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Create a Demiplane!

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Liberty's Edge

With the spell Create Demiplane, Greater from Ultimate Magic. You have 112,500 gp for 5 permanent castings.
And another 37,500 gp for crafting permanent magical items or treasures to place inside it. 150,000 gp total.

Cathedral of Heavenly Light
1) 30ft x 60ft with a 20ft x 10ft curved foyer
2) 20 ft tall.
3) Good-aligned (minor)
4) Positive-dominant (minor)
5) Structure: Stone cathedral with glowing stained glass windows.

Basics: Air, Normal Brightness, Normal Gravity

The Cathedral of Heavenly Light is a demiplane shaped like a stone cathedral. Stained glass windows glow in bright colors along the sides, depicting angels and other heavenly beings on a starry royal blue sky. Pews fill the main area, but a curved foyer has a set of double doors that lead to the demiplane's misty grey border.

The stained glass windows gleam brightly as though sunlight were pouring through them, but the walls of the cathedral climb up into a misty blue star-filled sky instead of a ceiling.

An altar at the far end of the cathedral is flanked by candelabras and gold and silver statues of angels. A large stained glass window depicting an angel in gilded armor and bearing a gleaming sword decorates the wall behind the altar. This is a stained glass golem that animates if an evil creature enters the demiplane.

Stained Glass Golem
Materials: 1000 gp
Cost: 20,200 gp
Alignment Detection: +5,000 gp

In front of the altar is an inscribed permanent Circle of Healing in shimmering diamond and opal dust.
Cost: 10,500 gp.

The two gold and silver angel statues are wooden carvings plated with silver and gold. They are worth 400 gp each.

Liberty's Edge


Its not a game if no one else is playing.

i think your space might be a bit off...since you ge up to 20 10-ft. cubes/level (S)hapeab level too cast at min 18 so that's 360 10' cubes...and just cast a second one too add addition good align....+permanent 1 time...

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