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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society - Melbourne, Australia

Local Play

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*** Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010

Hopefully for Wrath of the Accursed, the PCs will have the requisite 16 PA for the raise dead and the 5 PA to recover the body. :-) :-)

*** Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010

Only 1 death to report (and that was an animal companion). Although:

Wrath of the Accursed spoiler:
One PC finished with a Con score of 1 from a cloudkill spell, and another finished on 1 hp while spider climbing through said cloudkill.

Lantern Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Asia-Pacific aka DarkWhite

Sunday 24th June

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun - Pathfinder's Free RPG Day module!

In the City of Monuments, people are dying at the hands of a cagey murderer—and it's up to your party to stop them!

A single murder hardly warrants attention in a city like Magnimar. But when the victims are all worshipers of the goddess Sarenrae, and all of the murders are committed in the same fashion, it's time to call in the A-Team! In "Dawn of the Scarlet Sun", the city guard has turned to your party to solve this deadly mystery, hoping that keen-eyed locals will tell the PCs more than what the guard has managed to gather. Catching your canny foe will require equal parts wit, preparation, and luck!

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun is a 5th-level adventure. Pre-generated characters are included for new players, or bring along your 4th- to 6th-level PFS character.

Seats are limited, so please ensure you Sign up to play on Warhorn >> <<

Sunday 24th June
11am to 5pm
at the following locations:

Good Games Blackburn (two tables)
3/66 Railway Rd
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 03 9877 8136
[ Website | Facebook | Event page | Warhorn ]

Good Games Geelong (two tables)
Level 1/28 Malop St
Geelong VIC 3220
Phone: 03 5223 3940
[ Website | Facebook | Event page | Warhorn ]

Dungeon of Magic (one table)
Basement, Royal Arcade
331-335 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9650 5815
[ Website | Event page | Warhorn ]

Games start 11am, and play until 5pm (give or take an hour). New players always welcome. Don't hesitate to email Ryan or myself if you have any questions.

Stephen (DarkWhite)
Pathfinder Society 5-Star GM
Venture-Captain, Melbourne

Grand Lodge ****

Just a reminder that this weekend is the perfect chance to get introduced to Pathfinder Society Melbourne. If you've been floating around the boards and want to sample PFS nonsense, or you've bought the products and are desperate to play, come along.

I'll be running the introduction mission to the Society: First Steps - In Service to Lore. 11am to around 4-5pm. 23rd September.

"In your first mission as a Pathfinder agent, the head of the Grand Lodge sends you on a number of missions throughout the metropolis of Absalom, pitting you against traps, thieves, and even an unruly devil, all in the pursuit of knowledge."

As always, make sure you register on Warhorn.

Grand Lodge ****

There's another good chance to get introduced to Melbourne's Pathfinder Society play for the first time this weekend. If you've been curious about organised play silliness and want to give it a go, please come along!

I'll be running the Icebound Outpost at Dungeon of Magic, central Melbourne, in an underground lair just opposite the General Post Office.

"The Pathfinder Society discovers a rival Aspis Consortium base in an ancient Vudran temple now encased in a glacier. A team must be sent to infiltrate and investigate the extent of the rival organization's regional operations. Can the PCs get in the well-guarded Aspis outpost and recover the information the Society seeks?"

As always, make sure you register on Warhorn.

Liberty's Edge **

Im running this one as well soon, check out the goodies in the shared prep folder.

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