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The Tempest Coven - Pentor Lionmane's Mercenary Game PBP - #4 Squad


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Having recently signed up with the Blood Hawk company of Byron the Bowman, you have arrived with the rest of your squad in the capital city of Nex, Quantium. You've been billeted in an old tenement building in one of the seedier parts of the capital city and been given a room that you share with another of your squad mates.

You've got a bit of time to settle into your rooms before the Corporal holds her first squad briefing.

Male Human Gunslinger (Gun Tank)/ Lvl 3

Dotting. Lucky kids get a house while the rest of us are on cold hard ground! ;)


Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

Dotting. We are slightly more refined, mr fury, thats why ; )

Tycho swiftly claims the upper bunk in one of the rooms, unloading his heavy backpack as a mark of ownership on the thin and not to comfortable looking bed.
"Ahh a place to rest, finaly!" After catching his breath, and resting for about a minute, he once agian bursts into action, vibrating like a little children on christmas. "I've hear a lot of things about this city, and there is so much to see ! Anyone up for a quick walk ? Besides, we still have to wait for the rest of the squad"
Tycho looks around waiting for someone to answer his request, smiling like a child.

male Half orc Shapeshifter Skirmisher 5

Dotting. Good luck and enjoy.

Male Human Inquisitor (Sin Eater)/1


Male Human Inquisitor (Sin Eater)/1

Caern placed his heavy pack and his bundled up armor and weapons on the bunk below Tycho's. Clad in just his black clothing and wearing the symbol on his neck he placed his dagger in his belt and looked at the bard. "It would be good to get to know the city we will be basing in. I'll join you."

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

"Exellent ! Lets go then, I've heard that the parade grounds are a sight for the gods."

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

I open the door to the assigned room and lay my pack and kit down on one of the bunks. Removing Slink from his bag and placing him on my shoulder.

Looks like this is the fresh start we've been looking for, i wonder who our bunkmate is. I'll have a look around the room and then brush up on some somantic movements while we wait. Maybe when the rest of the group comes around we can head out into the city for a look around.

take 20 and do a quik search of the room.

perception 20 + 5 = 25

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

spell list for the day, will update each game morning

cantrips: ray of frost (evoc), det magic (divine), acid splash (conj). unlimited use per day

1st lvl magic missile (evoc) 2 slots, mage armor (conj) 1 slot

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

After a quick walk with Caern Tycho returns to find that Ceragia also has arrived. "Hey there Ceragia ! Me and Caern was just checkin out the neighbourhood - and this city wonderfull... I've never seen this many arcane wonders in a long time." Tycho tilts his head sligtly to the right as he realises that there is a weasel sitting on Ceragias shoulder. "Oh - Cera - I think there is a weasel on you shoulder"

Male Human Monk (Qinggong) 1

Stealth 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Standing behind Tycho without making a single noise a man in full black body suit with dark blue greaves, arm gauntlets, vest and a travelers cloak stands motionless behind Tycho peeking inside the room.


Finally letting out a whistle from behind Tycho to startle him and move him a side with a wink and a whistled song as he turns to salute Caern and wink an eye to Ceragia.

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

Starled by Jaqen sudden whistle Tycho leaps several feet in the air and uther a series of curses to foul for a public forum. When he realises who the man in black is he atempts to regain his composure. "Oh hello, didn't see you coming" He exclaims calmly, but a tinge of nervosity still remains in his voice.

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

Ah yes this is Slink, my familiar, he likes the view from here sometimes. to Tycho

looking at Jaqen with a smile

You must be my bunkmate, your cot is over there. And no funny business or i just may have to turn you into a toad. ha ha ha

turning back to tycho

well if you guys do go out again i'd like to come along. i'd like to see what the arcane market has to offer here, before we head out on the road.

