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Pygon runs Serpent's Skull

Campaign Journals

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Sovereign Court

Kavi's hit points: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Level 9 Kavi.

Alright, Lini/Droogami is updated.

Liberty's Edge

Session 44

- Activated the Temple District spire
- Fought undead trogs on the way back to camp
- Restored Juliver to health
- She tells the group about Eando Kline, the serpentfolk city, and the serpentfolk caster that feebleminded her
- Undead are fought off that night
- The next morning, on the way to the Temple District, Kavi stops off at Egzimora's manor and uses the Azlanti cauldron to examine her past memories. Egzimora forces a body switch with Dalara.

"Dalara has been punked."
"I will fix this."

- Two groups of undead (CR 10, 8000) = 16000
(divided by 5) = 3200xp
Now 10656xp into 9th (30000xp for 10th)

- 20000gp

Liberty's Edge

Note to self: include XP reward for restoring Juliver to health in next log.

... and the contents of those 11th level caster's books...

Liberty's Edge

December 2nd is our next game, but I have a sneaking suspicion that work may need me.

And I may not know until the day comes. I'll keep you informed.

Trini updated to lvl 9.
If we do play, I need to leave about an hour early for a holiday party.

Liberty's Edge

There will not be a game tonight.

I'm still bust at work, and Guy's back is bothering him.

Postponing until 12/16.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Understood and no problem man. G'luck getting things taken care of!

Loot stuff from last split up through last session.
12 masterwork shortspears (301gp each)
7 wands of sound burst (19 charges) (2200gp each)
+1 light crossbow (2335gp)
+1 mighty cleaving scythe (8318gp)

3 wands of sound burst (19 charges) (2200gp each) = Trini (3 is

roughly 1 fully charged)
wand of lesser restoration (23 charges) (2200gp) = Venthal
10 potions of invisibility = 2 per person
10 potions of cure light wounds = 2 per person
potion of barkskin = up for grabs
potion of shield of faith +3 = up for grabs

Total Sell Value: 33,176gp
Split Share: 6,635gp

Shadow Lodge

Have Igori hold onto the Barkskins and shield of faith. Anyone can ask him for the potion and the bucket.

Liberty's Edge

Session 45

- Entered the cauldron with Dalara to defeat Egzimora
- Dalara leaves Egzimora disabled inside the cauldron for eternity


- Egzimora, cauldron trance form (CR 13) = 25600 xp

Egzimora's trance form

Total XP: 25600
XP per PC (divided by 5): 5120xp

Now 15776xp into 9th (30000xp for 10th)

Loot (on Egzimora):

- 2 potions of cure moderate wounds
- potion of resist energy (fire)
- wand of bestow curse (9 charges)
- elixir of love
- 45 gp

Liberty's Edge

I hope everyone is having a merry Xmas.

I just wanted to check on everyone's availability for the December 30th game, being in the middle of the holidays and all.

Let me know!

Sovereign Court

I'm good to go

Liberty's Edge

Session 46

- Left Dalara in her manor
- Traveled west to the boggard district, fought 2 patrols
- Moved into human district, helped with the sick, investigated the ruined manor
- Defeated Sozothala and his minions

- 2 Boggard subchiefs (CR 4 - 2400xp)
- 6 Boggards (CR 2 - 3600xp)
- Sozothala (CR 11 - 12800xp)
- 1 mummy (CR 5 - 1600xp)
- 3 wights (CR 3 - 2400xp)
- 4 ghasts (CR 2 - 2400xp)

Total XP: 25200xp
XP per PC (divided by 4): 6300xp

Now 22076xp into 9th - 30000xp for 10th

- 2 potions of cure light wounds
- 2 masterwork hide armor
- 2 +1 greataxes
- 282gp

- scroll of create undead (CL 15th)
- wand of enervation (10 charges)
- ring of protection +2
- gems worth 600gp
- necromancer spell books (to be determined)

Liberty's Edge

Session 47

- Informed human tribe that Undead have been defeated
- Met with the Radiant Muse, tasked to stop the vampiric attacks on her people
- Defeated the vrykolakas, rescued Droogami from possession
- Returned to camp and slept
- Met with Sargavan expedition
- Returned to human tribe and assisted with the sick
- Proceeded east into boggard district

- vrykolakas (CR 10, 9600 XP)

Total XP: 9600xp (divided by 5)
XP per PC: 1920xp (now 23996xp into 9th - 30000xp for 10th)

No loot.

