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Combat Manager application


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Shadow Lodge

Warped Savant wrote:

Snapshot -- While looking over things to prep for Hell's Rebels I've noticed that some of the creatures with "At will" powers don't have them showing up properly on the computer program. They're entered into the creature but they don't show on the description because they're listed as "At Will" instead of "At will" (Yes, the capitalized "Will" makes it so that the powers don't show up.)

Is there an easy way to fix this?

(Besides me going into each creature, changing it to "At will" and creating a second instance of anything I find that's affected by this.)

No, you'll have to do it manually. Thanks for discovering that this is the problem, though! I was confused about why at will powers weren't showing up.

Serum wrote:
I wish their way of updating the Combat Manager database was publicly available, so we could at least do it ourselves, instead of manually creating custom monsters from scratch.

I agree! Being able to update those spreadsheets and importing the data ourselves would make it much easier.

And that way it would allow for corrections/removing duplicated monsters.
We can hope that they allow for something like that in the future...

Serum wrote:
Thanks for discovering that this is the problem, though! I was confused about why at will powers weren't showing up.

Not a problem! I noticed it last night but it only seems to be with the most recently added entries.

I was really confused at first too. Especially when I saw that they were entered into the text. It took me a few tries of copying and pasting from other ones to see what the problem was.

Wow! Great work!

nvm - found them.

I understand we can add manually the monsters. As a long shot - anyone has added all monsters from the Rise of The Runelords campaing into it and can somehow share?


You're saying that you found the Runelord monsters, right? (Because they all should be in there.)

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Important update from Kyle Olson on the Combat Manager Facebook group. IMO anyone who likes or uses this program should go there and give him some support and show him some love for the amazing program he has given us for free.

Note to Paizo: Hire this guy already and make Combat Manager an official Pathfinder product. Hell even make a Starfinder version. Paizo has always wisely used the internet to promote and support their products. Go one more step and make an official GM support tool.

You can even have a PF society setting to help players and Society refs.

Dark Archive

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

new version is out 1.6.4

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