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Liberty's Edge

Ok, so obviously I think that the story I wrote is worth the telling, what I have less confidence in is my ability to tell it and my personal writing skill. That being said I have some questions regarding submission.

1. How long is the turn around typically from submission to feedback?
2. Is feedback likely to include directions for improving future submissions?
3. With only 750 words to work with I have a hard time describing the 6 encounters, to the point that I had to cut stat blocks in favor of tactics and development is this typical of successful submissions?
4. Are faction missions typically included with the first submission or are they added later. I have some trouble with getting ALL faction missions to flow naturally instead of feeling forced. For instance in my first submission 3 factions had very naturally feeling faction missions, the other 2 seemed forced.

Shadow Lodge

Well, I'm hardly the official word on it, but the initial submission is more of a summary than anything else. An outline, more or less, of how the adventure will go, without getting into the full depth of the actual, full-length adventure.

Of course, that's just how I interpreted the submission guidelines.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Yay! Me too!

Don't seriously expect that it will be accepted, but the exercise was fun.

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