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[Mk2] Jörmungandr's Carrion Crown

Play-by-Post Discussion

Dark Archive

Hey guys,
so I thought it'd be best to start a new OOC thread for the game since having all of our OOC guff for Carion Crown listed under Legacy of Fire irritated my sensibilities. So you guys know this game is a definite horror fantasy game so expect injury, pain, death and other evils. As I said before though its most likely only to ever get creepy or chilling, its hard to give some proper scares without the face to face contact.

Anyway, here we go,

Half Orc Ranger 1

So this is Gregor. I haven't filled out his background yet, but the basic idea is that he was found abandoned in a major city, perhaps Caliphas? in Ustalav. He was taken in by some local criminal boss who used him as a thug and enforcer. He's named Gregor the Roach because he's hard to kill and so ugly. At some point, he encountered the professor and helped him out of a jam with the local criminals. When Gregor was informed of the professor's death, he took it as a sign that he should get out of the crime business, especially since Gregor was feeling a bit squeamish about the direction things were headed. Sorry this is all a bit vague. I don't want to step all over the AP or make presumptions about your world Jormungandr. I figured details could firm up as we played.

Dark Archive

Not a problem, I'm a big proponent of character development through play anyway :)

Male Half-Elf Hedge Witch 1

Dherisan, flagging the post and ready for action.

Male Half-Elf Hedge Witch 1

By the way, do we still have Tenshii and Super Orca?

Dark Archive

Yup, it was just a bit late here when I put the post up so they'll probably post later today

Im here! .... >.> didnt notice we had a ooc thread yet.

Oh and martinaj i was going to add you to MSN but wasent sure if what you linked before was hotmail or something els.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Oh right! It's hotmail, I believe.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Are we still playing, or did the game die?

Hopefully, Jormungandr and company just got busy. I'm still around, waiting to whack someone with my sword. Hope your Rise game goes well martinaj.

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