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To End the World || An improvised homebrew adventure by DM Patcher.


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Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Zachary will wish he wasn't nearby the man, because he probably has face on him now. DX

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael gently pulls Zachary's body near the fire. He stokes the fire with a log jetting out. Rafael takes Zachary's bedroll and sets up a lean-to with some canvas to block the wind. "Sleep well my friend. I'll wake you in the morning."

Heal check (take 10): 18

Rafael says to no one in particular, "So, is it safe to go back to sleep?"

Male Elan Vitalist 10

I'd imagine it's safe now. We should just continue with the same watch order."

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Should probably at the very least move the bodies away from camp, if not bury them. I dunno about you, but trying to get to sleep next to a couple of corpses would be unsettling to me.

Kincade Alchemist (Vivisection/Preservationist)

after the man goes down, after a few moments of panting and stumbling a bit, Darche falls face first. The sounds of light snoring can be heard.

Male Human Cleric 1

Once everyone, including Donte, is stable and not in the snow I go to sleep.

Rafael says in a groggy voice, "Wake me an hour after my watch is supposed to start. Yaaawwwnnn. Also anyone able to clean up around here?"

Rafael casts Create Water to clean the wounds and his Quarterstaff. He sleeps next to the fire furthest from the bodies.

Male Elan Vitalist 10

Skender will move the bodies at least 50 feet outside of camp.

He then asks,"Alright, since Zachary was on watch, and now clearly can't, who is going to take his place?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Gnome Rogue, Level 1

I'll do it! Frum calls out. Not going to sleep anyway

Male Elan Vitalist 10

"Alright Frum, I'll see you in the morning."

After cleaning the blood from his hands with snow, Skender will go back to sleep.

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says, "Ok well then I'm going to sleep."


When morning comes, the smell of death is heavily entrenched in the glade. The spilt blood has frozen and the dead man is heavily disfigured after Darche's assault. The morning sun is rising from the east, and the caw-ing of crows and ravens is what wakes you up, the birds fluffed due to the cold. Their feathers are glistening in red and brown as they peer at you, and as you sit up, they all fly off...


You find a tattoo on the man's neck; a number, by the looks of it. 3228, it says, followed by a Dwarven glyph, which you recognise as the word "death row...."

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Still at -2, if a CLW could be tossed my way...

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael wakes stiffly in his bedroll. He sits up and yawns. He stands up and you hear his limbs snap and creak as she smacks his lips. He looks around and sees his unconcious friends and he says, "At least we're alive to die another day."

He skips breakfast and immediately starts to pray. Unless interrupted he finishes praying about an hour later.

Rafael says confidently, "Bring the unconcious near me. Everyone gather up."

Once everyone is in range of my channels:

Rafael touches his wooden Holy symbol on his chest and says, "Spirituum virtute alveum positiva per me." A wave of positive healing bursts from him and washes over everyone several times.

Rafael Channels Positive Energy to Heal (1/5 uses) everyone for 1d6 ⇒ 1
Rafael Channels Positive Energy to Heal (2/5 uses) everyone for 1d6 ⇒ 5
Rafael Channels Positive Energy to Heal (3/5 uses) everyone for 1d6 ⇒ 6

Rafael says, "Is everyone healed?"

Rafael takes a few moments to take care of Donte feeding him breakfast.

Rafael touches his wooden holy symbol on his chest and says, "Tolera Elementorum," and a wave of positive energy flows over him and then fades into his skin.

Spellcraft (DC 16):

Rafael smiles and says, "Much better." He takes off his winter blanket and places it on the back of Donte.

Rafael says, "So any of that wolf good to eat?"

If the wolf is good to eat then he prepares that for breakfast and mixes the meat and a wandermeal in with some water he creates.

Several times during breakfast you hear Rafael says, "Lorem mecum aquae." Water beings to flow from nothing.

Spellcraft DC 15:

After breakfast when everything else seems in order Rafael packs up Donte and wearing only a thin priestly robe, a quarterstaff, rope draped across his chest and his backpack he says, "So are we ready to go?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Gnome Rogue, Level 1

Frum prepares his backpack for travel and takes stock of his cold. to recover from cold 1d20 ⇒ 7

I think there is a prison nearby , he explains to the group. Our friend was a guest there who decided to go for a walkabout.

Male Half-dork 5 Nerd (universalist)

After the second burst of positive energy radiates from Rafael, Zachary stirs on his bedroll, then lets out a large moan. He sits up groggily and clutches at his stomach, saying, "What happened last night? My stomach is killing me."

