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New Order of the Stick Strip Up


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On May 1st, Rich posted on Twitter that he is trying to finish the O-Chul story obligation for the Kickstarter campaign before he does another strip for the main story line. I gave to the Kickstarter and I haven't seen where he's published the O-Chul story yet, so it will probably be a week or more until we see another regular strip.

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FYI, Rich just sent an email to his Kickstarter supporters. He completed and published his 95 page O'Chul story. He intends to focus on the regular strip for much of the summer.

1071: Never Failed Him Before

Just when I think the mechanic can't do any thing worse, she does...

In the second panel, what is it that Andi could've sworn she saw?

Silver Crusade

Andostre wrote:
In the second panel, what is it that Andi could've sworn she saw?

In a previous comic, she chose this path to take at a fork, because she thought she could see plains between the mountains, so she thought it was a way out.

Ah, I found it. Thanks.

All I know is never trust a mechanic to give you geographical advice in a place she's never visited.

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