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Team Aboleth and "The Rebel's Ransom"


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The carvings along the columns praise the accomplishments of Alkhet Utmari, the Merchant Prince. The camels eagerly drink the water, Augrim finds him self covered in their sticky affection. The stairs at the entrance descend into a ten foot wide corridor, with the sun rapidly descending there will be no light beyond the first step.

As noticed before, three of the camels are from the Pathfinder's favored stable. The other six have no telling signs, their gear being too pieced together. In their saddle bags remain a simple blanket, an empty waterskin, and a journal listing the routes commonly taken by Thuvian water barons. The merchants of Andoran may find this interesting.

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Augrim? Wrong team :p

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

"If you fellas don't object, I'd like to have that little map,there. I might know a couple of folks it could be of interest to.", he says as reaches into his belt pouch and produces a small stone about the size of his palm."Looks like this little fella will be comin'in handy soon." Giving the sphere a toss he says,"Light.",causing the stone to go from dull grey to glowing orb of light now orbiting just above his head."Ready?",he ask with smile.

Liberty's Edge

"Before we make our final approach, let me make some last minute preparations." Learnur immediately begins rifling through the various pockets and pouches of his explorers outfit as if he has misplaced something. "Now what in the nine hells did I do with those blasted contraptions?" Suddenly he draws forth two metal rod-sized lengths of black frame with coiled springs and several small belts and buckles affixed to them. Rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, he begins strapping the devices to his forearms. "I've always believed in the philosophy; it's better to have a wand and not need one, than need a wand and not have one." Tightening the final buckle of his spring-loaded wrist sheaths in to place, Learnur produces two wands from his Pathfinder Pouch, one a stout bolt of steel with rivets running along its length, the other a transparent baton of green glass. slightly straining against the pressure of the springs, Learnur slots the wands in to place with a distinctive click.

This is Learnur using his Deep Pockets ability to produce unspecified gear. The spring loaded wrist sheaths cost 5 gp each. I just stumbled upon these items and thought they would be cool to use. The wands placed in the sheaths are Shield of Faith and Shield.

"I suggest we bolster ourselves magically if at all possible, who knows what could be waiting for us just inside the halls entrance." Learnur retrieves yet two more wands, this time an iron shod black spike and a pearly white crooked stick with gold rings spaced evenly along its surface. He speaks a word of magic and waves the black spike in a circular pattern about his form.

Use Magic Device: Wand of Mage Armor - 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (20) + 16 = 36(success)

"That should do it for me. You guys ready?" Waiting for a reply from his fellow party members Learnur stowes his recently used wand of Mage Armor back in his Pathfinder Pouch.

Learnur is still holding his wand of Fly in his right hand in case of an emergency. This is also the forearm bearing the wrist sheathed wand of Shield of Faith.

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

"Prepared as I'm going to be, yes, and ready to move out, in any case. Let's waste no time."

Theo begins to advance, cautiously, uneasily, with rapier and shield in hand.

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

Jack falls in about 20' behind Theo hoping the range will give him the drop on anything they run into. Double checking his weapon, Bumpo readies himself for whatever may lay ahead.

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

Aeron grips his hands around his scythe and nods "Ay, lets do this and get back by sunrise"

Oh, copy/paste, you failed me by one line!

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11

"At 10-foot width, two of us can move abreast.

"Might I humbly suggest that Theo and Aeron take point. Jack and I might take second rank, and Learnur would then take the rear guard? When we need something examined, Jack or Learnur could slip out front, but this way we have our heavy-hitters making first contact with any enemies."

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

"I further suggest we keep a ten or fifteen foot interval between the ranks to minimize any potential mishaps should something truly nasty be sprung upon us. We use this tactic quite often while on patrol back home."

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Changing movement patterns to adopt this new formation, Theo says in a tone above a whisper, but just barely audible "Good suggestions, all. After all, should I trip something that incapacitates me, I know I'd sure prefer having a comrade in good health to aid me than for everyone to fall."

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

"Guess i'll lead the way then"

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11


Qalaus is not resummoning Marra as of yet. He wants a better idea of what's down here before he determines whether he'll need her or some more versatile summoning.