Sovereign Court

what news on tomorrow's game? You'd said something earlier in the week about compiling data.

Liberty's Edge

Guy Humual wrote:
what news on tomorrow's game? You'd said something earlier in the week about compiling data.

Right. Apparently that isn't happening until Friday, so it's next weekend that I may have to work. Tonight's game is still on.

Liberty's Edge

Session 48

- Proceeded east into boggard district
- Fought patrol of boggards at base of ziggurat
- Fought boggard leader on top of ziggurat
- Saved pathfinders from froghemoth
- Activated Spire of Abundance
- Found entrance to vault that Juliver escaped from

- 2 boggard subchiefs (CR 4 - 2400xp)
- 8 boggards (CR 2 - 4800xp)
- Garluu (CR 9 - 6400xp)
- Froghemoth (CR 13 - 25600xp)

Total XP: 39200xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 9800 (achieved 10th level, now 3796 into 10th - need 50000 for 11th)

- 2 +1 greataxes
- +2 falchion
- +1 breastplate
- +1 glaive
- Ring of swimming
- Chime of opening (7 charges)
- potion of cure moderate wounds
- 2 potions of cure light wounds
- Rusty masterwork short sword
- 3 masterwork javelins
- masterwork heavy crossbow, 20 bolts
- 2 masterwork hide armor
- Jewelry and gems worth 1900gp
- Coins worth 479gp


Sovereign Court

So last time we saw Kavi's motives questioned, so I think it would be nice to quickly go over her character so we can understand her motives and goals a little better.

1) Kavi grew up in an evil society. She never questioned things as a child, she was part of the ruling elite after all, and working with inhuman monsters was the norm for her. Irrisen practices slavery, torture, the eating of intelligent beings, witchcraft, and as a member of the ruling elite Kavi would have had to constantly worry about assassination from, and would likely have had plotted the murders of, her own sisters, aunts, and cousins. At that point in her life Kavi was quite evil and would have seen no reason to treat anyone any different. She had, after all, an evil and cynical outlook on life.

2) Some event sent her away from Irrisen. This part of her life is extremely fuzzy. Kavi can't remember why exactly. She does remember being in Numeria at some point. She believes it to have been some quest given to her by her mother. It would seem the only like reason for her to have left Irrisen.

3) Kavi finally awoke in Alkenstar. I say awoke because this is when her memories become solid again, most of everything before is very hazy, and very quickly these memories of before became very painful for her. Not because of any real physical pain, but because of her relationship with Chilton, a man who seemed to treat her with limitless love and kindness, and Kavi quickly became ashamed of what she once was. She didn't really become a good person per se, she still had a lot of mistrust of others, but she very quickly saw that murder and torture were brutal and often unnecessary ways of dealing with people you didn't like.

4) The only man Kavi ever remembers loving was murdered. Kavi by this time thoroughly hated what she once was and saw Chilton as the only good thing in her life, he was her savior and her sole reason for living . . . and then he was murdered. Amongst the scraps of paper near his body was the name Egzimora. It was a name from her past, she was sure of it. Kavi knew she needed to track this woman(?) down and find out if she(?) had killed Kavi's husband. This meant Kavi would need to try to remember things.

5) In her hunt for Egzimora Kavi was ship wreaked on a mysterious island and memories started flooding back far too quickly and far too painfully for her liking. Kavi was often morose and semi suicidal. Her one solace was her quest for revenge and thus Kavi was often seen studying her late husband's gun. At one point one of the castaways, a young red headed woman named Sasha, was attacked by a ghost and something snapped into place for Kavi. For whatever reason she suddenly tried to intercept the ghost, putting herself between the entity and Sasha, and it wasn't until after that encounter that Kavi remembered having a daughter. Had Sasha been a brunet, had the ghost not attacked, perhaps Kavi's memories would have remained sealed.

6) Despite the sometimes callous ways Lini treated her, Kavi began to see the gnome and her sister as friends and people she could trust. Kavi tried to open up, tried to explain things to them, but was often rebuked and shunned. Still, Kavi was no stranger to intolerance or prejudice, she'd once been the one judging others after all, and although it hurt she was often able to look past it. The sisters were gnomes, and while they were likely older then she, Kavi knew they had a far smaller breadth of experience.

