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Wacky Wizard Idea


I had this idea a while ago for a wacky/crazy kind of wizard. I joked to my DM that he was going to specialize in the Universalist school. He told me that it was insane and questioned my sanity. So I’m going to make a wizard that SAYS he specializes in the Universalist school, but really he's just making stuff up. The part where I kind of need some suggestions is his "opposing schools". Because he can’t really have any I thought it would be funny to make up new schools of magic that don’t actually exist. His first opposing school is carpentry, but I can’t think of another one that is as, or more, silly then that. So if any of you guys have any other ideas on opposing schools or just how to be wacky in general I would love to hear them.

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Witchcraft - Because a respectable wizard shouldn't be playing with girl magic.

The School of Underwater Basket Weaving

Athletics, every good-old-chum-wizard is opposed to athletics.
Favored by them are normally pie-craft or beer-summoning.

I once had a gnome who trained as a universalist (because it was the cheapest way at the academy), but actually was an illusionist. The first few years nobody found out, because the stone dummies don't show that all the magic missiles are nothing but illusions.
He got thrown out at the first wizard duel however.

He invented the theory that illusions are summoned from the plane of illusions, where everything exists everywhere, you just had to summon the right thing.
Oh, and he had a donkey named monkey, because his father told him that his pet monkey transformed itself. (actually it died, and the father couldn't find another monkey) It gets only bananas to eat and is kind of fat.

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bocaj527 wrote:
I had this idea a while ago for a wacky/crazy kind of wizard. I joked to my DM that he was going to specialize in the Universalist school. He told me that it was insane and questioned my sanity.

Whats sooooo bad about the universialist school? Its not optimum but its not retarded either.

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Mundanity- Making the world a little bit less powerful one adventure at a time. Specializes in not casting spells

Salutation- Really fancy ways of saying "Hi!"

Absolution- the school of forgiveness

Overspecialization- digging yourself into a rut

Computation- get your math right.

What about Pastamancy, the magic of food fighting? Then again, the macaroni golems of a seasoned pastamancer are nothing to laugh at!

Go for Sorcery and Witchcraft that way you can look down at all the other full caster classes except Wizard. Another option would be Martial.

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Well, what is the opposite of the universe?

Monadism--dealing with infinitely tiny monopoles and Mondays and dyslexic nomads.

Nihilism--dealing with nothingness.

Alpha and Omega--what came before the creation of the universe and what comes after its destruction.

Multiverse--there are an infinite number of universes.

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