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DM Tanner's Legacy of Fire OOC Thread

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Did Arjun get attacked? Did i miss something or was that a sneak peek into the future?

The round 2 where the peryton's plans worked out and the first one was able to move around harassing you on the roof while the second unseen one ripped up the squishiest person it could see.

I'm sorry to be a pain but i can't find it. All i can find is that one peryton hit Sajan for a total of 8 damage on round one and has then spent the rest trying to escape Sajan's grapple. The other charged and missed Sajan on round 2. I can't find where Arjun has been hit.

I think he means if his evil-DM plans had gone the way he wanted them to, that's what would have happened.

Ah, now that i read through the post it is quite clear. My mistake! Ignore my previous posts :)

Human Psychomancer

Arjun certainly appreciates the lack of stomping ;)

I'd just like to clarify that, as a halfling, Nuveril does not have low-light vision. I don't know why I thought she did. I must have been looking at the wrong character profile. :P Fortunately, she didn't see anything anyway.

Joana wrote:
I'd just like to clarify that, as a halfling, Nuveril does not have low-light vision. I don't know why I thought she did. I must have been looking at the wrong character profile. :P Fortunately, she didn't see anything anyway.

Ah I have to say when you said it I thought "wow halflings have low light vision - cool". No harm done.

Oh just realised we sailed past the 2000 post mark. Thanks for all your effort guys. Over a dozen fights and I've only had to invoke the 24 hour rule once. I appreciate it.

I will play Sajan for the fight. Good luck...

Grall wrote:
May want to bot Arjun as well, he hasn't posted since Monday.

I believe his part of the country is experiencing flooding right now. :(

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

He mentioned he was having some personal and PC issues around weather...hopefully he is okay.

AK, if you check this thread before your project is done, have you had any contact with Tanner? I know you chat with all your players by MSN....

Sovereign Court


Not all, but most. I expect hes in a similar state to me, but with far more commitment to his work rather than lurking like I keep doing. I will send him an e-mail if we don't hear from him in a few days. Is the flood situation bad? I'm English so I don't really know much about it.

Well, it's definitely getting overshadowed in the news due to the monster tornado in Tuscaloosa, but it looks like it's been fairly significant, depending on where along the river people are and how high the ground. I know one of his last posts mentioned his basement was flooded.

Oh, that really sucks. I hope it works out.

DM Dan E wrote:

Have to say ever since Linah has been rolling 2d6 her channels have been outstanding.

Noooo, now you've jinxed it! :)

Patrik Ström wrote:

Oh, that really sucks. I hope it works out.

DM Dan E wrote:

Have to say ever since Linah has been rolling 2d6 her channels have been outstanding.

Noooo, now you've jinxed it! :)


No doubt we will hear from him at some point. I'll bot Arjun until then.

Human Psychomancer

Ugh, so much rain. We had 16 inches fall in 48 hours and we were declared a state disaster area. Even after we replaced the sump pump I had to run out and rent some industrial carpet driers to keep the mold out.

Having had my fair share of flooding incidents I know what a pain in the ass it is. Glad to here everything is ok.


A little bit random but how old was Nuveril when she was found?

Eh, pre-walking age. Somewhere between 6 and 9 months, maybe, assuming halfling infants mature somewhere near the same rate as humans. Less than a year old, for sure.

Posting has been slow. Normally I'd have pushed things along but I wanted to give you an opportunity to ask Undrella questions. From the lack I'm assuming your good.

Next update tomorrow.

Nuveril has an appalling lack of curiosity about anything that doesn't immediately relate to fighting things. Honestly, she's more interested in what Dashki has to relate. If we hear what Dashki saw, it may lead to something else to ask Undrella about.

Does she intend to stay at the monastery, or will she return to Kelmarane and try to keep her cover? (Probably a questions that should be asked IC, but once again, Nuveril doesn't really care. Maybe someone could ask for me?)

Asked and answered IC.

Its really annoying but I discovered today that the paizo server is not letting me log into my account or post from my blackberry. So I can't see my dots nor post unless I'm doing it from the computer. If this continues it means while I'm travelling (like I am in this week) I won't be able to post except in the morning and the evening.

