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Jörmungandr's Legacy of Fire

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Dark Archive

Hi people,
so here is a discussion thread for all our gaming needs. I guess the first thing we'll need to get down is the character creation guidelines. Okay so Paizo material only except where acknowledged below.

1. Classes, anything in the Core, APG, the Gunslinger and the Magus are allowed just to be different and since Alkentar isn't that far from Katapesh.

2. Races, anything in the Core and I'll discuss some of the races found in the Bestiaries.

3. Starting cash is the average for the class selected where ever it may be found.

4. 20pts for abilities and they're assigned using the normal rules from the core.

I think that covers everything but as always I tend to forget something. As with Zalika and Iuni, I'd like to try and keep us within the milieu of the setting with maybe only one obvious foreigner to provide a bit of spice. As this is invitational and I've tried to pick people who are fairly active hopefully we'll be able to have some decent fun.

Oh, and in this one I'm lifting my "Good Guys" preference and saying play what you want but try and keep any evil dudes faced out from the party, internal verbal sparring is fun, dueling each other not so much :)


Hello people =)

Hey everyone, Jormungandr just invited me to join the party. Legacy of Fire is one of those paths that sounds like a lot of fun to me so I couldn't resist. Right now I am thinking about playing an Errol Flynn type character–a one-handed fighter that moves into the duelist prestige class. I realize that that is a bit of a cliche, but I'd like to play a lighter, more fun character to balance out the angst-buckets in my other PbPs. But if anyone has a really severe objection, I'll try to come up with someone more original.

Haha play what ever you like, im going to try be evil for fun, well as evil as i can be, which isent very evil =P

Dark Archive

Just watch out for Zalika, she kicked a head at a paladin in another game we're in

Male Human Open Hand Fighter 1

So, my friends tell me that you are looking for a swordsman. Well, take a look at this blade. A beauty isn't she? She was my father's. He was a great hero and adventurer. Fuad the Magnificent of Kelmarane. Haven't heard of him? Well, no matter; Sadly, he died long before your time, but I wield his blade and will uphold the family tradition.

But, I am told you are looking for a swordman. How much are you willing to pay? That much, huh? Well, my friend, I will tell you: I am the greatest swordsman in the world–that you can get for that price. And who knows? Perhaps, I will live up to my father's legend and you will get much more than you paid for. Consider me a bargain, for I aim to be.

I assumed two traits. One from the APG, one from the Player's Guide. Is that right?

Dark Archive

Yup, see I always forget something :)

Male Human Open Hand Fighter 1

I chuckled at your original post. Your prediction that you always miss something was spot on. Just a reflection of the complexities of the system I suppose.

Dark Archive

Hm, guess Martinaj isn't that interested :P

I'll wait until tomorrow to hear something but after that I'll hit someone else up :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Sorry, sorry! I just noticed the thread, and yes, I'm definitely interested. I'm at work, currently, but I've got about a half hour after my next class, so I'll see if I can download the PG then, and I'll give it a read during my lunch break. I should have a character concept hammered out by this evening, and it should only take me about an hour to come up with his stats and essential gear (miscellaneous items like backpack, torches, and whatnot may not be finished until tomorrow, but such things hardly make a character unplayable)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Ah, and btw, what classes have we got so far, so I know how to best contribute?

Male Human Open Hand Fighter 1

I believe that one of those ladies is an inquisitor and the other is a sorcerer. And I, I am the greatest swordsman in the world, or at least that is what it says on the business card. (In other words, I'm a one handed fighter).

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Okay, so it looks like they're actually charging you for this Player's Guide, and I just can't justify dropping 8 dollars on what is essentially an adventure hook, so I was hoping the GM (or one of you fine gents) could inform me of what's going on in the campaign?

It seems that the game takes place in Katapash, though, so I'll bust out my Inner Sea World Guide tonight. However, I do have an idea for a character, one I've been itching to use, actually. He's a little silly, but I don't think he should derail anything.

I noticed we don't have a foreign character yet, and so if you want spice, look no further than Basil Stormdasher, a flamboyant dwarven rogue (swashbuckler archtype) who just never fit in with traditional dwarven society. He stifled under tradition and authority, and got himself into no end of trouble, so he never looked back when he left his homeland and his name behind him to travel to the surface. Basil has always had a penchant for exploration - the more exotic the place the better, and he's got a bit of a mercenary streak. He worked for a time in Druma, but while helping with shipments for Absalom, he found that he loved the open sky and the spray of the sea. He left Druma and signed on with the Aspis Consortium, relishing their willingness to send them to exotic places and into exciting situations. Brazen, bold, and somehow simultaneously charming and boorish, Basil longs to captain a ship of his own, though he will be content with any kind of exotic exploration, and most recently, his travels have brought him to Katapash (still need to figure out exactly why, though).

