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Advanced Player's Guide Errata

Product Discussion

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P.124 - Beast Master's class skill Swim is "Swim(Wis)" and not "Swim(Str)" (the same on paizo prd)

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P118 - First paragraph of the Power of Faith ability of the Warrior of the Holy Light archetype should include a statement that it alters the Lay on Hands ability (which makes it incompatible with archetypes that replace Lay on Hands).

Advanced Player's Guide, p. 27
"Extracts cannot be made from spells that have focus requirements."

Alchemist Formulae, p. 32
1st-Level-- True Strike.

True Strike has a Focus component (Core Rulebook, p. 363).

Grand Lodge

Thanks for reporting these everyone! I'll go ahead and reprint them in the main APG errata thread and make sure you get credit:

Dark Archive

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p. 167 Point Blank Master

Point-Blank Shot has a hyphen in it but not Point Blank Master?

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