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Westcrown newspaper project

Council of Thieves

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Hey all,

I'm about to start GMing CoT, and I've imagined several ideas to make Westcrown more alive, including handouts of a Westcrown newspaper (meant to give out information, rumours, red herrings, and relating to the fame points gain throughout the campaign). I'm looking forward to see if that idea works out or not, but I haven't come up with a great title yet.

Here are some of the titles I imagined so far:

"The Westcrown Gazetteer"
"The Talkative Imp"
"The Chelish Times"
"Aberian's Voice"
"Nessian Weekly"

Gracefully sponsored by the Almighty House Thrune since 4635.

Got any ideas for titles (or anything fun to include in it)?

BTW for those interested in doing one of their own, I found a great editable template here.

Advertising space!!!! You need to fund the paper right??!!

Maybe have a macabre type of weekend camping trip to Hagwood for the weekend warriors in town!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You could go with Russian tradition of Pravda, and just call it
"The Truth".

I'd read through the whole series, and use most of the locations/groups for advertisements or features.


This Sunday-book burning by Order of the Scourge
Public hanging- Tuesday
Local man killed for trying to infiltrate Delvehaven
Reward - shadow beast carcass
Join the Order of the Scourge!
Don't forget Asmodeus Day
Slaves for sale, good prices
News from the frontier - Sandpoint under attack!
all kinds of gossip about Taldor, Andoran, or Sargava.
Feature: Queen Abrogail our blessed leader
Travel feature: I saw the Eye of Abendego and lived to tell the tale
Passengers wanted: sail to Absalom.
Come to the Devildrome: non-stop excitement
Royal Navy commissions new ship...

Excellent ideas, I love them!

It could even be "The Eye of Egorian" (instead of Moscow), including some articles on "how to spy on your infidel neighbour" (who disregards Asmodeus's faith), or a "Summoner's tips on binding your own house devil", and so on!

Liberty's Edge

Remember that while Cheliax and Westcrown are full of Asmodeus worshippers and it is the state religion, not everyone's really into it. Cheliax is Asmodean in the same way that the US and UK are protestant; perhaps a little more so, but only a little.

Still, tips on binding devils sounds good, and you might have multiple newspapers: one from the hellknights that's really religious and another, more secular paper that is printed by the nobility.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Don't forget that you could do an "underground newspaper" for the resistance movement. Maybe just a one page broadsheet that detail the successes of the Children of Westcrown, a way to give the people hope. Of course without any incriminating evidence... they aren't stupid after all. Heck, your players could even be the ones sent out to steal the newspaper's printing press.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Remember to name-drop some of the prominent NPC's, especially the nobility. Don't have them do anything important (to the PC's), but have them attend galas, feasts, etc.

Read the modern-day social page for ideas.

Political propaganda would also be good. "If you ride alone, you ride with an Eagle-Knight", or "Is your neighbor an Andoran spy? How to tell in five easy steps".

The first issue of "The Talkative Imp" is up!

Here's the location of the file (rightmost file on the page), but it's in French for now. If anyone expresses interest I wouldn't mind translating it.

Westcrown Newspaper link

Lithrac wrote:

The first issue of "The Talkative Imp" is up!

Here's the location of the file (rightmost file on the page), but it's in French for now. If anyone expresses interest I wouldn't mind translating it.

Westcrown Newspaper link

Yes please translate it. I need some material for my game. Thank you for taking the time and fleshing out the AP.

There you go. Translation is hasty, but I don't have much time these days, unfortunately.

Google docs link.

These are great ideas, everyone. I will definitely use this concept as I start CoT in a couple of weeks.

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