As the group moves to the entrance, Jack takes a closer look at the carvings. He finds that the number seven holds a great deal of significance, but in all such arrangements, Alkhet is always in the highest position

Cool silence greets the party as they descend the stairs into the ancient tomb. At their base is a spacious chamber with a large sandstone altar in the center. Set into the walls are four smaller altars, surrounded by ancient writing, each one a little different from the last. On the opposite side of the room are a pair of corridors leading off into darkness and a larger hallway, ending in a great stone door. A trio of rods are slotted into the altar in the center of the room and there is room for one other to fit, but the hole is empty.

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

Aeron will slowly and carefully walk up to the central altar to look at the mechanism that it has and will study it to see if he can figure out what it is for and how to activate it


knowledge dungeoneering 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25
knowledge engineering 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Liberty's Edge

"By Cayden's mug, the first room of the dungeon and we've already stumbled into a puzzle. Better scan the area with a divination for magical auras, we don't wanna run into any traps!" Learnur exclaims looking around suspiciously.

Speaking words of magic and gesturing in an arcane manner Learnur approaches the altar. With his arm extended and the palm of his hand facing the center of the room, Learnur focuses his concentration on the trio of rods for several seconds, then turns in a circle scanning for magical resonance.

Learnur casts Detect Magic and surveys the area for any magical auras present.

"Careful Vilman, that device could be some sort of trap." As Learnur warns his trusted ally, he too examines the mechanism.

Perception: Search for traps - 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (5) + 13 = 18

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

Stopping just inside the door, Jack brings his trusted musket to a position of low ready. Scanning the room he begins looking for things which seem out of place or of an unusual nature. "Easy, fellas. These Orisions do love 'em some traps. Before you touch anything let's make sure we are not under the threat from anything livin'." Noticing the pillars, he cocks hs head to the side and says,"Those might give us some answers.

Jack will take his time looking the room over after Longwind and Aeron have completed their checks,he will also be checking for traps as he goes. Once the room has been secured he will see if he can get anything from the pillars. Let me know if you need any rolls on my part.

The floor of the room is filled with tracks they are a few days old, but Learnur can make out around half-a-dozen different boot-prints. All of them lead to the pair of gigantic stone doors that bar the north exit. Carved into their surface is a pair of figures holding aloft a throne, on which is seated a man of regal bearing. In one hand, he holds a scepter, in the other, a merchant boat. Beneath the carving of the throne, a pair of narrow holes in the door let through a flickering light. A woman’s voice calls out from beyond the door. “I was wondering when someone else would show up.”

While Learnur investigates theroom Aron the searches the center altar there are three rods placed in the four slots. Something would likely activate when the fourth one is fitted.

Meanwhile Jack checks the four altars, are all different. The north east altar, which is made of ebony and platinum with a plaque of ancient Osiriani writing. The south east altar, made from iron and silver has a similar plaque. The northwest altar is made of copper, it too has a plaque. The sceptars in the center are each made of materials matching a single altar. The southwest altar, which is made of sandalwood and decorated with a fine ivory inlay, is the only one with a missing scepter.

There are no magical auras in the room.

After a moment of deciphering Jack reads the four plaques;
Northwest - “For Shasha, my third wife, who taught me to always seek the best in life.”
Northeast - "For my beloved Osomi, the last love of my long life"
Southwest - "For Elea, my delicate desert flower. May the fourth rest forever at my side."
Southeast - "For Kiranna, my right hand, my fifth, the one who brought order."

It looks like this, but with correct player tokens ;) Sorry, at work!

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

Aeron will call out to the woman’s voice ”who might you be? And what are you doing on behind that door?”

"My name is Alarka, I'm in here with three of my guards and a servant girl. She has been unconscious since receiving injuries during the attack," the woman seems to be moving from panic to frustration, "Please. Help us get out. I have the scepter in my hand that you need to open the door."

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Five of them, muses Theo. The group with the poorly maintained camels, then.

Theo frowns and then questions Alarka

"Attack? By what?"

Moving toward the door, he continues.
"And if you and the others are on the other side of this door, which you can't open, how do you propose to give the scepter to us?"

Pausing to think for a moment, Theo then says, in a more deliberate, friendly tone

"I know that's a lot of questioning, especially for how long it must have been since you got stuck in there, but we need to know how to proceed, and to be prepared for any threat ahead of time, or else nobody will make it out unharmed."