He's basically a mix of Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, and Bruenor Battlehammer.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

If he's suitable, Basil would be my first choice, but I could come up with an alternate (more local) rogue, and I've got ideas for a Mwangi druid, an oracle from Osirion, or an alchemist from Thuvia or Alkenstar, but these are still in their formative stages.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Alright, seeing what we've got in the party, I'm going to try and come up with a solid concept for an oracle by the time I get off work today. I really want to try a PF cleric, but Sigurd is already pretty devout, and I'd like to try something a little different, plus that curse looks cool! Not sure of much more than that yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

O.O so many concepts lol, I like =D

Dark Archive

Heh, okay, the basic idea behind the game is that as a group the characters are hired to assist in reclaiming a village called Kelmarane from the men and women of ill repute who've taken it over in the last few years. As with most of the APs this really spirals out of control into epic levels of world saving and the like :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Alright, cool beans. I've got a LOT of character concepts by this point, and if you think a solid healer is basically essential, I've got an idea for a Mwangi witch doctor (Bone Oracle) who recently crawled from the wreckage of a slaver vessel bound for Katapesh (he and his tribe were the cargo, he is the sole survivor), but if you're comfortable running without a healer, I'd also like to try my hand at some kind of big bad meleer - I notice no one in the party wears heavy armor yet. What's to become of all the magic plate we find?!

Dark Archive

Play what your happy with :)

I'll do my best to work the game, or perhaps provide a cohort if we appear to be suffering a lot of pain due to lack of a party dynamic :P

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Actually, I'm really starting to like that idea. Yeah, I'll go with the Mwangi oracle who recently came into Katapash after being the sole survivor of a gnoll raid on a slave caravan. The rest of his tribe was killed in the attack, but so were the men who captured him, so he's kind of aimless right now. I'll probably go with mystery of bones (in which case he might cast inflict spells instead of cure), but I need to look over the mysteries more thoroughly, so he might be nature as well. Also, given everyone seems to be (relatively) local, I was wondering if it might be more flavorous (I'm allowed to make up words!) to switch the "common" tongue from Taldane to Osirioni?

Male Dwarf Rogue 2

Alright, T'Kual has everything ready except for his gear, which I'll take care of after dinner. He'll be interesting, I think - he's a melee-oriented Oracle that specializes in touch attacks. He's more geared towards debuffing foes than he is buffing the party, and he opted for the bonus inflict spells instead of cure, but I'm still going to be selecting the respective "cure" spell at just about each level.

Dark Archive

Yay, I'll get this underway in a little while since we've got our people :)

Dark Archive

Boom IC Thread, I'm the GM miester :)

Male Dwarf Rogue 2

Hey Jormugandr, I was looking ahead at the revelations I'll be getting access to, and I'm probably taking Bone Armor at level 3. I was wondering if I would be able to enchant this armor if I take the appropriate feats for it? It starts out being the equivalent of Hide Armor, and continues to improve every four levels (starting at 7th), so that by the time I reach level 19 (not in this campaign!) it's a little better than plate (+12 armor bonus). Honestly though, I'd be more interested in adding special abilities to it than I would ramping up its enhancement bonus. Your call, of course.

Dark Archive

Okay, since I’ve found that writing all the time is more draining then I originally intended I’ve dropped the rest of my games so I can focus on a single adventure and give it my all hopefully giving you guys a better game as part of the bargain.

What I’d like from you guys is to help me decide which game we’re going to be playing. As such I’d like to throw open the floor for some discussion on which adventure to choose from between the following games…

Carrion Crown – The Carrion Crown game is a fairly attractive game for me with it seemingly throwing together elements of the Lovecraft Mythos and the Ravenloft campaign setting of the past. To me Ustalav is a country of dark rocky strewn mountains, heavy storm clouds and an endlessly seeping chill. I think I can give this game some genuine scares (well at least creepiness, it’s hard to truly scare via the written format) and the image of have of adventurers in greatcoats carrying crossbows while hunting vampires is a fairly persuasive one.

Serpent’s Skull – Almost the exact opposite of the Carrion Crown game, Serpent’s Skull offers a tropical paradise filled with humidity, thick foliage and dinosaurs (dinosaurs, they rock). At first the game has a fairly survivalist focus with the player’s just trying to cope with being shipwrecked but once it gets going its quite the Indiana Jones adventure, again with some of Lovecraft’s influence seeping in with dead gods, the horrors of the foreign and ancient things best lying forgotten.