Male Human Monk (Qinggong) 1

Smiling at the idea of turning into a toad


Approaches Ceragia and extends his hand to help her up and take her for a walk. As he turn around to look at Tycho and Caern raising both his eye brows, followed by his hand gestures that he uses to communicate

"I'll take her for a walk, you can rest and regain some color back Tycho and Caern seems a bit slow so it's best if you guys wait while I take her for a nice walk around the magic market"
gives them a big smiles
"Besides someone else has to stay to greet the rest, and Tycho is more charming then I will ever be"

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

Atempting to understand Jaqens gestures, and keeping an eye to the door so that noone else sneak up on him, he replys "Do that, I'll give you two some privacy then" He smiles and blinks to Jaqen before continuing talking "Be sure to check out the Warlock's Walk, its quite far from here, but the wonders there are worth it!" Tycho waves goodbye to Jaqen and Ceragia and sits down along the wall, practising minor legerdemain tricks with a coin and a dagger and thinking about how glorius it would be to trip one of the two golems endlessly patrolling the Warlock's Walk...

Dotting. Enjoy your luxury barracks you lucky people!

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

Khair moved upstairs, letting the others lay claim to which bunks they wanted. A bunk was just a bunk to him, so he would wait and take whatever was left.

Male Human Inquisitor (Sin Eater)/1

Caern sat down on his bunk and retrieved his fortune telling deck. He proceeded to lay out the days fortune. Occupying himself for the time being.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1

Smoke Raven finishes his armor mending, rolls his bedroll up and lashes it to his pack. He picks up his kit and walks out the front door. He steps outside and gazes up and down the "The Warlock's Walk" the main thoroughfare. Gazing to the right he sees a cleared area at the base of the building next to the rain barrel.

Dropping his kit, he peers in, not much, but it will do. Cupping his hands he reaches in and splashes the water over his head. Resting his hands on either side he closed his eyes as the water dripped off his face.

The cooling sensation feels good as it evaporates off his neck and scalp.

How can anyone dwell in this accursed heat!

Smoke Raven paused to marvel at the sights on his journey into Quantium's heart. A magical marvel, no doubt, the Bandeshar was most impressive, but could not hold a torch to the wonder he felt as he watched the animated statues parade around the fountains along the Warlock's Walk. Was it art? Were they guardians? Maybe both. In both cases he felt fear. Fear of the unknown.

He rolled his bedroll out again on the ground at the base of the inn next to the rain barrel. He placed his chain shirt in his pack and stretched out on the bedroll, hands behind his head.

If he was to spend the night in this new land, he would do it under the fires of the nights sky so that they may witness him and develop an understanding.

Male Human (Kellid) Fighter 1

A large Kellid walks into the room, armored in breasplate, with a large sword across his back. He carries a lot of gear, and looks well prepared for just about any eventuality. "Huh, so you guys are Tempest Coven. Should have known they'd stick me with all the mages. I hope at least some of you know how to stick someone with a sword."

Cruach throws his gear into some random corner, and immediately leaves for the nearest bar. "I'll be drinking myself into a stupor at the nearest bar, like usual. Send a runner when our commander shows up, ok? Oh, and the name's Cruach."

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

to Jaqen and Slink

Looks like most of the squad is here, im gonna head out to the warlocks walk and and get some scroll materials.

picking Slink up and donning the satchel

I'll stop by tycho and sterns room to see if they would like to accompany me. either way i will be back before nightfall.

to jaqen

would you like to come along?

to see if i notice Smoke Raven near the entrance to the building.

perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Male Human Monk (Qinggong) 1
ceragia trundle wrote:

would you like to come along?


Winks at Ceragia and offers up his arm to escort her around.

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

So this is where they were going to stick him. A stranger bunch of misfits he had never seen. The savage at least looked hopeful, a man who was at home in the bush was invaluable in the field. The young lady...well he would find out in time, she had the look of a caster about her though...they started off unassuming but could be used to great effect. The loudmouth though? He had simply dropped his things off and then run off to the bar. He wondered how he had made it through any kind of boot with that kind of ethic. He planned to meet the new CO drunk out of his gourd? Great...

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

Walking outside Khair rolled one of his paper cartridges between his fingers, leaning against the side of the building near Colross.

"You know, this isn't the exact kind of town you're going to want to hump it outside in. Until we work on our reputation people are more likely to try to make a name for themselves by gutting you. Food for thought."

Male Human (Kellid) Fighter 1

Cruach didn't wait to find out who the rest of the squad was. He asked for directions to the nearest bar that he wouldn't get stabbed for walking into, and soon found the place.

