but it shouldn't be required.

I just hope the upcoming race guidebook will update the dhampir to something that doesn't scream "drow-but-not-drow-but-still-evil".

Yeah... Dhampirs are around a long time before Pathfinder. For the most part they look and act human. There may be SOME 'signs' for people who know how to look... but walking into a tavern shouldn't get the poor guy attacked. He has ENOUGH problems in his life ;)

Blade would be a good... well... Acceptable example of the 'half-vampire'.

Gailbraithe wrote:
I can't see any reason why Dhampir would look like Drow. Vampires look like humans of every ethnicity, looking more or less identical to how they appeared in life, so I would think a Dhampir would share the same general traits as her parents.

You may take this with as much healthy speculation as you see fit, however I believe that the reason the drawing of a Half-Vampire in the Bestiary 2 is a Drow is that it is a slight homage (Inside joke perhaps) to both the people that like to play the evil vampire child gone hero archetype, and as a testament to the passionate players who would jump at being a Dhampir.

Of course as a counterpoint my argument is lessened by the rapier he is wielding vice a more offensive weapon choice such as.. perhaps two scimitars.

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