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Jörmungandr's Legacy of Fire

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Uh oh. It will be a bit of time before I have the sheet ready. If you are itching to go, I can catch up.

Dark Archive

Nah, its okay, I still need a couple of sheets so its okay :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

I'm probably folding a little to easily here, but if Tenshii is going to play a sorc, maybe I should make some kind of divine caster instead? Want to me see if I can cook up something else? I mean I think between a witch and a hospitaler we ought to be good for healing, but witches and sorcs are both really squishy.

Dark Archive

If you do Tenshi is going to rage at me because she was thinking of a witch and was literally writing it up when I told her you posted on MSN :P

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Well pooh, now I feel bad. If she wants to play a witch, I can come up with an oracle or druid or something.

Dark Archive

Play what you'd like man, with the APs via PbP, its my understanding they take about 3yrs so play what you'd like to play :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Alright, I'll stick with Dherisan then. Incidently, if we're going to be in this thing for 3 years or so, are there any easier ways to communicate? Of course, the IC stuff would be in-thread, but if anyone needs to get in touch for another reason? I'll go ahead and toss up the contact info I'm willing to share, anyone else, feel free to follow suit.

AIM: magnasgalina
MSN: Lorebane24

Okay. I'm ready. I changed my mind from the rogue to Gregor the Roach, a half orc urban ranger. He'll get disable devices and the like, but be a bit better in a fight.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Rules question, Jormugandr, and this is probably a GM call (and will likely determine whether or not I pick up this hex). If I select the "Healing" hex, can I also use it to harm undead creatures?

Dark Archive

Giving it a quick read the APG says the hex works as Cure Light Wounds and since Cure Light Wounds can cook the undead flesh I'd say the Hex does too :)

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Sweet action. Incidentally, I'm going to be try my hand at running a PbP of my own, because things have been really slow in my real person life, and any of you would be welcome to throw your names in. I've got a recruitment thread open here.

Dark Archive

Okay, sorry I've taken so long I've been both busy and lazy, also been playing CoD Black Ops again, damn time waster :P

So, I'm going to get this started in half a second and I'll make a new OOC thread specific for this game too :)

Dark Archive

So, Carrion Crown's new...



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