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Elemental Gems (some thoughts and ?'s)

Rules Questions

so i am looking to do something really nasty and memorable for the final showdown between my players and the evil wizard they are hunting.
(but i want to be fair about it)

upon reading the elemental gem, I have had the following thought for an ambush.

1. row of statues with elemental gems embedded/ held in hand.
magic missiles to break gems. elementals pop out and its clobberin time

2. line of elemental gems suspended by string with a countinal light spell cast on them to make them appear as just a light source and throw off any detect magics. then when the time is right (whirling blade spell straight down the line and pow badtime in the old dungeon

other thoughts if someone sunders an opponets elemental gem he should get to control the elemental.

I guess my real ? is from what i have read an elemental gem should likly be assigned a hardness and hit points as if it was glass/crystal

just looking for some thoughts

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