Uprising – Something I’ve been thinking would make for a fun if fairly different campaign for a while now. Uprising is an adventure coming from my own mind that would follow the adventures (misadventures) of a group of Half-orcs from Belkzan as they attempt to deliver a coup de grace against Lastwall. I’d be using a modified selection of rules from Kingmaker to chart the expansion of the Orcs and would like to end up with the players running their own empire/tribe of orcs. One thing I’d do in this campaign too is say that every orc is built using the half-orc template so that you can still pretty much play any class you want.

So anyway, those are the three adventures I’d like to run at the moment and I’d like you guys by popular vote to decide for me so that I’m not bullying you guys into playing what I want you to play too much.

If any of you think "Screw this guys hes way too mercurial" I hope you'll stay for one more go at the Jormungandr game but if you're uninterested I'll understand, just let me know so I don't hold my breath waiting for replies :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

So I take it that since your posting here, we are the players you'll be running for? It's no biggie, btw. Yeah, a tad frustrating, but I understand too, because I did the same thing when I started PLAYING PbP, I can only imagine how much more taxing running four games must be.

I'd go for Carrion Crown or Serpent's Skull. Both of these games hold a lot of appeal to me, because I love the mercenary Indiana Jones style exploration that Serpent's Skull lends itself to, but I love, love, LOVE, horror based stuff in D&D. Sadly, I've always been the one who has to run it, so it'd be nice to be on the other side of the table for a change. I have grown rather fond of the character of Lydran Entelios, though, if you're willing to let me recycle him, but I can readily come up with other characters for either game.

Uprising sounds like a really cool concept, and I think that PF made half-orcs a lot more playable, but in my experience, most racial campaigns start to get a little stale after a while. Don't get me wrong, I think it'd be awesome, but it'd also take a lot of effort to keep it going, and an AP might be a better way to start off a long-term PbP.

If I had to vote for a single game, though, I think it'd be Serpent's Skull. It just seems to offer a style of game that's entirely new to me.

Dark Archive

Sorry, yeah, you guys would be the four that I'd be running the game for, depending on what you guys want too, I might be able to continue the current Serpent Skull game after filling Super_Orca and Tenshi in. Or I could just restart it :)

Don't worry about not loving the homebrew campaign idea, I understand the appeal of written campaigns, they're generally structured a lot better then my own meanderings.

So currently we have 1 vote for Serpent's Skull :)

Female Human

Aww I really liked the way legacy of fire was starting, oh well lol.
Hmm I don’t know too much about the top 2 games, the horror one sounds like fun but so does the other, I don’t really care what one we do.
I guess in the interest of debate I’ll go with Carrion Crown but in all honesty I don’t really mind what one we do =)

I vote for Carrion Crown. I like gloomy horror with the trashy feel of old Hammer films.

The Super Orca has spoken!

Dark Archive

So that is 1 for Serpent's Skull and 2 for Carrion Crown :)

If you'd like to move Lydran into Carrion Crown (If CC it is indeed) that'd be fine with me too, perhaps an earlier part of his life or a later period after he let his skills atrophy a bit ;)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Yeah, I think I'd like to use Lydran, if that's alright. I figured I'd make him around the same age, an ambitious young (for a half-elf) wizard who had perhaps held correspondence with Professor whats-his-head earlier, when he was still learning his craft. Would you be alright with him using that Infernal Binder archtype I e-mailed to you?

Dark Archive

Yeah, no problem with that archetype, it might net you some flak from the locals though once you have an imp hanging around but that just be role playing flavor :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Well, the imp's change shape ability (apparently in PF the base imp has it too in PF, albeit with fewer forms) ought to make it a bit easier to disguise, but I imagine I'll still want to be careful. I'll get to work modifying Lydran for CC (which looks pretty likely, and I have no objection, of course).

I'm turning his age back just a couple of years (34 still wasn't that old for a half-elf), and selecting the Teacher's Pet trait. Though Lydran was not officially enrolled at Egorian, he was studied their techniques privately, and was informally apprenticed to one of the professors there (a "friend" of Lydran's human mother. She's a wealthy widow and Lydran was the result of one of her many dalliances. The illegitimacy of his conception prevented him from becoming heir to the estate, and instead he was being groomed as a seneschal, but he found he had other interests). In any case, Professor Lorrimer was a friend of Lydran's mentor, and a few times served as a guest lecturer at Egorian academies. Though Lydran did not benefit from these lectures (as he was not a student there), he was introduced to the professor, and they corresponded often regarding Ustalav's history. Lydran (as in Serpent's Skull) is fascinated by ancient civilizations and their rulers, and Lorrimer was one of Lydran's key sources in his studies on Tar-Baphon.

