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What's a good "translated tribal" name for Shelyn for good orcs?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Silver Crusade

Something to match up along the lines of "Sarenrae = The Burning Angel" and "Cayden Cailean = The Wild Wind" and so on.

I had her down originally as "The Gentle Wife", but that really sells short her other aspects and kind of locks her into a single role. She's the only one I'm really running into a block on, and I can't just leave her out because she's important to the religious scene involved here.

Thanks, ahead of time.

Wow, interesting idea. Wish I had some good answers. Just kinda free thought some stuff but not proud of any of it. Of course, I used her title from Gods & Magic as first entry. I like the word bloom... as in when an artist's idea first begins to take form.. or as in the flush on one's face when one encounters their love... or as the feeling that grows when one hears a song that moves them. but not sure I like it in anything I wrote. Hope it inspires you. As I do see her as a goddess of joyful inspiration.

the eternal rose
love's last guardian
the treasured voice
joy's first bloom
love's first bloom
joy's pathfinder
the eternal bloom
Holder of the Heart's Song (happy feet inspiration)
and then of course stolen from FR

Anyway, Mikaze. I keep following these orc threads hoping to learn more of them once you got em goin'. Please keep us informed.


Silver Crusade

Greg Wasson wrote:

GAH, now it's clicking! :D

Thanks man, I was just stuck and spinning my wheels. Needed the kick! This one actually fits into her role for these folks perfectly.

And yeah, I'll keep ya updated, so long as folks don't get sick of me spamming orc-themed threads in the CS section. ;) Hope to have something worth posting done in two weeks, barring unforseen complications.

Agn, thanks! (for the other suggestions too!)

I picked soulsinger, then I saw that you did as well...

We use klingon language for orc language in our game. Orc culture is also partially based on klingons (Next Gen variety). Burning Angel might be something like "Gul Doy".

Grand Lodge

The Faithful Sister
The Glaive Shepherd
The Light in Darkness (or Darkness's Light)
Unbreakable Lover
Feather Dancer
The Mournful Song

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