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let's make some word casters

Round 2: Words of Power Discussion

To start it off I made a third level Pc red-dragon bloodline human sorcerer.

Wordcasting human fire dragon bloodline sorcerer 3

diety Nethys


Eric Pyrite Is a human that is helpful to his friends and strangers he has no reason to suspect however, if you get him angry he comes after you with a vengeance of curses from his red dragon blood. His grandfather was a blacksmith that slept with a beautiful woman. His father was also a blacksmith who tried to hide his dragon blood out of shame. Eric had weird elemental powers and magical mishaps in his adolescence and his father tried to shelter him from the suspicous outside world. Eric had to work on practicing his magic abilites and words in his room while his father was hammering to make swords. Eric also worshiped Nethys and tried to aviod his father. His mother Anne was busy with housework while his father made swords and cooking soup. Eric still carries his mothers soup recipe with him as soon as he left home. When he left he wanted to explore the magical power in himself to learn and expand his faith.

Eric's character sheet:

20 point buy

+6 total from con +3favored class +6 1st level +7 average on next two hd +3 toughness
ac = 13 (17 mage armor) touch 12 flat footed 11 (+1 natural)
initiative= +6
resist 5 fire.
concentration +9

str 8 -1
dex 14 +2
con 14 +2
int 12 +1
wis 10 0
cha 18 +4

fort +4

improved initiative
eschew materials
spell penetration

focused mind +2 concentration
indomintable faith

perception +6
use magic device+10

spells known
1st level
mage armor
words known

level 0 words
acid burn
flame jet
force block

level 1 words
burning flash dc 15 reflex 3d4+3 forms 20ft line, 10ft cone, mass, single, single boost to d6
wrack dc 15 fortitude forms single, 20ft line, 10ft cone , mass. 3rounds
simple order dc 15 will negates single

0 all known
first level slots 6
morningstar +0 d8-1
masterwork light xbow +4 d8
20 bolts

magic items
cloak of resistence +1

adventuring gear
winter blanket
hodded lantern
5 pints oil 5 days trail rations
pack saddle
1633 gp to spend on other things like wands and scrolls

You can't boost burning flash because the spell level goes up to 2. Other than that, looks good.

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