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Looking for a tall human or half-orc miniature


I'm looking for a miniature (ideally in plate with a two-handed sword/falchion, but I'm not averse to doing a weapon swap). I'm hoping for tall... 7-8' tall scale, compared to a 'normal' 5-6' miniature.

Can be human or half-orc, but I'm not looking for bestial. I've found three or four options, but none of them really grab me. If anyone has some options, I'd love to see them.

Oh! And also, I'm looking for a non-pre-painted mini. I'd prefer pewter, but high quality (Games Workshop quality) plastic or resin also works.

Sovereign Court

Try the reaper figure finder:

Reaper stuff tends to be heroic scale, so a bit taller than average, although this depends on the sculpt and artist.

You can estimate the height of the mini by looking at the little Bryangles on the right hand side of the pic. They are set at .5 and 1 inch.

For ex:

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

I own this figure: and he is on the large/tall end for a 28 mm figure. Barely fits on the base I glued him to.

He doesn't have the two handed weapon, but I think a number of figures like him (the various "Nolan" warrior figures) are about the same size.

When you're looking, note the little triangles at the side of the picture (if they have them, only the newer models do). I can't remember the exact measurement of what those represent, but they are always the same size, so if you see one much higher above the top triangle, then you know that one is a tall model.


For pewter minis that are taller than your average Reaper mini, I recommend Anima Tactics minis.

They can be a bit more expensive than your average Reaper mini, but if you're willing/able to dish out the extra dough, they can be worth it. They tend to stand a good head over your medium sized Reaper minis. They come unpainted, so it's easy to paint it with half-orc colors. (Reaper is 28mm, Anima Tactics are 28-35mm).

some examples that may work for your concept are: this guy

this other guy

this guy

this guy (minus the ghost lions coming out of the ground) ... I have this one, the lions are separate pieces, so you don't need to include them.

This guy (giant spear instead of a sword)

this guy

or if you go two-weapon fighting, there's this guy ...this is one that I've used for a tall half-orc. Did his muscle shading in green-grey to make him more orc-ish. My camera is out-of-order at the moment, otherwise I'd show you a side-by-side comparison of these Anima minis next to Reaper minis... but your tall medium sized Reaper mini comes up to just past the shoulders of this last mini (as I said, these are about a head taller) .

Happy hunting!


If your looking for a half-orc w/ 2-H sword the Tre Manor's Red Box Games has this: Fritjof the Fierce

Downside is that Tre's models are shorter than Reaper etc [being more 25mm than 28mm]

I'm not 100% sure how big Fritjof is as I don't own him... he's a bigger character so probably close to a standard Reaper mini, but won't tower over others...

If you want big and nasty looking I do have this falchion/2-H cleaver weilding Black Orc by Tre for Reaper

Big and mean looking, not too barbaric and orcish, but still might be a little bestial...

Hope these help!

Pirate wrote:


For pewter minis that are taller than your average Reaper mini, I recommend Anima Tactics minis.

These are PERFECT. I may want to try to find them in person before I purchase one, but Griever looks almost exactly like what I want.


Grand Lodge

This thread helped me find this dude

@Pirate your links take me to Fantasy Fight Games website which has no miniatures that are shown in it.

EDIT: Your last link goes to Arcane Miniatures.


Alas, I have no control over Fantasy Flight Games' website, and after 19 months, I guess they changed things around a bit. I think they were all Anima Tactics minis. (my apologies for the inherent snideness of lmgtfy).

I don't even remember half the one's I linked to, but this is the above mentioned Griever.

(disclaimer: I take no responsibility for future website changes invalidating any links provided, unless it's a website I have direct control over... which arcaneminiatures isn't. ^_^)


Thanks for correcting your links. I believe you might be able to find the minis you wanted to link to at Arcane Miniatures. I could be wrong though. It has happened before.

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