That seems odd. I know other people post from their phones. Have you asked about it in the website feedback forum? Maybe it's something Gary can tweak.

OK will give it a try if it doesn't right itself soon.

I liked Nuveril's dream. I always thought that if she heard someone speaking Halfling, it would be enticingly familiar, even while she didn't understand a word of it, like hearing the tune to a song you can't remember the words to.


I had to double check to ensure you didn't actually speak halfling or it would have seemed all kinds of weird.

I have my ideas for Nuverils background but its slow boil kind of stuff. If you had anything particular in mind I can work with it or you can let me surprise you. Their won't be any sitcomesque family reunions in any case.

Of all the characters Nuverils the one that I have the hardest time seeing going along with the AP plot. Actually shes the only one I have a hard time seeing going along with the AP plot. Not that this is an immediately pressing concern. Shes more than fine going through chapter 2 and thats probably something like at least 6-9 months of real time and as far as I was setting an initial goal to reach. But if we ever got there I can see her saying "What? Im out of here." at some point in chapter 3 (ironically if she got past that she'd probably be Ok for the rest of the AP). I was sort of playing with the idea of developing her background to use as leverage to get past that critical point.

But this is pretty idle stuff. Even with PBPs making chapter 2 being rare I can't quite help thinking of what I'd do in later chapters even if the reality is that it would take years to get there and realistically the chance of the game going that far is probably slim.

Leverage is a fine idea. Nothing like guilt from your family (biological or adoptive) to get you to do something you wouldn't normally do. There's always the possibility that she'll bond with the party -- or at least, one or two of the party members -- and be willing to go where they go out of loyalty.

In the "crossing that bridge when we come to it" category, though, I know barbarians are probably the most death-prone class to play. As much as I love Nuveril, I'm prepared for the fact that she's likely to die being reckless on the front lines somewhere along the way.


Well thats one way to deal with the issue!

Sovereign Court

HP: 39/42 AC: 23 (SoF) Init: +6 Kelishite Human Inquisitor 6

Testing....for some reason, the board is not letting me post to the game thread from either my computer here, or my phone. :(

EDIT: That's odd, apparently all I had to do is write it down and now it is fixed...*wanders off slightly confused...*

Arjun only:

It seems to me that alchemists are a bit one-dimensional at least in the early levels. You need an alternative enery based attack for those reistant to fire (this would make an immense difference in the final battle market battle for example) but selective bomb throwing is important to minmise the splash (particularly as here where you have a whole party of melee to get in the way).

The bottomline for me though is that if you aren't enjoying Arjun, and don't expect that to change either with a re-spec or with a few levels of more options, then you can change. PBP games take a long time and you shouldnt be stuck with something you dislike.

That said there is a challenge in integrating a new character into the party at this point (plenty of scope at the end of the chapter but we have a few big battles to get through first). One option is one surviving member of the Lions of Senra still in town by the name of Felliped (this has been referred to a few times although his status is unknown). As it happens the party is likely to run into him very shortly. Felliped is a bard, a member of the pathfinder society but if you wanted to be Felliped he could be any class and anything (and Felliped could have just been a pseudonym or nickname so its basically a blank slate built around the premise that you were a member of the Chelexian adventuring group and escaped while the rest of the group were killed or taken by the gnolls).

Alternatively a new character could be someone else with a compelling reason to be in town (and alone). The Lions were chasing rumors of a great treasure under the church and you could have heard similar. Or you could be searching for a slave. Basically any of the backgrond traits that don't rely on you being a member of Almah's expedition. But you would have to have a strong emotional reason to fight the gnolls and for the party to take you in. Being Felliped provides that so you would have to devise something similar.

If you still want to switch please tell me ASAP:

- Planned new class.
- Whether you want to be Felliped.
- If you want a different back story how you see yourself here.

If you want to be Felliped we will be integrating you basically immediately. If not as soon as possible (once the group starts exploring the upper town it might take a while to build you in). Either way we should be able to give you enough time for the full build for the character that you think youll enjoy it over the long term.