Diplomacy to improve attitude
1d20 + 16 ⇒ (16) + 16 = 32

Sense Motive on her reply/to get a feeling about her demeanor
1d20 + 20 ⇒ (18) + 20 = 38

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

"If any of us should be talkin' to them, I imagine it would be Theo.",Jack says to the rest of the group as he again sets himself up halfway behind the nearest bit of hard cover he can find. "What do they have to say about what those scepters did when they decided to take it."

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11

"Good master Aldebrant, ask her if they're all right in there."

If I've heard of any woman named Alarka, I'll let the rest of the team know.

Knowledge (history) +8 or Knowledge (nobility) +10
1d20 ⇒ 17

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Theo nods to the party. "Right. Aside from the servant girl, have you any injured? And are her wounds treated? We have more than enough healing magic to spare for you, should you need it, and I can also conjure water, though I fear we may not have much food to spare. Which reminds me. Did you come across three experienced-seeming adventurers while here?"

Theo pauses for a moment to listen to Jack, and then catches his breath.

"We'll be right on our way to help, but if you would, please detail for us the function and purpose of the scepters, as well as what you recommend we do next."

In a quieter tone, to the party "If we've got any other questions to ask or aid to offer, now's the time."

Liberty's Edge

Learnur waits quietly for a response from the strangers on the other side of the door.

Call me crazy, but if I were attacked in this room and had to retreat, I damn sure wouldn't flee further into the dungeon. And with a rod that operates Nethys knows what in your possesion? Something is definately rotten in Absalom!

We were attacked by some kind of zombie creatures, they drove us into this room. I managed to pull the scepter from the altar and seal the door," she replies. Though something about what she says doesn't ring true for Theo.

There is a fist sized hole at the center of the door were items could be passed through.

Qaluas remembers that the name Alarka once belonged to a powerful desert priestess many hundred years ago. No other details come to mind.

"The girl was injured in the fight, she's been unconcious since then. I think she just needs time to rest. If you open the door we can carry her to the city. I hope our camels are still outside."

I just finished training at my job, still getting used to this 1pm-9pm shift. Sorry, it's caused a small slow down.

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

Jack's eyes narrow at the mentioning of zombies and injuries. Being a veteren of numerous battles against the fiends of hell he has seen his fair share of undead. "Exactly what kind of injuries did the girl sustain,lady,and how long ago did you say they happened again?." Jack silently signals the others to hold while he waits for his answers.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14
Heal 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

She doesn't seem overly concerned when she replies, "Nothing serious I belive. The men say she was slammed about a bit. I'm sure the priests in the city will be able to fix her."

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

Taking a more serious stance with the woman, Jack presses the issue,"Look here, lady. You're a fool if ya think any ah us are gonna just wander into an Orision crypt, find some wierd scepters,and people locked in a room with a zombie attack victim, then just take yer word that we should let ya out. Ifin' we don't start getting the inforamtion we want, you're all gonna rot in that room just like everything else in the place should be. Understand?", he says finishing with a bluntness that underscores his resolve. "Now, exactly, what kind of injuries does she have and how long ago did they occur?"

"She's just bruised and battered, I think we've been here for two or three days. It's hard to tell time..."

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

"If there is such an abomiation around, i think it might be better for us to deal with it and then let them out, i can't believe it would be safe for them to be thrown back into battle"

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Feeling some doubt about the woman and sensing tensions between her and Jack begin to flare, Theo will step in and say It's been a long ride here, quite a number of days, and we've been in the desert heat. Upon reaching our destination, my companion here lost his steed and was badly injured earlier today, in fact. We hear of foul zombies, and there is no sign of the people we have come to search for. You all have been trapped in here for quite awhile, without certainty of rescue."

Thinking for a moment, he continues

"Understandably, everyone is a little upset, and a little impatient. We don't mean to be enemies, and we are willing to help. Your camels are still alive and well, thanks to a friend here, who treated some wounds they recieved. We're on the same side"

Bluff. I could tell them the truth and receive favor, but I think they need reason to believe more than one of us is actively helpful to them.