7) After escaping the island Kavi tried to help her companions in whatever way she could, she still had her mission of revenge, but she also tried to assist those she'd become close to in whatever way she could. A priest named Jask had been framed and Kavi (with Lini and Trini) tried to intercede on his behalf. Despite having evidence that should have exonerated the man the local magistrate, a man named Kellios, tried to extort the party for something more. He would have knowingly sent an innocent man to prison simply because he had the authority to do so. Had the group not had something to trade for Jask's freedom he would have been sent back to prison for a crime he hadn't committed. Kellios made Kavi's enemies' list right under Egzimora.

8) Later Archivist Linarran, a man the party had entrusted to translate notes they'd found on the island, broke a verbal contract he'd made with Lini. It had been a very generous contract that would have allowed him to sell his findings to whomever he wanted after the party had left, and despite taking extra gold to ensure his secrecy, he still sold the party's information to the dreaded assassins the Red Mantis as he went along. He'd taken advantage of Lini's naive and trusting nature and betrayed the party. He went on Kavi's enemy list right under Kellios.

9) Kavi was later horrified to learn that Sasha had been snatched up by the Red Mantis and was working for them. Kavi still saw the girl as her pseudo daughter and tried everything in her power to secure her release from the organization. Kavi very nearly tried the unthinkable, she almost tried to kill Sasha, as Kavi thought death would have been preferable then the slow murder and corruption of her soul. Kavi knew, after all, what that was like. The only thing that stayed her hand was the fact that Lini and Trini were also at the meeting. Kavi was certain that she'd have been killed in the attempt but she was unwilling to risk her friend's lives to save Sasha.

10) Having discovered her real daughter living in the ruins of Saventh-Yhi and learning her intentions to travel to Irrisen and try to vie for the crown of the winter queen, Kavi has attempted to repeatedly talk her daughter out of it. She knows firsthand what horrors the place holds, and she fears for whatever vestige of humanity her child might still have after growing up under the hag Egzimora.

11) Kavi saw things in the cauldron that she must reject as being false as if they were true Kavi would likely kill herself. Thankfully there seems to be some gaping discrepancies with what few memories she does have. However her daughter believes the visions to be true and that somehow Baba Yaga, Kavi's grandmother, has some divine plan for her. This Kavi knows to be false, her grandmother is indeed powerful, perhaps even near divine, but she only had a passing interest in Golarion at best, and it's highly unlikely that she'd bother to micromanage the throne. She certainly couldn't have manipulated Kavi to kill her own husband in a dead magic zone. Kavi is almost 100% certain that the vision was laid out by Egzimora to torment Kavi. Kavi's daughter's belief in the vision is likely an unexpected consequence.

I think I've been very consistent with Kavi's character throughout the campaign. She's mistrusting and suspicious of everyone, she is very slow to open up, but she is very loyal to those that earn her trust. Now that her quest for revenge is over Kavi is still mildly suicidal but she has a couple of daughters to save from the clutches of evil (one real and one quasi-adopted) as well as the resurrection of a sinister snake god to stop. Kavi is a pragmatist, she doesn't believe in happy endings, especially not for her (she doesn't think she deserves one) but she's trying to do everything in her power to save those that she loves and cares about.

Liberty's Edge

Please review City of Seven Spears as a player, if you are so inclined.

City of Seven Spears product page

Sovereign Court

Review has been left


Splitting the important keepers up as follows...

Ring of Protection+2 (ring +1 takeable by other PC-Venthal since he melees alot)
Wand of Bestow Curse (9 chg)

Chime of Opening (7 chg) Venthal to carry.
Ring of Protection +1

Wand of Enervation (10 chg)

Potion Resist Energy (fire)
2 Potion CMW
2 Potion CLW

Potion CMW
2 Potion CLW

Rest is sold, except for unlisted contents of necromancer's spellbook.
Split is 2553 gp/character.

Shadow Lodge

OOO! spellbook!

