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GM Snorter's Rise of the Runelords Campaign


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Pointing down the passage she speaks softly, "I think passage is the choice to make."

Shadow Lodge

Passage it is...


Dozens of dead bodies lie scattered about this room. Most are of sea birds and ospreys, but there are six dead goblins here as well. Each body is literally skin and bones, as if all of the interior organs and muscles have somehow been drained away, leaving behind skeletons draped with leathery, slowly rotting skin.

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

Sorry, wasn't trying to make things more difficult. More of seeing if anything is covering our rear, not to keen on stuff coming up behind us.

Looking around at the remains, "Thinking I was right, they don't feel they need to watch this way."

Otherwise, Galstok waits till everyone else is ready to continue on. [b]"Look at the other passage before we try the door?"[/b}

Shadow Lodge

No offence taken; I was just pre-empting any questions of why I'd do it that way. I got burned in a recent debate about player vs PC knowledge, managed to get simultaneously accused of softballing the players (for giving them 'free' information they hadn't 'earned', ie not micromanaging them), and another camp claiming it's screwing the players to take 'their' rolls away from them. <rolls eyes>
Some things just need to be whizzed through, to keep the momentum going. Same reason I give a 'free' Perception and Knowledge check, to save 5 players cycling through all the skills.
The free Perception is there for a quick glance, and gets surface details; it'll tell you there's a chest tucked under the bed, but not if it's locked; it'll tell you there's an inscription on the wall, but not the full transcript. Feel free to ask for further checks, any time you want to take time searching.

Once you're into the next area, I will need a marching order.

Valoria uses her quarterstaff to move the goblin bodies to see what may be left behind that may be of value to her or to stopping the evil that has invaded the region.

Shadow Lodge

The bodies don't smell as much as you would expect, and you start to turn them over. On two occassions, you think you found an item of value, only to realise the goblins have bent it, chewed it or otherwise destroyed it (or recycled smething that was already in poor shape).
It is hard for you to decide if some things are still usable, given the goblins hold aesthetics almost antithetical to your own.

Anyone else searching? Galstok keeping watch at the south entrance?

male gnome cloistered cleric 3 [ HP: 19/23 | AC: 14 T: 11 FF: 14 | F: +5 R: +1 W: +6 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | Effects: ]

Ensu will stay near Galstok, longspear ready. No point in having someone off by themselves.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2

I have no problem with the GM assuming that if I have the skill, I'd be doing it without an obvious statement. And if it helps, Sephird is always looking around for traps, and secrets hiding treasure needing fiscal realignment.

Sephird will take a look through the junk as well. "I wonder if these goblins were punished or accidentally found their way into the creature's grasp."

Liberty's Edge

"If they were punished, then they were allowed to go in here armed."

Tregar stands to the edge of the pile, concentrating hard on the bodies. Those close by can see his eyes have adopted a bright yellow iris, like that of an owl.

"Maybe a suicide mission, to clear the place out?"

"Take another look at that one. He looks fresher, and his gear's not rotten." he motions to a large goblin by Sephird's feet.

Shadow Lodge

The large goblin does indeed appear to be wearing a set of hide armour, unscathed by the elements. The tooling, on each of the plates, in the motif of a branching tree, is far finer than goblin work.

Sephird; you find nearby, what may have once been a long, hafted weapon, but whose handle was cut down, and the blade repeatedly ground, till it no longer resembles its original shape. Though there is a bend in the blade, forcing the weight out of balance, the metal remains uncorroded by the salt spray.

Under the large goblin lies a finely-crafted shortbow, possibly of gnomish or halfling make.

Upon next time the party rests, I going to change Daze to Detect Magic.

"Today I am unable to detect magic in items and areas. Tomorrow I will be able to do so. If you would like to take something that may be magical, please do so, so I can check it for you tomorrow."

Mr GM, you will inform me when Mage Armour has worn off.

Liberty's Edge

"I'm afraid I came with more protective prayers, today, too."

"How about it, Ensu? Surely Nethys predicted you would need his divinatory gifts this morning?