After the third burst of energy fills the campsite, Zachary stops clutching at his stomach. He pulls up his shirt to reveal a quickly closing wound in his gut, then examines his shirt and sees the puncture there. "So then, all that stuff really did happen... here I thought I was just having a bad dream or something. Damn..."

Zachary will eat the wolf meat, thankful that at least some small good came from their deaths. Afterward, he says his daily prayers to Nethys, then makes a prayer to Pharasma for those at the academy and for the man that attacked last night. He broods for a while about the academy, wallowing in his misery over everything that happened yesterday. He mutters to no one in particular, "What the hell have we gotten into?"

A shiver goes down Zachary's spine, and he pulls his clothing tighter around himself. He tries to focus his mind forward, on the task at hand. "So, any of you know about this village we're headed to?"

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says to Zachary who just woke up and is asking questions, "Prison? Prison."

Untrained Knowledge (Geogrography) (max DC 10): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8 - Failed

Rafael says, "Apparently I have been too sequestered in the school to known of any nearby Prisons. you think the earthquake could have let free some of these Prisoners like our man here the Iceman?"

Rafael continues, "That reminds me, we probably should make a shallow grave for him. Wouldn't want a wondering necromancer to use him as material in his spells." Rafael smiles with a big grin.

Rafael says to Frum, "Do you think its a good idea that we deviate from our destination? These crystals, " Rafael pulls back his robe's sleeve and shows Frum the crystals embedded in him, "are now our priority. The world literally is depending on us."

"If you think though that this is required for our mission then I will join you."

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Zachary looks puzzled by Rafael's comment. "What? Why would we go to the prison? Let's just keep on the course we had planned originally."

Didn't notice that my last one wasn't posted as Zachary. Sorry about that.

Male Human Cleric 1

"Oh, hum. I thought for a moment there that Frum was suggesting we go there to investigate. My appologies."

"Anyone want to bury the man before we leave at least?"

Male Elan Vitalist 10

"If anyone's got a shovel, I'll dig the grave."

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael goes over to Donte and untethers a shovel from the side of Donte and then helps Skender dig a shallow grave for the Prison escapee away from the path in the wooden area (less obvious to a passerby).

Rafael says a quick prayer for the man because that's what you do for the dead.

Rafael cleans the shovel before placing it back on Donte.

"Ok lets go to the village...enough dilly dallying we have a world to save."

Rafael starts walking 1d8 ⇒ 2 north east.

M human Inquisitor 1 (Domain Trickery)

Lucca follows near the front, glad to get away from the smell.

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Zachary walks along the road toward the village, staying next to Lucca.

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael follows Lucca and the rest of the group, in its middle.

Rafael asks Lucca, "So I guess you know the right way to go?"

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

"Well, Frum said this village is in the southeast, right?"

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael ask Frum, "Is southwest the correct way we should be going? I'm not familiar with the area."

Liberty's Edge

Male Gnome Rogue, Level 1

Southeast Frum corrects Rafael. We've got to go Southeast. Whichever way that is. , he thinks to himself.

Rafael, do you have anything for this cold? It's killing me.

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says, "I have some canvas that will at least block the wind on Donte," while he's wearing only a Scholar's outfit completely unaffected by the cold.

"Perhaps when we get to village we can get you into some warmer clothes. Maybe as we walk a little more the exercise will help ease the cold."

BTW, did anyone get the Wolf Pelts?

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Nope, you aided another, but no one did the action, unless Patcher lets you retcon the Aid Another.

Zachary blows on his hands a bit, then finds a nearby fallen branch of approximate torch size. He cleans the branch of leaves and smaller branches, then uses Spark to light it. He then passes the lit branch to Frum.

"Here, it probably won't last long, but you can warm your hands above this fire as we walk. Best to keep warm, so yer cold doesn't get worse."

Zachary tucks his hands into his shirt to keep them warm as he walks. He hums an old folk song as he walks, though he is out of tune and seems to make up bits where he can't recall how the tune goes.

Male Human Cleric 1

The wolf pelts would be good to get so we could afford winter clothes.

Rafael says, "We best hurry to the village so you guys won't freeze. How much further do you think?"

"I have two torches on Donte that you can use when you can't find any dry wood. Feel free to use them."

Liberty's Edge

Male Gnome Rogue, Level 1

Frum continues to look for herbs and other materials that could be useful to him. the knowledge check has been set at 23 I'll take 10 (16) on the Perception check unless he notices something that warrants investigation, in which case he'll stop and take 20.

