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C4, the Best Edition Never Published

4th Edition

C4 is short for the Complete 4th Edition. So, what’s C4 about? Well, a few things.

First, I’m not gung-ho about the CB (character builder), and I know I’m not alone. A set of all-sources-and-errata-included docs that require only Adobe Acrobat come in handy for some of us. This is C4's primary purpose.

Second, the game is still problematic. It has overpowered options like the infamous taxpertise feats and crippled trap builds like the star pact warlock. The designers, for whatever inane reason, haven’t seen fit to errata these problems and probably never will. C4 is errata for these problems.

C4 is a work in progress; I've written a lot, but there's still a lot more to write. If you're interested, email me at and I'll send you what you want.

What I've done so far:

C4 Forward
Character Advancement
[Mundane] Equipment

Arcane Classes

Divine Classes

Martial Classes

Psionic Classes

C4 wrote:
C4 is short for the Complete 4th Edition.

Are you associated with WOTC?

In service,



In ethical angst,


The Seeker is up!

Shaman is up!

Battlemind is up. Whew, psionic powers have a lot of text!

The ardent is up, which completes the psionic classes. Woot!

Barbarian is up.

Druid is up, along with an updated Character Advancement pdf with a cheat sheet for all of a 4e PC's basic bonuses!

Woot, the C4 classes are complete!

Mostly. I still need to search through Dragon mag for whatever powers never made it into print, but I just finished the Warden pdf today, the last of the classic 4e classes. It?s hard to believe I?ve been writing C4 for seven months now, and it?s satisfying to reach this landmark.

Holy apostrophe typos, batman!

Anywho, I've added the assassin which completes the classic classes. Now I'm just adding all those Dragon powers. Good gaming, y'all!

C4 wrote:
The Seeker is up!

Up, where? Do you have a wiki?

No, but if you email me at, I'll send you a link!

It can't be said enough, Complete 4th rocks! If it weren't for the fluff, I'd sell my actual books.

Thanks for the kind words, TS!

Heroic feats are compiled, and man I'm tired of 'em.

I have always hated errata's. (Which was one of the reasons I did not like 3.5 when it released...basically a big errata you buy.) My thoughts have always been...those are the deal around it. Hardly anyone likes nerfs in their MMO...which you are forced to comply with. At least you are not forced to comply with errata. That way, the gaming group is not split into two (or more) versions they are using.

So, you're not interested in errata or C4 because you like to play by the first written RAW?

That's cool; the game mostly works fine that way, especially if you have an agreeable group.

I have to be honest though; I'm confused as to why you felt the need to tell us this?

C4 Rituals is now complete!

Martial Practices are done. One more berry in the pie!

Paragon paths are up!

Due to popular demand, I've rebalanced the weapons lists!

Also, paragon feats are up!

Epic destinies and feats are up!

Dam, I need a vacation.

Weapons, armors, implements and neck items are up.

Well it's been a while since the last update, so here are the new pdfs!


Does anyone still have a copy or link for this? PM me, please.

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