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

Sorry, not been on, had some internet trouble recently.

Looking back at the others discussing behind him, [b]"I don't understand magic, but if it looks useful just grab it up.[/ooc] Otherwise Galstok is keeping watch at the passage.

Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

male gnome cloistered cleric 3 [ HP: 19/23 | AC: 14 T: 11 FF: 14 | F: +5 R: +1 W: +6 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | Effects: ]

I am going to have to withdraw from the game. Life is simply getting a little too chaotic, and I have to pare down my pbp activity.

Shadow Lodge

Sorry to hear that; I know you've been in from the beginning, and helped get it this far. I hope you've enjoyed my input as player and GM.

I'd rather not run absent players' PCs as NPCs, unless they're happy with it. Do you want to a)leave him in as NPC, until a natural break, b) have him get cold feet and sail back to town now, or c) leave him in, but recruit another player to take over?

Same deal for Kavrik, who hasn't been around for a while. It's less jarring if the party makeup remains the same.

male gnome cloistered cleric 3 [ HP: 19/23 | AC: 14 T: 11 FF: 14 | F: +5 R: +1 W: +6 | Init: +1 Perc: +2 | Effects: ]

I would say leave him as an NPC until a natural parting point. He can provide healing outside of combat as needed until then. I definitely enjoyed the game and the people playing it, but I had to make a tough decision.

I will always announce if I will be away from the internet for a period due to work or vacation, else I most probably dead or in a coma of some sorts if you don't see any posts from me.

As long as the adventure has posts almost daily I will be around to take part. 15 min a day to post is very easy for me to accomplish.

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

Sorry to see you go, Ensu it has been a pleasure. Hope you are able to get things a little more under control.

Shadow Lodge

Okay, Ensu concentrates on the items in hand, and declares the small hide armour to be magical.

The bow and the dogslicer are merely masterwork, though the dogslicer will suffer penalties until its blade can be hammered flat.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2

Once the others are done sorting themselves out Sephird will head back to the door. Once there he will, of course, check that it is not rigged with an alarm or trap.

Shadow Lodge

The door does not appear to be trapped, but is locked.

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

While Sephrid is checking the door Galstok will step back and take a look down the southwest passage.

Shadow Lodge

Only one magical light can be maintained per caster at any time, and that is being used to search the bodies, but there is a lantern you can prepare while you wait.

The southwestern tunnel leads from the entrance cave.
Crates, barrels, and mounds of miscellaneous refuse lie heaped against the walls here. You hear little except the sound of crashing surf echoing in.

The room is roughly twenty feet square, with a door leading out the right-hand wall, to the west. The door is shut.

Valoria stands in the north passage to provide light for Sephird to be able to do his investigation, and provide some light into the creature's lair for others to do their searches.

Shadow Lodge

It's quite tricky to navigate to the other side of the room, as several of the boxes and barrels have toppled over, spilling some of their contents.
It doesn't look as if anyone has come through here in several weeks.

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

Galstok looks back to the rest and says, "There's another door back this way too, past all the debris."

Shadow Lodge


Speaking softly to Sephird, "Maybe you take a look at the other door too. Maybe the door by storage area is less guarded."

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2

Sephird nods and heads for the other door to check it out as well.

Shadow Lodge

Listening at the door, you detect no noise on the other side, nor do you find any trace of tampering. It appears to be closed by a simple droplatch, backed up by a loop of rope around an unseen hook.

The latch is well within your abilities to lift, and the rope could be cut, by sliding a knife between the door and the frame. Of course, a bent blade would be even better, and avoid spoiling your good one.

"I put out the light just before we open the door, to help gives us the advantage just in case we need it."

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

When Sephird readies to open which ever door he is opening, Galstok will ready for a fight should one arrive.

Shadow Lodge

The rope is cut through, and the latch lifted; ahead is a short corridor, about ten feet long, which ends in another door.

This corridor is clear of rubbish, formed of more well-worked stone, and the door is more sturdy than before.

