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Grappling Aberrant Sorcerer?! MADNESS!!


So I'm looking at making a new character for a D&D game that's going towards Lovecraftian, with Shogoths and Aboleths skulking about, menacing the party and such. I'm thinking about coming in with a Aberrant Bloodline Battle Sorcerer (ala Unearthed Arcana - see 3.5 srd) that specializes in grappling and touch spells...However I'm looking for advice on the build; especially good touch spells, feats, and tactics.

Firstly, I have any WotC or Pathfinder source materials available; including Dragon Magazine. Second, I have god-stats to play with; 18,18,16,16,14,14. Level 7 character. He's a caster (especially with the sorcerer favored class option for humans in Advanced Player's Guide) but will melee with tentacle attacks...Really, I want to make a super-flavorful character, with a morphic body, life-stealing tentacles (mmm vampiric touch), and spells that simulate the madness of the Far Realm (Feeblemind, Black tentacles, etc..).

One feat I definitely want is Anarchic Bloodline from the Dragon Mag Compendium, as it will give me a decent selection of spells to offset the one per level I lose by being a battle sorcerer. Second, two of the aberrant feats from Lords of Madness; one that grants me 10 ft. reach (on top of the additional reach for touch spells thanks to my bloodline), and a pair of tentacle attacks. Since I already qualify as having the Aberrant Bloodline feat by being a sorcerer; I dont need it as a prerequisite for the other two. The rest is up to you guys.

One more thing to this long post - if I'm grappling with my tentacles at 10 ft reach, do I still need to make concentration checks and use verbal only spells when my hands are entirely free?...

CMD scales very quickly, be sure that you have a way to compensate the loss of BAB, like a bard in the party, having weapon focus unarmed strike or shape shifting (you retain extra apendiges gains throungh special abilities like class features or feats, GOGO WERETIGER CTHULHU!!).

Also defensive Combat Training feat willl make scaping from you harder.


Ahaha; I forgot about the "Bite of the X" spells! Good idea...

Okay; well Improved Grapple/Greater Grapple might be ways to go then. Also might take "Heroism" for the floating fighter feat.

Anybody else? I want a good SoD, and was considering Corporeal Instability for the sheer awesomeness of the mental image. I realize the character is nowhere near as optimized as the Arcane bloodline sorc I was originally considering, but I think I can be effective with this build with some help!

The Exchange

so, you're making the Slender Man? O.O

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