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Last one to post wins

Forum Games

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you two should stop arguing, cuz I just won

Grand Lodge

Delete the post like a cyberman.

I feel like I missed a drug-induced inside joke.

The Exchange

Meghimina! I didn't miss anything!

you missed winning.

Shadow Lodge

1d20 ⇒ 17

Take that winning!!!

Grand Lodge



*casually tosses FuelDrop out a window* Okay, I'm here.

*Fires grappling gun, hooking TVCoB and pulling it out of the window behind me* And now you're not.
*Activates jetpack* Ha ha!
*Jetpack splutters and dies* Uh oh...

Grand Lodge

*Brings out a spiked pit* I'm ready.

I believe I can fly! I believe I can fly! I believe *Splat*

Grand Lodge

Vicious! Get the mop!

I think the Vicious Chicken is the mop.

I am not. Kyros is wearing it on his head.

actually, his hair in real life looks a lot like a mop.


Grand Lodge

No it doesn't!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sorry, I have to take the word of a complete stranger over yours.

Grand Lodge

I'm a complete stranger!

More like a strange acquaintance.

Grand Lodge

That's it I'm getting hobbs to clear this up. HOBBS!

He probably went back to bed.

Shadow Lodge

Good choice.

I would too, but I slept for 13 hours.

Shadow Lodge

I would too, but I already got dressed to go running, but now don't have enough time to go out the door.

So you planned to go running, got dressed to do so, but now you can't?

Shadow Lodge

I may or may not have accidentally tied my shoes together.

Grand Lodge

I'm back. Hobbs is in trouble.

Grand Lodge

Sorry guys, but while I win, y'all lose.

Grand Lodge

I'll just grab you by the horns and wrestle you behind me.

Grand Lodge

*teleport behind you and casts dazing fireball*
Now ill be taking the lead, thanks.

Grand Lodge

*cough cough* god dang it! I'll get you. *throws out a pokeball* pikachu! Lightning!

Grand Lodge

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol wrote:
I feel like I missed a drug-induced inside joke.

hobbs probably doesn't get it either. Doctor Who reference.

*hits pokeball with baseball bat*


Grand Lodge

Tarrasque! I choose you!

Grand Lodge

*Throws out a pokeball too*
Charizard, I choose you!! Burn 'em all!!!

Grand Lodge

Regeneration 40 and DR 20/Epic, beeatch!

Grand Lodge

Wanna play hard, uh? Alright then!
*Force Asmodeus to come to our plane, run away while you deal with it*

Grand Lodge

Oh crap... wait... *takes out another pokeball* 20th level paladin, use SMITE EVIL! (acts as a banishment)

Grand Lodge

Woah, he did it! But my evil plan is just getting started... *Throws pokeball* I choose you, 20th level evil mad wizard! change the reality and destroy everything, while i hide behind a rock and wait for my victory!

Grand Lodge

*Throws out another pokeball* 20th level abjurer, cast lengthened Mage's Disjunction! 20th level Paladin, beat the crap out of the wizard who can't defend himself!

Get out of that one, tex ;)

Grand Lodge

Okay, now you got me mad! *I Cast "GM Fiat". Rocks fall, everyone dies.* Glad I had a clone, so I'm still alive to claim my victory :)

And I turn off the Gameboy...DUN DUN DUN!

Grand Lodge

Aww, i didnt saved my game! Well, at least im still winning.

Grand Lodge

I blow out the dust and restart!

I sold all your cartridges for Twinkies. Good investment, no?

Grand Lodge

I take a baseball bat and use the gameboy as a ball. Now im the only one winning!

*sics Seelah on Kalenz* Let me know how that works out.

Grand Lodge

whos Seelah? By the way, im winning.

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