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Venderlash [Spoilers]

Second Darkness

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Have any of you done any development on Venderlash? It's the village of outcasts in the Land of Black Blood "where a small community of derro work alchemical wonders with rare minerals and arcane reagents."

In addition to the derro we know that residents include at least duergar, mongrelmen, and dark folk. We know it's a rather poor community, financially speaking, but I'm thinking that at the very least there would be a pub. (I'm not sure what that pub would be like, but it probably deserves some attention.)

There'd be a volunteer fire department and probably a mayor (which would be a part-time job filled by one of the farmers). I'm picturing this place as having fewer than a thousand people. What else is going to be there?

What's going on with the alchemists?

Maybe you could get some derro-y inspiration from Wolfgang Baur's "The Ship of Night" from Dungeon #20. That definitely left an impression on me as to what a derro community might be like (i.e., a bit crazy to say the least).

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