1d6 ⇒ 4

Kavi is level 10

Liberty's Edge

Session 49

- Group takes 8 days to craft items
- First Shackles caravan escorted out of city
- Sargavan government convinced to deal with factions to provide protection, receiving Azlanti treasure as a reward
- Kavi visits her daughter and discovers the name of the Aspis that sent the assassins in Kalabuto (Alidar Tordris)
- Dargan Etters is confronted and denies knowledge of the assassins but does not deny that the Aspis sent them

Liberty's Edge

Session 50

- Returned to camp to rest
- Lookouts the next morning spotted a new group arriving into the city. Colonel spied on them as they made their way to the Aspis ziggurat.
- Juliver visited the Shackles camp to ask about the group’s progress into the hole she crawled out of, concerned about Eando.
- The next morning, Colonel watched the new group leave the Aspis ziggurat and move into the Mercantile district. The Shackles pirates there were called back.
- The next day, Colonel once again spied the Aspis ziggurat and saw dead bodies. The Aspis were being gathered up and moved south. Ishirou was signaling for help
- Aerial Team Drop Force intercepted the traveling group and defeated the leader (Ivo Haigan) and his legionnaires.
- Ishirou assumed command of the remaining Aspis and returned to the central ziggurat.
- The prisoners were handed over to the Sargavan government to keep in their stockade.
- The next morning, Venthal, Kavi and Igori went to question the prisoners. A legionnaire told them they separated west of the Mercantile district in the jungle and regrouped later. Ivo seemed different and ordered them to take over the Aspis camp and slaughter all who resisted. Ivo appears controlled in some way and blacks out momentarily.
- 4 days of crafting complete


- Ivo Haigan (CR 9) = 6400xp
- 10 Aspis legionnaires (CR 6, 2400) = 24000xp

Total: 30400xp
XP per pc (divided by 5): 6080xp
Now 9876xp into 10th (need 50000xp for 11th)


- +1 breastplate
- +1 keen falchion
- 2 masterwork daggers
- belt of incredible dexterity +2
- ring of protection +1
- Aspis Consortium badge (50gp)
- diamond (1000gp)
- 140gp
- 10 +1 longswords
- 10 potions of blur
- 10 potions of cure moderate wounds
- 22 potions of endure elements
- 10 masterwork heavy crossbows
- 10 masterwork breastplate
- 350gp

Also, please note the item upgrades that have been completed from 4 days of crafting. I believe most were requests for a +1 upgrade to armor or shields.

Liberty's Edge

Session 51

- While performing surgery on Ivo, green fluid burst from his brain cavity, killing him
- Lini was retrieved and tracked Ivo's exploration to a pair of stone doors on a cliff face west of the mercantile district
- Charauka barbarians attacked from atop the cliff
- After entering the doors, the party was sprayed with two cone of cold spells from flying ogres. Battle ensued and will continue next time.

- 8 charauka barbarians (CR 7, 3200x8) = 25600xp

Total XP: 25600 (divided by 5)
XP per PC: 5120
Now 14996xp into 10th (need 50000xp for 11th)

- 8 copper armbands (total 180gp)
- 8 masterwork hide armor
- 8 masterwork greatclubs
- 32 javelins

Barbeque on Sunday, gonna be very late if at all, don't wait up! ;)

Liberty's Edge

Session 52

- Ogre magi defeated
- Lini buries the outside doors with rocks
- The rest of the party acts distrustful and separates
- A night passes
- Eventually they are gathered up, and restoration is used to cure their condition (something ingested caused the effect)
- They rest at camp to reset spells
- Lini casts life bubble on everyone before going down the hole Juliver emerged from. They land in the central room. Batmen see them.

- 2 Ogre mage monks (CR 10, 9600) = 19200xp

Total XP: 19200 (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 4800xp
Now 19796xp into 10th (need 50000xp for 11th)

- 2 amulets of mighty fists +1 (1 to Droogami)
- 2 large mwk composite longbows (Str +8) (1200gp each)
- 2 copper armbands (60 gp total)

I'm out of town on a business trip, and won't be available this weekend (4/7).

Have a good game and i'll see you next time.


Liberty's Edge

Session 53

- Attempted to parley with batmen. They told of the apemen invading their space.
- Found Urschlar’s (sp) secret laboratory where he grew the divine pollen infesting the vaults. Took his log book and burned everything else.
- Fought a giant slug
- Explored the vault more, fought the apemen. The Batmen assisted as the apemen were finally defeated as a whole.
- Found the portal room, fought the guardian stone golem.
- Noted the locations of the other vaults around the city from the mural.
- Asked around for portal crystals from the Muse and the Pathfinders. No luck.
- Lini continues crafting.