1d20 + 16 ⇒ (10) + 16 = 26

"My friend here is right. There is reason to doubt you, and I don't fully believe everything you've been telling me. But I do believe that you are not our enemy, and that you need our help. This is going to require you to trust me, ok, but it's necessary. I want you to pass the scepter through the door"

He moves to the door and crouches down, as he continues

"And then I'll count down from thirty. When I finish, I will open the door. Here's the tricky part. I need you guys to stand up against the wall with your hands empty and visible, ok? And they need to stay that way until I say so. We don't want to hurt you, but if you don't do this, my partner here may see you as a threat. We don't want that, because at the end of the day, if you fight each other, I gotta take his side. I want you to stand a bit away from the unconscious girl so we can take a look at her, maybe treat her if she looks infected. So, nice and easy now."

He holds out a hand, expectant of the scepter


1d20 + 16 ⇒ (15) + 16 = 31

Sense motive
1d20 + 16 ⇒ (19) + 16 = 35

"'s the scepter, we'll be ready," she says calmly. Her's are words of relief.

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Theo takes the scepter and begins to move towards the altar. "30, 29, 28..." Upon reaching it he nods to members of the party, hoping they understand the next steps they will take "22, 21, 20..." He then examines the placement and the other scepters thoroughly, to see how they have been fitted, and to learn how he would do so
Perception 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (16) + 16 = 32

"14, 13, 12..." He readies himself, and looks to see if his party members have begun to take appropriate positions, finishing "6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" as he places the rod into the hole.

Male Human Gunslinger 1: AC 16, HP12, Init. 10, [Fort] 4, [Ref] 6, [Will] 3 Melee +1, Range +5

Jack has followed Theo's lead and placed himself in a dark corner across from the door raising Equalizer to his cheek he sights down on the door preparing to drop the first person through it.

Stealth 1d20 + 27 ⇒ (9) + 27 = 36

ready action, fire on door

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11

As Theo moves to the other scepters, Qalaus holds out a hand. "A moment, my friend. If you like, I can summon forth an azata, something of a lesser angel. She can appear in that cell, heal any who are harmed, and report back to us the nature of those inside. Would you think that prudent?"

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

while the others plan and prepare themselves, Aeron will search for the undead creature that was talked about
1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Slowly lowering the scepter toward its slot, Theo responds "Good idea, Qalaus. However, we don't want to spook them by summoning a fiery azata in their midst, especially when they know what to expect by what I said"

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11

"We might then warn them that healing is on its way.

" And, may I be as true as the northern stars, I am more comfortable with the thought of startling kindly people who accidentally fail to tend their camels while mysteriously carrying around Andoran records of trade routes, than I am of exposing us to whatever might be in there."

Liberty's Edge

puzzled by the interactions between the strangers and his group, Learnur quietly stowes his wand in his Pathfinder Pouch while slowly moving to the base of the stairs. As he reaches the entryway, he draws forth his bow, notching an arrow and aiming it in the direction of the double doors.

Learnur moves to N,7. As he moves, he stowes his wand and draws his bow.

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor 4

Right. Leaving town w/o internet access today. Be back in about a week. Hate to leave right in the middle of something, but such is life.

The Exchange

Male Halfling Summoner 11

Qalaus glances at Learnur. "I suspect I am out-voted on this. Very well, I shall the azata on this side of the door, to stand with us against what may. Insert the rod and raise the door. We shall see what awaits."

With that, Qalaus passes his tiny hands in front of him, moving down and out, as of molding an imaginary lump of clay on a potter's wheel. A sparkling archway appears, a portal to the gleaming towers of Findeladlara on the plane of Elysium. Through it steps a great being, radiant, resembling an elven archer, save that her hair and eyes both shine silver. She wears a loose-fitting robe, tied at the waist with a long pair of golden cords that continue down her legs and secure her sandals as well. She has an arrow knocked as she steps through, wary for battle.

"Liberty and joy be upon you, Qalaus."

"And upon you, fair lady Raeksu. We are attempting to rescue strangers who say they are trapped behind that door, some injured."

The Azata stands at M1. She rests her bow and arrow and draws a gleaming radiant scimiar from a scabbard at her waist. Qalaus is behind and to the right, at N3, a loaded sling at the ready.

This'll be fun.

Male Oread Inquisitor 9

Alrighty. I'm back. Let's do this.

Liberty's Edge

male human lv2 barbarian (breaker), lv4 ranger (guide), lv 3 fighter (two-handed fighter)

Aeron readies his scythe

Explanation of slowdown. Sorry folks.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

I'm afraid I'll need to bow out. Thanks, Scipio.

I, too, will need to step out on this game. Thanks for all the fun. If you ever get something moving again, let me know.

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