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Deep 6 FaWtL

Off-Topic Discussions

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Sharoth wrote:
Manwolf wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Ars Technica looks really interesting. Anyone know of any other good tech sites like this?
I like BGR
Thanks Manwolf. And welcome to the Controlled Chaos Testing and Research Thread.

Thank you for the welcome. I am well experienced in chaos, I work in aviation. Those black boxes don't fix themselves you know.

Freehold DM wrote:

indeed Manwolf, forgive my rudeness in not welcoming you sooner.

Please observe the all important rules of the thread, such as no discussion of politics, religion, or sports, and being naked if you are the first post in the thread.

Snacks are available at the concession stand.

No smoking is allowed in the thread itself.

Please do not block the doorways or exits.

May you enjoy many boobs to the head while you are here.

We thank you for choosing FAWTL.

Thank you, I wander hither and yon thru the forests of the forums, popping in to see what is interesting and perhaps interject an interesting or useless comment.

I don't discuss politics, I think it's worse than poking into the Rules Questions threads (however I still do that, but mostly just watch from behind large trees, where it's safer). Religion I think shouldn't matter, that's a personal choice, so whatever floats your boat is fine with me. Sports is only a sporadic interest, no fanaticism there for me. Wow, I'm really boring. I didn't notice that it had become that bad :-P

Since you already mentioned it, I'm all for nudity, a staunch proponent for it in fact, and will gladly take a boob to the head for my fellow pathfinders.

I promise to stand near, but not immediately in front of, any useful exit, just in case things get hairy. Well hairier than usual. It's a full moon tonight isn't it? Uh, oh. Where's that exit again?

Limeylongears wrote:
Just so you know, Manwolf, the ban on sports discussion does not include games popular on the wrong side of the Atlantic, such as Murglethigh, Off-Dirt Horse Gauchle, Westmoreland Crab Hinting (Amalgamated and Confederated rules) and Blarking the Synge.

Um... OK, no problem. I'll add those to the "do not mention, under ANY circumstances, and we really, really mean it this time" file.

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