- Giant slug (CR 8, 4800) = 4800xp
- 15 kech hunters (CR 5, 1600xp) = 24000xp
- loose truce with sabosan = 8000xp
- Stone golem (CR 11, 12800) = 12800xp

Total XP: 49600xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 12400xp
now 32196xp into 10th (need 50000xp for 11th)

- 275gp gem
- 150gp in gems from kech
- 2500gp bracelet
- 30 alchemist fire
- Urschlar’s logbook (5000gp when sold)

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Journals of Urschlar Vohkavi --

For many years I have served on the Seven Spears Council. Despite my desire to divine more of the pending destruction, my superiors and the deities have been frustratingly silent. The others' teachings of the Great Fallacy will undoubtedly destroy us all.
The others do not and cannot understand what I see. I have therefore travelled to the court of the Lady herself. Alas, she would not grant me audience. But within the Graveyard of Souls, I came upon a black flower that revealed everything I wished to know. With the pollen of this divine flower, I will finally be able to communicate what I know to the rest of my people.
It appears divine providence has granted me fortune, for two of my fellow collegues met dire circumstances, allowing me to advance among my peers. I have preached of my knowledge to the others, and have given them the gift of knowledge granted by this flower. Some have gone mad with what they realized, allowing me to convince the rest to prepare for the coming doom. I continue to prepare more growths of pollen in all the chambers to ensure I never lack for convincing others of what is to come.
I cannot trust others with how I have revealed the truth to them, nor can I trust even those who believed me from the start. I alone must take on this task. The Argental Font can bring clarity for a time. I have hidden and protected it within the chambers for those worthy of its power.
The earth shakes. It is too soon. Although, I am beginning to unders..

Liberty's Edge

Session 54

- Entered the Verdant Refuge vault
- Fought thorny lions, basidironds, fungus crickets and a big anemone
- Found the remains of a dwarven explorer and a blue crystal for the portal
- Rested that night, Lini finished her crafting
- The next day, approached the central vault and fought a giant flytrap that attacked while they were casting spells for the day

- 4 Thorny Cave Lions (CR 6, 2400xp) = 9600xp
- 6 Basidironds (CR 5, 1600xp) = 9600xp
- 8 Deathcap Jumpers (CR 6, 2400xp) = 19200xp
- 1 Elder Polyp (CR 12, 19200xp) = 19200xp
- 1 Giant Flytrap (CR 10, 9600xp) = 9600xp

Total XP: 67200xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 16800xp
now 48996xp into 10th (need 50000xp for 11th)

- dwarven waraxe +2
- stone of good luck (Kavi)
- bejeweled breasplate (worthless as armor) - 300gp
- masterwork ancentral stone hammerhead - 1500gp
- blue Azlanti crystal for portal

I guess it goes without saying, you WILL reach 11th level next session, so have 11th level versions ready, although you won't level until you rest.

Liberty's Edge

Session 55

- Fought ooze mephits in a mud-filled hallway
- Fought more ooze mephits and a mud elemental genie in a mud pit
- Fought a mud elemental, found the Argental Font. Everyone took a drink, even Kavi, albeit unwillingly
- Found the preserved skeleton of Urschlar and various items including blue portal crystals
- Returned to camp and rested
- Party reaches 11th level
- The next morning, approached the vault in the Military District

- 6 Advanced Ooze mephits (CR 6, 2400xp) = 14400xp
- Khalid-Shah (CR 11, 12800xp) = 12800xp
- Elder Mud Elemental (CR 11, 12800xp) = 12800xp
- Found Argental Font = 19200xp

Total XP: 59200xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 14800xp
now 13796xp into 11th (need 65000 for 12th)

- breastplate +2
- bronze medallion (ancient holy symbole of Pharasma) - 2000gp
- gems and jewels totalling 1500gp
- human crystal skull - 4000gp
- 6 blue portal crystals


