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Giants Revisited

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Scarab Sages

Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I would LOVE to see a Giants Revisted book just like the dragons revisited. Hopefully to include a few things like: special giant only feats, especially ones for combatting smaller folk, perhaps an interesting combat maneuver for giants, magic items, spells, etc that might apply. Perhaps covering:

Frost Giants
Fire Giants
Storm Giants
Cloud Giant
Hill Giants
1 new giant type

Ogres, Trolls, Stone Giants, and Ogrekin were covered in other books already. So were Marsh and Taiga Giants, but it might be nice to have a bit more on them in here as well, fluff-wise.

Has something along these lines been considered for the future?

I'm an hardcover customer, so maybe I am not entitled to answer.. but just to share your love for giants!

I hope bestiary 2 has interesting ones!

(just a question - wasn't Titan an outsider in 3.5? Will they change it? I admit that makes sense, I added the homerule "giantblood" to titan to make it count both as a outsider and a giant).

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There’s been some speculation on this topic before; Check out James Jacob’s comment in this thread.

Scarab Sages

Thanks for the link Mothman, didn't remember that particular bit there, even though I read that thread once upon a time. One of my favorite 3rd party books for 3.5 was Giant Lore by Fantasy Flight Games, because they added a bunch of supporting material and fluff to go with it, to make the giants come alive with their own culture, feats, spells, etc. I would just love to see Paizo tackle this material for Pathfinder because I know they would do an awesome job on it. I really love the alterations they made to the classic dragons, and was hoping to see something similar and innovative for my favorite monsters. As far as having extra slots of the "ten" left over, I think they should further write up the Golarion giants, marsh, taiga, mist giants from way back, or make a new one :)

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