Slamming a stack of silvers on the bar he sat himself down and called "Barkeep! Keep 'em coming until this is gone. And don't cheat me, or we'll have problems."

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

After his quick rest, Tycho decides to get some fresh air. When he notices that both Jaqen and Ceragia is gone he smiles slyly and starts to hum a children's rythem involving then and a three. When he gets out he notices the two newest members of the squad [Khair & Smoke Raven]. "Why hello there, you must be our new comrades. My name is Tycho" he says and makes a slight bow, curiosly eyeing both the strange man resting on the street and the one playing with a small pice of paper.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1
Khair Colbad wrote:

Walking outside Khair rolled one of his paper cartridges between his fingers, leaning against the side of the building near Colross.

"You know, this isn't the exact kind of town you're going to want to hump it outside in. Until we work on our reputation people are more likely to try to make a name for themselves by gutting you. Food for thought."

Smoke Raven stands and faces Khair

"I hear your words stranger. I must agree that i fear there is truth within them. Some of those words are unclear, as the clouded sky."

"You speak that "we" must work on "our" reputation. Do these words mean that you wish to stand shoulder to shoulder with me? You also spoke that there would be those that would make a name for themselves by gutting Smoke Raven. Are you free from the ambitions of such pretentious individuals? Or does you words carry the meaning that you would stand at my shoulder and watch?"

"If you would fight at my side, then welcome. If you would idle at my side then be gone."

"Be warned stranger. I am my kin are cursed. When the Raptors Talons are exposed The Four Horsemen shift in their saddles and set a new course."

Colross crosses his arms, and waits for a reply, as he studies Khair.

Male Human Inquisitor (Sin Eater)/1

Fortune Telling roll:
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

Khair was pleasantly surprised by Colross. He had had picked the mans ethics correctly. Strong tribal roots, a deep seated inclination toward brotherhood. He could form a strong core to shape the group around with this one.

"We're supposed to be a unit, intended to be up to military standards at that. So when I speak of "we" and "our" I mean it as truly as I know how. The fact is that we have to work together. Even before we've forged some long standing bonds through battle, or else we're only going to be as strong as the weakest individual. So, unless you decide to force things to go another way, I fully intend to start things off from day one leading by example when it comes to this."

He held out his hand to the man.

"And I would shoot down the dog that tried to attack anyone in this squad."

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

the sights and sounds of the warlocks walk are astonishing. i had heard many stories from my teacher but never could have imagined it would be like this.

turning to Jaqen

I want to grab some parchment and some spell components and perhaps some scroll cases. id like to get back to the squad house to meet the rest of the group however. Have you ever seen such a wonderful place?

purchase 4 scroll cases = 4 gp, 10 sheets of parchment = 5gp
-9 gp from character inv.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1
Khair Colbad wrote:
And I would shoot down the dog that tried to attack anyone in this squad."

Smoke Raven looked hard at the man as he spoke, and with the last comment the corners of Smoke Raven's mouth stretched back to his ears in a toothy white grin. He locked arms with Khair, reached around and laid a heavy thump on his shoulder.

"Well then brother, I have heard your words, and I have looked upon you, but now I see you."

"Now that we have an understanding, lets revisit something you said earlier...something about...the "Thought of Food"...I am famished. Let us wander and find a Souk and feast, then an apothecary, I need to pick up a few things."

"Tycho? You have a social air about you. Would you care to give this savage a tour?

Smoke Raven throws his arm around Khair's neck and began weaving into the bustling crowds of The Walk...Smoke Raven looked down at the piece of paper in Khair's hand with curiosity...

What is that in your hand Khair?

Male Human Monk (Qinggong) 1


He moves his head saying no to Ceragia, and he points to one of the stores to go check the wares leading her so she can buy her things.

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

As they walked, Khair continued to absentmindedly twirl the cartridge between his fingers, he seemed a bit caught off guard by the question.

"Huh? Oh...This? This is a cartridge. I made a few of them ahead of time to keep things quick if need be. The paper keeps the little bit of powder and the bullet all in place when you seal it with a few drops of wax. "

Khair shrugged a touch and continued, following the lead of his two companions.