Male Half-Elf HP 7/7, AC-12/T-12/FF-10, F+0/R+2/W+3, Init+2, Per+2

Alright, I've made the appropriate changes to Lydran. Switched his stats up a lil bit too, so he's a tad less durable (though I'm planning on snapping up toughness later), but he's now a better diplomat, and that higher cha will certainly be useful once he gets access to Lesser Planar Binding!

Dark Archive

Looks sexy :)

Oh dear. Sorry to hear that you got a bit overwhelmed, Jormungandr. I'm not sure that I'd be best in a Carrion Crown campaign as I am already participating in one–I'm Arasmes over in James' game. I could try to come up with a radically different character, but it would probably be best if you all found a different fourth.

Dark Archive

Not a problem, I'd actually forgotten that :P

Edit - Oh and I should point out that if you'd like to stay and make that fairly different character I don't mind :)

Dark Archive

Oh, and I thought I should say, at this point it looks like we have Super Orca playing a Paladin Hospitaller.

Dark Archive

Oh and a further elaboration, since I liked the pitch of the Pharasmin Templer I've done a small house rule change and said that a Paladin of a non-Lawful Good god doesn't have to be Lawful Good themselves. I did make the caveat though that they still have to be lawful, a Lawful Neutral Character could chose good or evil flavored powers while a Lawful Evil character would have things like Smite Good rather then evil.

Can you give me a day or so to think about it? I'll glance at the Corebook and the APG and see if any characters concepts sing to me. Right now you have a paladin and Lydran, the devil binder, right? By a day or so, I actually mean a couple hours.

Dark Archive

Not a problem, I'm going to pace myself a bit better this time so that we can go over everything properly. I owe it to you guys for putting up with me burning myself out so quickly :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

So I've been thinking about it, and even though I like the character of Lydran, I'm not sure he fits into Ustalav all that well, so I'm going to dust off another old character instead (whose campaign inexplicably ended when our GM stopped posting).

Dherisan is a half(quarter)-elf witch of Varisian descent. His mother was a half-elf as well, part of a caravan in Varisia, and he never knew his father (though his quarter-eleven heritage makes it clear he was a human). When he was very young, his mother gave in to the wanderlust that overcomes so many half elves and left Dherisan to be raised by the community. He exhibited an unusual closeness to nature and the supernatural, and "mentored" beneath both a Shoanti druid who had joined their caravan, and his people's seer (a sorcerer). Picking up what he could from both of them, he became something of a hedge wizard whose magical tradition blended both druidism and sorcery, with an unusual natural philosophy that deals heavily with the supernatural.

Eventually, he was struck with the same wanderlust that took his mother, and he traveled the wilds of Varisia for a time, serving as a mediator between Chelaxian settlers, the Varisians, the Shoanti, and at times even Goblins. He has a strong belief in a natural balance and the value of life, and seek to preserve it when he can.

He happened across Lorrimer being set upon a tribe of goblins en route to Magnimar, and was able to save the professor's life, and helped escort him to the city. He continued to correspond with the professor in the years to come, engaging in discourse over the metaphysics of nature and the supernatural, and Dherisan visited Ustalov a few times. His visits have grown more frequent of late, as Dherisan feels that the land has been twisted there, and he hopes to do what he can to alleviate the corruption.

Dherisan is something of a "white witch." He'll be neutral good, and probably geared towards support. I need to figure out his exact build, but I imagine he'll be picking up the ward, slumber, healing, and charm hexes first. Evil Eye is also likely, because it's great, and sooo gypsy. In other words, lot's of party support and control, but basically nothing when it comes to direct offense.

Male Half-Elf Hedge Witch 1

Kabloosh. Here he be.

Dark Archive

Are we lacking in the interest?

Female Human

I was thinking of being a Sorceress again since i didnt get very far with this one =P

I'm currently thinking about playing a human rogue, Stephano the Magnificient. He'd be a bit like Haroun, but slimier. Haroun was a big talker with a good heart. Stephano is a wandering con artist. He sets up in a town, does some magic tricks, some escape acts, some fortune telling, rips people off, breaks hearts, and so forth. We'll have to see if Stephano has a good heart or not. I thought about making him a bard, but worry that we'll need disable devices in this AP.

Dark Archive

If you'd prefer a bard feel free to make him one, I'm in the habit of not throwing in hundreds of Traps/Locked doors if we lack a rogue :)

I think I'll stay a rogue, with a sorcerer and a witch, we likely don't need the benefits a bard brings. A rogue is probably better in combat and we'll need that.

Dark Archive

Not a problem, once I've had a chance to review the character sheet we'll probably get ourselves underway :)

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