You'd start with level 2 wealth. I'm not adverse to the idea of you taking ultimate magic stuff but youd need to run anything past me first. Magus is Ok in principal although frankly another melee type seems a bid redundant.

Loot list looks good thanks although I haven't done a check of the loose change found in the monastery exploration part. I'll double check the value of the magic item papers as I'm not sure if I placed a value on the contents of the alchemical library in addition to the specific formulae Arjun found.

As I understand it, Sajan has the ring of feather fall and Arjun the masterwork silver dagger.

Theres also the book you found in the library which had a 300gp value.

Male Vishkanya Ninja 7 -- HP 80 : AC 21 CMD 18 TAC 15 FAC 16 : sap+11(TWF+9/+9); 1d6+6 : dagger+11; 1d4+1 : F+6 R+10 W+1 : INIT+7 Perc+11 CMB+6

DM DanE Only:

That's great to hear, Dan. Thanks for being so flexible.

1. I can hopefully have a character sheet ready by late this evening.

2. I don't know how Arjun should exit the action, but I was think he could either retire to a permanent support role as an alchemist and barber, or he could die spectacularly for dramatic effect.

3. I am fine with playing Felliped. I will definitely be going with an arcane spellcaster, but I will let you know whether wizard or sorcerer later today.

Sometimes i wish i was a lurker because the suspense with the spoilers is killing me!! :)

Arjun only:

Ok its done.

I will provide you with a small packet of information but your real name, background and personality are up to you.

You became associated with the Lions of Senra a Chelaxian adventuring group. As permanant member or associate is up to you.

The Lions had contacts with the pathfinder society (this can be you or someone else). Var Pinden the dwarven head of the parthfinders in Katapesh tasked you to investigate recent rumors that there was a great treasure left in the vaults under the church of Saranrae in the upper town of Kelmarane. This treasure was abandoned following the fall of the town. You don't know what this treasure is. Var sent you quickly before other groups could investigate.

You journeyed to Kemarane with six other members of your group. One, Andrus was the leader and a fighter. You heard him being tortured to death early on. Another was Oxvard a priest. He is the guy you rescued from the gnolls. The others are up to you. You saw them all die while Andrus and Oxvard were captured. Oxvard told you to escape which you did via your magic (how is up to you).

The story of how the gnolls beat your group is up to you but in line with Oxvard's ramblings you should work in the fact that Andrus didn't think much of the gnolls and while you were fighting them you were carved up by the goat demon that the party killed. One of the lions was picked up and carried away by one of the perytons (the body you found in the mill). You would recognise the chainshirt that Grall now wears and the magic backpack, not to mention the demon's halberd. The group was carrying other magical equipment but you don't know where that would be now.

Your currently in the stables adjoining the inn that the party is exploring. You've heard them searching the common room but have no idea whether they are gnolls or something else. You've been holed up here for a week or so. You ran out of food two days ago and are nearly out of water. You want to escape the town but you know you won't get far without food and water in the bleak terrain outside. You've heard the disruptions the party have caused but haven't seen them. Perhaps you hoped to use the disruptions to steal food and water for an escape attempt it is up to you.

You know nothing of the upper town. You've seen the gnolls from time to time including the veiled figure. You don't know anything about their leaders.

Patrik Ström wrote:
Sometimes i wish i was a lurker because the suspense with the spoilers is killing me!! :)

That proves you are being a good non-spoiler looker atter.

Well I'll reveal Arjun's shortly.

Male Vishkanya Ninja 7 -- HP 80 : AC 21 CMD 18 TAC 15 FAC 16 : sap+11(TWF+9/+9); 1d6+6 : dagger+11; 1d4+1 : F+6 R+10 W+1 : INIT+7 Perc+11 CMB+6

DM DanE Only:

Sounds fantastic. I'm at work right now, but I will have a sheet ready this evening.

OK guys basically Tanner has said to me that he isn't enjoying playing Arjun for a variety of reasons and would like to change characters.

From my perspective, changing a character can be disruptive and isn't something I like to see done lightly, but bottomline this is about having fun and for a long term endeavour like PBP one player being stuck with a character they don't enjoy is likely to diminish everyone's enjoyment.

