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Deep 6 FaWtL

Off-Topic Discussions

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So this whole black heart or whatever ritual thing in the bayou, is it worth it? I just hate those creepy as f&&@ irradiated hill billies, they totally smeared me across the wall when I tried leaving with that stupid book.

Also went to vault 108 last night, capped a lot of dudes named Gary, I might go visit more of those....

And I did it all buck ass naked!

Nekkid Rampage!!


I just learned a crucial fact about the ending of my beloved The Thing (1982) that I haven't noticed before...

'Survivors's' identities:
Childs is still wearing an earring...
The Thing can't copy inorganic materials...
It is highly unlikely it would take time to pierce its ear and put the earring, especially that it might trigger defensive reflexes...

121,201 to 121,203 of 121,203 << first < prev | 2415 | 2416 | 2417 | 2418 | 2419 | 2420 | 2421 | 2422 | 2423 | 2424 | 2425 | next > last >>
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