After burying the man, the road carries south-east. The morning has cast a dark reminder of what transpired yesterday, and the madness of the world. Yet in the distance, the reminder of spring and the Willow Plains gives you hope, and the distance you cross during the otherwise uneventful day pays off as the air is warmer and the breeze smells of spring...

You come upon a hill with a great tree, all covered in white snow. Its branches have small buds, and the snow is partially melted. There is a warmth in the air here, yet the plains all around are still white with silver snow. Evening slowly settles, as night arrives once more...

Two days away from the village...

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael helps clear a space for a campsite. I also help gather firewood to make a big fire for those who are still cold. Anyone who wants to use the Canvases (5), can use them to block the wind.

I let Donte go to forage for food where he can. Survival (take 10 on a DC 10) - Success

Surival check (Take 10 on a DC 10): 13 - Success (only enough food for me and one other person)

Rafael says, "Gah, its too cold to write...all my ink freezes before I put quill to paper. Here are some berries I found if anyone is interested."

Rafael passes the time reading his notes and history book he brought with him.

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Zachary also collects firewood, putting a pile of it next to the campfire so they can keep it going in the night. He then takes the berries from Rafael and chows down, happy to have something even if it isn't much. He looks at the tree, and a slow smile spreads on his face. He's glad to see that spring is coming soon.

He calls to the party, "I'll get second watch, or third if necessary."

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says, "Donte and I will take third watch right before dawn. Wake me up when its my turn for the watch."

Rafael prepares for bed. He takes out his bedroll and sleeps halfway in his bedroll with his Quarterstaff and Rope nearby. He seems completely unaffected by the cold weather while he's only wearing his Scholar's outfit to keep him warm.

M human Inquisitor 1 (Domain Trickery)

Lucca sets up his bedroll and helps about the camp, sharing his worldly knowledge about this region (up to DM about what knowledge I have to share.)

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says, "Well unless there's anything that needs to be done before you need me during my watch I'll be going to sleep."

Rafael prepares Donte for rest. He makes available his canvases for those who wish to use it.

Rafael says, "Sorry, but there's no squirrel-kababs tonight. We'll see about adding that to the menu tomorrow."

Would be a geography check, Lucca.

The night passes by without incident. The soft moonlight creates a shimmersheen across the endless white snow, and for a while it looks like the crystal cavern has emerged anew. Yet when dawn rises, the beauty fades to extreme brightness, and your eyes begin to ache.

The day is uncomfortable so long as the sun shines - too brightly, with the events of two days past still in the air - yet the end of it brings a final comfort. The edge of the Willow Plains greet you, a sea of red and blue and green, of grass, lillies, willows. The air is warmer. A great hill is within reach as the sun sets, one with a great oak, a canopy of leaves and great, gnarly roots.

Those of you who failed their fort saves the first night are now healthy.

One day away from the village...


Once you arrive at the Willow Plains, you find flowers, a myriad of them. The one that stands out is a single Silver Bell, a beautiful bellflower laced with silver. Its alchemical properties are few, if any - but it is very valuable. You also find a relative to the snötåre, the Vårsol, about fifteen - it bears many of the same properties, if weaker - but isn't as bitter.

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

Zachary sits down at the base of the willow, glad to be done with the cold weather. He cooks a bird he caught (DC 10 Survival, take 10), and still has enough meat from it to feed one other. He can take second watch again tonight.

Male Human Cleric 1

Rafael says, "Enjoy it now. If the spirit who spoke to us is right we are in for a long slog."

Take 10 on a Survival check (DC 10): 13 - Success

Rafael says, "Ah ha! This squirrel I dedicate to my tummy."

Male Human Cleric 1

How is everyone on hit points?

Rafael asks, "So anyone know anything about this village? I never been this far south."

Male Tiefling (specifically, Glabreezu tainted) Abyssal Sorcerer 1

I'm at max HP.

I'm sorry to say this, but it looks like the thread died on us. Darche hasn't posted in 7 days, Frum hasn't posted in 4, and Skender will be gone until Sunday. :/

Liberty's Edge

Male Gnome Rogue, Level 1

Frum dines on bird with zachary, thankful for the shared meal.

Afterwards he goes to sleep, prepared to take the same watch he has settled into.

M human Inquisitor 1 (Domain Trickery)

geography check 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Male Human Cleric 1

Oooh...natural 20, but unfortunately the campaign was closed by DM Patcher, check the OOC thread.

Thanks for playing.

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