"I like to keep one on hand. Call it a force of habit if you want I suppose. But it keeps my hands busy, which keeps me lot all fresh recruits into this band also?"

He moved the conversation on, trying to take measure of Tycho.

"Tycho was it? What got you to sign on the line for grunts work? Little clean shaven if you don't mind me saying.

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

Tycho leads the way to an not to shabby tavern he passed by earlier, he mainly listening to the converstation between Khair and Smoke Raven.

"Yeah - The usual stuff I suppose, gold and glory" he blinks as he replies to Khair. "Well, truthfully, its more about the chance to make something out of myself, and as a bonus I get to see the world. Don't worry, I can take care of myself, no harm done thou"

The small group arrives at its destination - The Red Fox Inn - and Tycho opens the door gesturing to Smoke Raven and Khair to get in while he holds the door.

"Now, lets see if we can fill our stomachs with some hot food."

Location: Nex, Capital City of Quantium, Company barracks
Date: Toilday, 4th Sarenith 4708
Corporal Viola Hearn
Rest of Blood Hawks Company

Walking steadily from empty room to empty room in the current company barracks, Corporal Viola Hearn of the Tempest Coven was getting steadily and steadily angrier.

A tall, muscular, black haired woman, Viola was very pale and striking rather than beautiful. However currently she looked furious. She'd told everybody to stay put for the first squad briefing but now it had turned out that most of them had taken off into the city.

"Where are these misbegotten children of stunted camels!" yelled Viola at the top of her lungs.

A couple of the other squads popped their heads out of their assigned rooms to see what was going on but quickly ducked back inside once they saw the state of the Corporal.

Male Human Bard (Sandman) 1

I belive Caern is still in his room atleast : P

Returning to the barracks after a good meal with Raven and Khair, Tycho's fine mood is broken by the screaming. Quickly putting two and two together, he realises that he currently is knee deep in s#%*. He swallows the most of his fear, gather his composure and straighten his back before confronting the furious woman.
"Tycho Harkonen of the Tempest Coven reporting Sire!" he exclaims in a loud voice. "Sorry" he added in his normal tone, hoping to make an honest impression atleast.

"God this feels just like when mum caught me stealing cookies..." he thought.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1

Slowly but surely Smoke Raven begins to look less and less out of place. Already draped in the flowing bone white garb typically worn by local residents he already started to feel much more comfortable. He also had purchased one of the cloth head wraps from one of the vendors, and with a few frustrated lessons from the man had learned how to don it.

He put away his Jack Coat and donned his chain shirt and padding under the flowing robes. Purchased one of the low slung canvas shoulder bags that the locals seemed to use to carry their items and traded his old backpack for some salt tablets which the vendor insisted if taken daily with water would help him cope with the heat. Smoke Raven was surprised at how well the canvas bag held all his possessions and allowed easy access at the front as well as the comfortable way the weight could be shifted front to side to rear to suit his needs.

Walking now along the crowded pathways of the Souk, with a grease smeared face as he finished of his third skewer mysterious meat, the first being crunchy insects, the second some sort of smoked lizard and this last one just chunks of some brown hot and spiced flesh. What kind of animal?

"I don't know and I don't care! It's delicious!

Smoke Raven observed the people with great focus. The way they smile, how they talk with their hands, the laxodazical way they swing their arms and legs as they walk briskly from place to place. The games they played. Then suddenly he felt uneasy...He gazed around in all directions.

"Where did those guys I came with go?"

He scratched his head and thought to himself...was there something I should be doing? He shrugged it off and went about his way.

Eventually he found an apothecary as he intended and made his way inside...

Once inside he asked the shop keep...

"In my village our hunters gather the fur of the bark of the Tarawanee tree, when ground into a powder and mixed with urine it creates a paste that when placed on tip of the hunters arrows and shot at the heart of a stag, will make it so we do not have to track them too far and it will not freighten and leap off a cliff. If the paste is made right. The stag is lucky to make it a few hundred yards. Do you have such a thing in this region?