So I've allowed his request. Effective immediately Arjun is an NPC.

Fortunately (and this influenced my decision), Tanner's timing was accidentally excellent and there is an imminent opportunity for him to work in a new character. He tells me this will be a wizard or sorcerer. He will be starting with 2nd level wealth.

If anyone has problems or issues with this please advise, in spoilers if you'd like to direct them only to me.

Human Bard 1 Paladin 12 | hp 88/106 | Bardic Performance 9/10, Channel 6/6, Lay on hands 13/13 Smite Evil 4/4
AC 33 | F+15 R +17 W +16

Sounds good to me. I don't have a problem with it. I think the most important thing is to have fun.

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Grall objects....overuled...okay Grall strongly objects...OVERULED!!! lol's

Gotta play what is fun, especially in a PBP, liking your character concept and getting "into it" is what this is all about.

I am enjoying the struggle with the other PC's/NPC's regarding him being a Gnoll. Nuveril is doing a good job playing a racist :), and I mean that in a good's

Sovereign Court


Sajan is regularily not around during the quiet talks with Grall, but you can tell that he is also finding the Gnoll's behaviour troubling (not racism concerns though).

Oh reroll? Sure. No problem.

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager
Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:

Sajan is regularily not around during the quiet talks with Grall, but you can tell that he is also finding the Gnoll's behaviour troubling (not racism concerns though).

Oh reroll? Sure. No problem.

What is this "behavior" you are referring to? Grall has been nothing but helpful to the group... :) slowly easing your fears of Gnoll's...

Sovereign Court


Sajan fears no Gnolls, especially slaves ;).

Human Psychomancer

2d6 ⇒ (5, 4) = 9

Nothing to see here...

OK while we lull a bit with the introduction of Tanner's new character I'm going to raise a meta issue (in part because I've removed your normal visibility over your XP progression).

We're obviously nearing a climax of the AP with an attack on the battle market. I've tried to make the game organic enough that when and how you do this is totally up to you. Your a good way through 3rd level. Basically the way I've restructured the encounters theres just enough potential XP to put you to 4th before you do the battle market if you do all of them (without a huge bangup battle with the gnolls outside).

But you don't need to. Certainly things might be a bit easier with another level but equally while the number of enemy forces is fixed I'd be more inclined to throw more of the enemies at you together to keep the challenge level even. Your certainly tactically minded enough to manage things at your current level (although I'm aiming for a very challenging and fun experience). You'll be 4th level after the battle market either way and I'm mostly likely going to advance you to 5th to start the 2nd chapter of the AP (meaning that not getting certain XP now isn't going to cost you in the long run).

Basically I'm trying to reinforce that I have no particular route in mind for you completing your mission. Some ways may end up easier than others but thats down to your choices, you have enough information now to assess these yourselves. About the only thing thats not going to work (not because its bad tactics but because this is a PBP with its own sense of time rather than a face to face game) is a lengthy, cat and mouse, war of attrition but that should be evident to the characters from the information in their possession. At some point first (when I have made intentionally unclear)you'll have a big bangup siege of the monastery. Thats an option too of course although a failure of a sort.

Another note as it might well come up again. In being all GM fiaty I didn't give Victoria a concentration check to maintain her spell when Sajan tripped her. Interestingly, the rules don't seem to deal with the issue of what concentration check you'd need to make. I'd probably treat it as vigorous or violent motion.

Sovereign Court


I think most rule it as vigorous moton; but i'm 100% sure she wouldn't get the spell off provoking from that many people.

Nope. It was contemplating the AOO's that made me realize the fake combat had gone far enough.

Thinking about what I would have done made me go searching for the rule. Which I then couldn't find. Vigorous seems reasonable.

We should have our own reality show: Tanner keeps bringing in new characters to ambush Nuveril. The first one to survive gets to join the party!

Human Psychomancer

*starts writing up a savage halfling barbarian*

Fight fire with fire, right?

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

No cat and mouse for Grall, you would loose him to a direct single gnoll assault in a matter of days anyways...

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