Selling Off:
- breastplate +2 - 4350gp
- bronze medallion (ancient holy symbole of Pharasma) - 2000gp
- gems and jewels totalling 1500gp
- human crystal skull - 4000gp
- dwarven waraxe +2 - 8330gp
- bejeweled breasplate (worthless as armor) - 300gp
- masterwork ancestral stone hammerhead - 1500gp
- 275gp gem
- 150gp in gems from kech
- 2500gp bracelet
- 2 alchemist fire - 40gp
- Urschlar’s logbook (5000gp when sold)
- amulet of mighty fists +1 - 4000gp
- 2 large mwk composite longbows (Str +8) (1200gp each)
- 2 copper armbands (60 gp total)
- 8 copper armbands (total 180gp)
- 8 masterwork hide armor - 165gp each
- 8 masterwork greatclubs - 305gp each
- 32 javelins - 1 gp each
- +1 breastplate - 1350gp
- +1 keen falchion - 8375gp
- 2 masterwork daggers - 302gp each
- Aspis Consortium badge (50gp)
- diamond (1000gp)
- 140gp
- 10 +1 longswords - 2315gp each
- 2 potions of endure elements - 50gp each
- 10 masterwork heavy crossbows - 400gp each
- 10 masterwork breastplate - 350gp each
- 350gp

Group Loot: 63991 gp total of equipment/magic. 19005 gp in 'art objects'.
- (31995.5 GP + 19005 GP) sell value/5 = 10200.1 GP per person
- 6 duplicate blue portal crystals
- blue Azlanti crystal for portal

-Stone of Good Luck
-2 Potions of Blur
-2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
-4 Potions of Endure Elements
-7 Alchemist's Fire

-Amulet of Mighty Fists +1(droogami)
-2 Potions of Blur
-2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
-4 Potions of Endure Elements
-7 Alchemist's Fire

-belt of incredible dexterity +2
-2 Potions of Blur
-2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
-4 Potions of Endure Elements
-7 Alchemist's Fire

-Belt of Mighty Constitution +2
-2 Potions of Blur
-2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
-4 Potions of Endure Elements
-7 Alchemist's Fire

-Ring of Protection +1
-2 Potions of Blur
-2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
-4 Potions of Endure Elements
-7 Alchemist's Fire

Liberty's Edge

Session 56

- Entered the Lair of Illaghri vault
- Fought corpsespun sarcosuchus (Droogami almost died in 2 rounds being bitten and swallowed)
- Fought 4 corpsespun boggards
- Fought Illaghri, corpsespinner. Droogami went terrorist with fire seeds.
- Found 4 more blue portal crystals
- On their way back to camp, they encounter 4 large winged gorillas that fly off with booming roars
- Approaching the vault behind the Temple District

- Corpsespun sarcosuchus (CR 10, 9600xp) = 9600xp
- 4 corpsespun boggards (CR 8, 4800xp) = 19200xp
- Illaghri, corpsespinner (CR 14, 38400xp) = 38400xp

Total XP: 67200xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 16800xp
now 30596xp into 11th (need 65000 for 12th)

- 4 copper armbands - total 120gp
- 4 blue portal crystals
- 4 masterwork breastplate
- 4 masterwork flails
- staff of necromancy with 10 charges

Liberty's Edge

Session 57

- Fought 3 Serpentfolk Seekers (Venthal got dominated and almost CDG'd)
- Entered the Vault of Silence
- Fought 4 spectres (Droog and Kavi drained 2 levels, Igori 4 which were removed with restoration)
- Triggered room trap, Igori tried to disable while the others waited near the entrance
- Kavi attacked by behind from two rawbones that lept from the darkness
- Terkow joined later and proceeded to rip Kavi to shreds, since she was unable to escape due to her additional drained levels (-8 total)

- 3 Serpentfolk Seekers (CR 7, 3200xp) = 9600xp
- 4 spectres (CR 7, 3200xp) = 12800xp
- 2 Rawbones (CR 8, 4800xp) = 9600xp
- Gbala (CR 12, 19200xp) = 19200xp

Total XP: 51200xp (divided by 4)
XP per PC: 12800xp
now 43396xp into 11th (need 65000 for 12th)

- 3 +1 shotels
- 30 darts
- 6 doses of deathblade poison
- +1 monstrous humanoid bane returning trident (to Igori)

(not yet looted Rawbones or Gbala, or disarmed room trap)
Droogami has 2 negative levels, Kavi 8 negative levels.

