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Retiring a Baron


Grand Lodge

Due to real-lie circumstances I will be moving away from my Kingmaker group after our next session. And I am looking for ways to retire my Halfling Paladin of Iomedea.

The problem lies in the fact that my paladin is currently the Baron of our land.

My most in-character thought is that as a lawful character and ruler, he feels he can do the most good by retiring from the adventuring life to become full-time ruler (as an NPC), rather than regularly risking the death of the peoples' leader on his adventuring raids. This approach does have the potential problem of leaving an NPC as the ruler.

I've established that he has family on the southern frontier of Brevoy. A family emergency could provide a plot hook that would draw him away, but would a ruler realistically abandon his people to care for something important, yet personal.

This of course, assumes my character survives our next session, which will almost certainly take us to Candlemere tower as we finish up RRR.


A few options that occur to are:

1) Assuming you survive the session, just hand your character over to the DM to use as an NPC, with the understanding that he will be replaced as Baron during the next kingdom phase (perhaps he was called away by his church, which he may well hold as more important than his position as Baron).

2) Don't survive the session. Work this out with your GM ahead of time so they aren't caught off guard, but say that you received word of a plague/natural disaster/barbarian raid or whatever that resulted in the death of your entire family and most of the people you grew up with. Your character is so distraught that he becomes suicidal, but due to religious reasons will not kill himself. Instead he throws himself into battle with no regard for his own safety, instead looking to find the enemy who will send him to meet his family in the afterlife. Ensure that your character dies during the final battle, if not sooner.

3) Again, work this out with your GM beforehand. Survive the session, playing everything exactly as you had since you created the character. At the end of the session, an Assassin hits your character with a Death Attack. You 'fail' the save, die and then if your party tries to raise you, choose not to return (you are content to be with your deity, and have no desire to live again). The person behind the assassination could be tied into the plot somehow (I haven't read the AP, but I'm sure you have enemies) and your death could be used to bring the people together out of desire for revenge.

Just a few thoughts, hope it helps.

I vote to let him live and take up rulership full time. As a kingdom grows, so do kingly duties. Not to mention Iomedae's portfolio looks like it includes rulership. Simply leaving such a position might compromise her ideals and break the Paladin Code. Dying isn't a great option either. Barring a string of horrid luck, (and aren't halflings naturally lucky anyway?) it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for a paladin to "just die." Not to mention not wanting to come back to rule goes back to the first point about Iomedae.

Don't worry about leaving an NPC in charge. By this point in the game you've created a strong enough character that your fellow players can think like him when it comes tough decision time. Not to mention that a lot of the decisions can be group decisions with the Baron's "seal of approval." Plus, are there any of the current PC's that you really want to take over for you, either in or out of character?

I also suspect a certain dwarf may be needing a new job if you won't be leaving the castle for a while.

While I agree that in-game logic could leave the halfling in charge as an NPC Baron, this strikes me as something that really needs to be discussed with the whole group. They may not want to have the Baron be an NPC, meaning that the character and to an extent the kingdom, is controlled by the GM. After all, they are going to be remaining in the game. So talk it out with them first. If they are cool with that, fine.

If not, there's lots of ways to have a character leave a campaign successfully, ranging from dying heroically to suffering a major mental meltdown resulting in a change of personality, scandal, falling as a paladin and being forced to flee justice for multiple crimes. Personally, given location of the kingdom, I might favor his answering the call in Mendev for crusaders to stem the demon hordes coming from th Worldwound. That's something every paladin in Golarion has to consider as an option at any time. What better path can there be for a paladin than to save the world from raging demons?

Draeglos wrote:

Not to mention not wanting to come back to rule goes back to the first point about Iomedae.

A problem neatly averted if you use an actual Assassin PrC to do the deed - you can't be raised from a death effect. It's probably a thousand miles to the closest cleric capable of True Resurrection.

Sovereign Court

I agree with Brian. talk with the rest of the party. If none of them want the rulership keep him as an NPC. If they would rather have a player in the position then chose on of the ways mentioned to get rid of him. But as you are leaving it should be up to the group remaining.

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