Male Human (Varisian) Wizard 2

With no serious time constraints, and especially after the welcome he received, Sephird is inclined to be slow and careful, checking for alarms, triggers, and the like as he slowly moves along the corridor, a couple of feet at a time.

Valoria smiles as she watches Sephird being careful as the progressed along the passage, and being cautious in his skill to open locks and doors. Whispers softly to those very close to her, "I really do appreciate having someone who is thorough in keeping us safe from nasty surprises."

Shadow Lodge

Sephird is indeed cautious; he also appears to have picked up a disguise kit, along the way...

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

As he watches Sephird meticulously checks everything, Galstok gets visible impatient at the delay. However, he is able to restrain himself with knowledge that the care taken now will make the hunt all that more successful.

Shadow Lodge

I'm assuming you're continuing to the next door?

The second door is more sturdy than the first, and is the first you've seen to contain what could be described as a typical lock.
Sephird takes less than a minute to declare the door clear of hazards, and turn the bolt, quietly as he can.

He steps back to allow the rest of you to take the lead.

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

With the possibility of action finally at hand, Galstok eagerly steps forward to throw the door open. Grasping the handle, he pauses briefly, listening for any signs of what is beyond the door, before throwing it open.

Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Shadow Lodge


Valoria walks to survey the room, then notes the stairs going down, and the many doors leading from the room.

Speaking softly, "From now on we need to watch our backs. I can open unlocked doors from about 20'. Think we should close the doors behind us to help not be noticed too quickly and easily follow us."

Once everyone is in the room she closes the door.

Shadow Lodge

A single lantern hangs from a hook on the ceiling, next to where the stairs enter this room from the north. Several rickety doors open into this room, and a few discarded dog pelt rugs lie forgotten in the northeast corner.
The remains of some old meals lie in the corners of the room.

The stairs lead up from this room.

Galstok and Valoria:
There is a smell of old vinegar and rotten flowers in this room, though the source is hard to place. There appears to have been some attempt to clean this room, and there are drag marks of some large, heavy, wooden object out of the northwest door.

You hear the sound of bumping and grunting, from somewhere behind one of the southern doors.

Standing next to Galstok she whispers, "Seems this was perhaps a storage area."

Male Shoanti Human Barbarian 2

Looking intently towards the southern doors, he nods and says softly, "There something behind 'em."

Moving quietly towards them he tries to figure out which door the noise is coming from.

Stealth:1d20 + 4 - 1 ⇒ (11) + 4 - 1 = 14
Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Shadow Lodge

You cross the room relatively quietly, you believe, as the noises do not stop. You identify them as coming from behind the furthest door on the southern side.
A low grunting laugh, interspersed with a second, higher-pitched giggle.

Behind you, the others enter and take up position; Tregar readies his bow at the foot of the stairs, looking up, Kavrik guards the northwest doorway, and Ensu scans the room for magic, from the eastern doorway.

Before Galstok moves towards the door, she whispers, "I will open the door from a distance when everyone is ready.Hopefully it is not locked else Shepird has some work to do."

Shadow Lodge

Seeing and hearing nothing at the other entrances, the others take up positions near the southwestern door. Tregar has his bow drawn, Kavrik waits at the side, ready to move in. Ensu is waiting at the other side of the doorframe.

Surprise round will give you one free standard action; you can decide what order you act. Presumably, the first action will be Valoria attempting to open the door (which opens inwards), followed by free Perception checks to take in the details (at a slight penalty, if you want to act as well).

Galstok; assuming you do wish to charge in and engage, are you wanting to be first in?

Valoria will ensure that someone is in between her and the door before she attempts to open the door from the far side of the room using her at will open/close door cantrip. She will take the free perception check immediately after the door opens.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

Shadow Lodge

Surprise round:

Valoria opens the door.
Dozens of ratty cushions, lumpy pillows, and rumpled dogskin furs lie heaped in the south half of this chamber, which smells of a nauseating mixture of vinegar and rotten flowers.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue 2

Sephird peaks in, bow drawn and ready.

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

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