Sovereign Court

Just an FYI: Now that baseball has started up again there's the possibility of me being late to a game one of these nights, maybe only half an hour or so, but if I'm not there at game time understand that it's likely because I'm working and/or on my way home from a ballgame. I'll tell you in as far in advance as I can if I need to cancel.

Liberty's Edge

Only two players showed initially, and we decided to wait an hour for the others. The time came and went, so we will try again in two more weeks.

If anyone expects to be late for the session, please post here in the thread so that we can check again if people aren't showing.

Liberty's Edge

Quick update: Venthal wasn't using the fortune that Kavi placed on him, so I allowed a few retcons, and the Gorilla King was defeated. Also, that 58 point strike I think was from me using attack rolls instead of damage rolls. I'll confirm that.

In any case, we ended the session with the Gorilla King conceding the city to you pink skins.

Not enough XP to raise yet.

Sovereign Court

Before the fight I'd have placed money on the Gorilla King, but luckily Venthal has more then a couple of tricks up his sleeve. Wish I'd known about that +6 will save though :P
Kavi could have wreaked havoc with her hexes!

Any word from Ciani or Wolf yet? Are they dropping out of the campaign?

Shadow Lodge

Sorry, I didn't know if we skipped to 1 week or skipped two weeks. I checked the board and it said we were skipping 2, but that was from last time not this time.

I had the chat window open and didn't see anyone give me a poke. I think it froze at some point and I didn't notice.

Liberty's Edge

BigNorseWolf: I had invited you into the Serpent room, but I didn't say anything explicitly to you. I saw that you were logged in to chat but I hadn't seen you post anything in hours before the time came to start.

Liberty's Edge

Session 58

- Looted Gbala, returned to camp to cure Droogami and Kavi, crafted
- The next day, returned to the Vault, entered secret passage, fought dire lion zombies
- Returned to camp to prep different spells for water vault
- Gorilla King arrived during the night, so the next day, party goes to visit
- They pass the three tests of strength, storytelling and combat. The Gorilla King concedes and leaves.


- Blade/Dart trap (not awarded in session 57, should have been, divided by 4) (CR 11, 12800xp) = 12800xp
- Symbol of weakness trap (CR 8, 4800xp) = 4800xp
- 3 Dire Tiger fast zombies (CR 6, 2400xp) = 7200xp
- Pass the tests of the Gorilla King (CR 14, 38400xp) = 38400xp

Total XP divided by 4: 12800xp
Total XP divided by 3: 50400xp
Total XP per PC: 3200xp + 16800xp = 20000xp

Now 63396xp into 11th (need 65000 for 12th). close!

- Boots of speed (held for Igori)
- ring of protection +2 (went to Venthal, ring +1 not yet reallocated)
- ring of improved jumping
- bracers of armor +4
- +2 chain shirt
- masterwork battleaxe
- 117gp
- +1 wounding dagger
- 200gp hammered gold circlet
- 9 blue crystals

- Venthal wasn't using Fortune during his fight with the Gorilla King so I allowed some retcons which led to the King's defeat.
- Venthal should have gotten +2 to hit while being invisible
- The Gorilla King should have caused bleed on a crit, could smell Venthal so should have been able to detect him in his square, and his sword can deafen with thunder on a crit (fort save allowed).
- I also caused 10 points too much damage on 1 crit. No biggie there.

You WILL reach 12th next session, so have new versions ready!

Liberty's Edge

Checking the backlogs, it looks like I did not award XP for restoring Juliver to health.

- Restored Juliver to health = 12800xp

Total XP : 12800xp (divided by 5)
XP Per PC: 2560xp

Now 956xp into 12th (need 95000 for 13th)

Welcome to 12th level!

Sovereign Court


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

yay level 12! time to update!

Sovereign Court

Okay this is a little weird, I edited my last post to add a dice roll to it, but for some reason it didn't take. I got a 4 BTW.

Anyways I'm going to be late this week, I've got a 6pm game on Sunday and if it goes the usual 2 hours I won't be home till quarter after eight at the earliest (these games start at eight for me) but I could be up to half an hour or more. Course it could rain (we've had a lot of rain this season) in which case I'll be there on time :)

Liberty's Edge

My internet is currently very flaky, so if I'm not around tonight, I'm having connectivity issues.

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