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It's Official the Oerth Journal is back


The Oerth Journal is back and looking for submissions! New leadership and a new staff means we are hungry for material (literally - we don’t feed our editorial xvarts unless they work!).

What is The Oerth Journal and what are we looking for?

The Oerth Journal is a long-running and distinguished online periodical first published in 1995. Devoted to the World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting, The Oerth Journal explores facets of Greyhawk untouched by “official” development, from the mundane to the macabre, including adventures, gazetteers, esoterica, and “alternate” Greyhawks, as well as NPCs, deities, adventure sites, and simple lore.

The Oerth Journal is always looking for submissions for our regular departments and features: Denizens of the Flanaess; Of Oerth and Altar; Rogues Gallery; Tales from the Green Dragon Inn; and With Boccob’s Blessing, among others. (Summaries of all the regular features can be found in the guidelines document.) These features give many authors an easy “entry point”, but we welcome articles of any nature related to the World of Greyhawk. We also accept any rules edition or game system, including (but not limited to!) Basic D&D, OSR systems, AD&D, 3e, 4e, and Pathfinder. In addition, we welcome fantasy art and Greyhawk fan-fiction submissions!

All inquiries and proposals can be emailed to , and will be answered promptly.

Submission guidelines are available at

Submission guidelines and stat block templates are available at nload&cid=13&min=20&orderby=titleA&show=10 (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “The Oerth Journal Submission Guidelines and Templates” to open or download the document). D&D 3.5 is used in the stat block format example at the end of the guidelines to show the proper font sizes/types, header color, use of bold and italic text, etc. It is not required that an article include stat blocks, but they may be included at the author’s discretion.

Authorship and Plagiarism

Determining true authorship over the internet in the era of e-mail, mailing lists, and "cut-n'-paste" is effectively impossible for The Oerth Journal. As such, we rely upon the honor system - that the person submitting the article is either the author or has the consent of the author. If the article draws heavily upon or quotes material from another source (be it an official Wizards of the Coast product, a Dragon magazine article, an online file, a popular fiction book, or whatever), we expect the source and author (if known and applicable) to be listed as a source. If an article is found to be blatantly plagiarized from another source, it will be rejected and we will not accept further submissions from that person. Articles that update earlier material are considered separately.

Ownership Rights & Regulations

Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, Dragon Magazine, Greyhawk, and the World Of Greyhawk are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast/ Hasbro. All characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Unless otherwise noted, all individual contributions are copyright their respective authors.

Origins of The Oerth Journal

The Oerth Journal has gone through many incarnations but began from tender roots with the Council of Greyhawk, an informal organization of gamers dedicated to keeping the World of Greyhawk a viable campaign world. At present, the Council has expanded to include many fans that now meet online at Canonfire! to discuss matters of the actual campaign world. The site also maintains the Greytalk mailing list.

Scarab Sages

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Nice :)

Sovereign Court Raging Swan Press

Awesome news! I'm a huge fan of the Oerth Journal. I'd love to see some articles on where to place Paizo's adventure paths. That would be really valuable/useful.

trying to find you guys on the web but its looking like all your links are busted. Is there a new URL somewhere?

Scarab Sages

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Here's a link to the back issues, plus the submission guidelines (see page 3) posted recently on Canonfire.

Trying to look through the back issues for something, but it looks like everything after issue 5 has broken links. Anyone have a more current way to access OJ?

Wonderful news to wake up to.


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