Only have 70gp left after equipping. Vendor could be furious or may only have certain items. Either way I will try some Diplomacy to negotiate a better rate. Just let me know what if anything I walk away with and what the monetary damage was.

Diplomacy = 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

Smoke Raven exits the front of the apothecary tented front entrance and stretches his arms with a wide mouthed yawn. He rubs his eyes smacks his lips and decides it time to return to the billet for a good long rest. It's been a long eventful day...

Male Human (Kellid) Fighter 1

Cruach stumbles back into the barracks after a few hours, obviously drunk and rather beaten up. "Damn bastards fight dirty here. Never seen anyone use a chair like that before!" Despite his complaints, Cruach has a slight grin on his face, which drains away like bathwater when he sees the angry officer charging about. "Ah, dammit. I was hoping she'd be late."

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

It looks like its getting late i think we should get back to the rooms before the squad leader shows up. Besides im getting hungry.

nearing the billeted rooms i notice a bit of a commotion from inside. looking at Jaqen damn it sounds like the squad lead is in there and not happy. Im gonna try the side door and avoid the whole situation hopefully.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

Male Human Inquisitor (Sin Eater)/1

Caern heard the stomping down the hall and felt the rise of rage as the Corporal came through. He calmly gathered his deck, wrapped it in it's binding and placed it back in his pack. He stood and emerged from his room standing next to the door at trained attention. With a quick "Ma'am." he greeted her in his standard lack of emotion.

female human/Garundi war/wizard 1 HP 18/18 | AC:14 / T12 / FF 12 | F:4 R:4 W:3 | Init 2 | Cmb:1 Cmd 12

Crashing thru the side door with the silence of a thunderstorm i see stern holding a stone solid attention.

Damnit so much for a quiet entrance, best to just follow suit and get this over with.

Moving to the door of my room i try and take up the same pose as Stern but with much less vigor and a lot less training.

Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact.....

Trundle reporting Ma'am.

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

Great he thought, they had hit the market and gotten divided amongst the crowd. Khair searched for another hour or so before admitting defeat. He didn't want to have to report lost men when he first met the CO, not a good way to start things off. But after this he didn't really seem to have a choice.

"Great. Just...great."

Khair turned his back on the crowd, and started to make his way back the "barracks". As he neared the house, he could hear heaving thumping and a raised voice.

" what has happened.."

Male Human Monk (Qinggong) 1


Laughing at the attempt to hide from Ceragia, I just walk by the main door wave my hand to say hi to everyone and falling in line and salute the Corporal.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1

Smoke Raven finally makes his way back to the company billet. Finding his spot at the base of the building outside the door still unoccupied, Smoke Raven laid out his bedroll, doffed his chain shirt and placed it under his bedroll. Reaching in his bag and removing the old coat he drapd it over his bag and placed it at one end. Slowly lowering himself onto the bedroll he laid his head back on the bag as make-shift pillow and stared up at the stars.

Colross was amazed at how much he had seen, the amazing arcane sites of Nex, the crossing of the Varisian Gulf and the Inner Sea and the sites and sounds of the Garundi way of life. He realized with all certainty that he had only scratched the surface, of course. Oh how far he has travelled in such a short time.

The stars started to burn through the canvas of the twilight, and Smoke Raven with a smile on his face drifted off to sleep...

Male Half Elf Wolf Shaman 5

Dotting. Get a move on Tardy Coven!

Male Human (Kellid) Fighter 1

Trudging up to the others getting into line, Cruach attempts to throw a passable salute to the lady in charge, and fails somewhat badly. After a couple more attempts he simply nods at her and says "Cruach checking in. Sir. Ma'am. Lady. Ah hell, whatever you want to be called." His little speech done, he relaxes and lets out a small belch, grinning all the while.

Male Human - Kelesh Gunslinger - Level 1

Khair closed his eyes and clenched his jaw at Cruach's display. He would have to be broken down and retaught all over again. He made a note to find out who the mans Drill Instructor had been, he hadn't done a good job.

Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1

Smoke Raven shifts over on to his side and scratches himself.


Male Human, Shoanti, Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Ninja/1
Colross "Smoke Raven" Sormul wrote:

Smoke Raven shifts over on to his side and scratches himself.



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