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Iron GM Regional Semi-finals invade Total Confusion in MA!

Gamer Talk

Iron GM™ turns adventure role-playing into a competitive sport. At the start of the event, GMs are given three secret story elements on which to base adventures using the 3.5 System Reference Document (SRD). Game Masters shine when they create exciting, original adventures that give their players the game of their lives, regardless of the GM's level of experience. In the end, it's up to the players to decide who will be crowned the Iron GM™.

$13,000 worth of prize support from top publishers like Paizo, Crafty Games, Steve Jackson games and so many more… all at one event this coming Saturday the 26th at Total Confusion, New England’s Largest Gaming Con!

Winning GM earns the title Iron Contender and receives a free trip to Gen Con (airfare, hotel, 4-day badge) to compete in the Iron GM World Championship.

Winner also gets a check for $1000. That’s right. Come get you some.

Every player who shows up to roll walks away with books and shirts and a one month subscription to Dungeon-A-Day courtesy of Super Genius Games. That’s $50 in sweet swagaliciousness. You’re welcome.


This was our last regional semi-final at NeonCon in Vegas

Robot Viking’s recent article

Visit our website for all the rules and listen our first two Iron GM podcasts with such esteemed guests as Monte Cook and Chris Perkins and more…

Want to keep up on where we’ll be appearing next? Join our Facebook group.

Robot Viking just gave us another write-up, covering our adding a check for $1000 to the mix for the highest scoring GM.

And here's a great article by Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity about the mindset of a competitor. It's actually quite touching.

In answer to your question, no, I have no problem blathering in an echo chamber... amber... mber... ber... er... r... I actually like it in here. It's so peaceful.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2013

If you have never ben to Iron GM before, I must tell you, it is the highligh of Gen Con every single year. I have played in great events, I run an awesome high-level event every year, but Saturday at High Noon is what I go to Gen Con for. Whatever your reasons for not going, you're wrong. : }

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