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OOC - Gullinbursti's Serpents Skull

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Dark Archive

Oh, my mistake, for some reason I was thinking 1k of xp to hit level 2, I guess your a quarter of the way there then :P

Male Half-Elf HP 7/7, AC-12/T-12/FF-10, F+0/R+2/W+3, Init+2, Per+2

Well, the PFRPG uses 3 different leveling paces. The standard (which the APs) assume, sees you reach 2nd level at 2000xp. But the APs also assume a party of 4 characters. With 5, the encounters will be easier (at least at first) but with the xp being split 5 ways, we level more slowly. They also have a faster track, where you reach level 2 at 1300xp, and a slower one (but I don't know much about that track, because I've never run with anything slower than medium). However, the APs will always assume a specific party level at any given time, and since many of them have optional encounters that may or may not be completed, assigning xp can get a little problematic (especially in Kingmaker!), so a lot of GMs I've known simply tell the party "Bam. You level up" when it's appropriate for the adventure.

Dark Archive

Heh, that actually is what I typically do and if you guys are happy with me doing it that way I'll happily level you up after probably two more encounters :)

Also, not interested in the Legacy of Fire game Matinaj?

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

Oh! Was there another one? I might be interested, if you've still got space (Especially because it's one of the 3 APs I don't have, so it'd be a little more surprising for me as a player). I just got to work though. I'll think about it (make sure I'll have time to pick up a third), and then around lunch I'll take a look at the thread and the PG.

Male Half-Orc Druid 1 560 xp

Hey guys got some real life drama going. Put me on auto until Friday, hopefully I will be back then. Sorry.

Dark Archive

hp:55(65)|ac:13|T:13|FF:14|CMD:17|F8|r8|w10|Init:+7| Perc:+11|SM:0

Jörmungandr, As much as i'm enjoying your DM style, I'm going to have to drop out of the game. The time difference is too great, I feel like i keep comming in at the end of everything. I'll keep posting untill you cna find a replacement, if you like though.

Dark Archive

Not a problem, I know it can be a bum coming on to always come in after it feels like everything finished off for the day.

Sorry to lose you Solarious. I'd vote for opening it up to a new player or two. I guess four is what the AP intended, so if everyone else is happy with the current crew, that's fine too.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

One new player couldn't hurt, but if our party bumps up to six, I worry that it will trivialize most of the encounters.

Male Human Slacker 3/ Gamer 4 /Teacher 2

So, Jormugandr, I wanted to run something by you, and I understand completlely if you wish to veto it. I picked up the Inner Sea Primer, and lo and behold, it has wizard archtype for Chelaxian devil binders. I was wondering I might be able to persuade you to allow me to retcon Lydran a bit and select this archtype? So far, the only significant change to the character would be the loss of his acid darts. I know I've been using these pretty heavily, but it would be easy to say they were Acid Splash spells instead. In exchange, he receives the ability to hijack creatures that have been summoned by others, effectively turning their summon spells into his own, and at 9th level, he is able to twist calling spells (such as Planar Binding) and make such creatures grant him favors, as if he had bound them himself.

At 7th level, he gets improved familiar for free and must select an imp. Now, this would mean retconning him to having a familiar instead of a bonded object, but he hasn't used his bonded object yet, so not too much trouble. Since many imps can shapeshift, I figured I'd give him a raven familiar that is an imp that lacks the power to manifest its true form in the material plane (until he reaches 7th level). This would replace his ability to teleport, normally gained at 8th level. I believe he still retains the summoner's charm ability, and he gets a +3 bonus to knowledge (the planes). Would this be permissible? I know it's not from the books you'd mentioned, but the changes are fairly minor, and they fit Lydran like a glove.

Dark Archive

Okay, so honestly I bit off more than I can chew with taking on four games and sadly I’ve been reflecting and I think I’m going to have to shut down all but one of the games so I can focus my effort and be the GM my players deserve. Apologies to all involved and if places open up in my game I’ll be sure to call on you guys first.

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