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El Dios de los Almas Perdidas is banned for having gone all theological on us: be logical, Theo !

Logic demands that Quiche Lisp be banned once again, as that is the only way to progress on this thread.

I ban YOU, Fueldrop, because you made me type in all caps again.

Or was it in that other thread ?

It doesn't matter: I ban you on a non-sensical typographical charge, not wanting to explain in graphical (terms) to my charges my gleeful banning tendencies.

Quiche Lisp is banned for getting his threads mixed up.

gran is banned for pulling threads at mixers.

The Exchange

EDDLAP is banned because putting threads in mixers breaks them.

Tirq is banned because he *Censored* with a *Censored* *Censored* *Censored* *Censored* and a spoon.
How could you?

FuelDrop is banned because I have it on good authority that the *Censored* quite enjoyed it.

Gran is banned for his censorship.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Badg is banned because banning him is the right thing to do.

Shadow Lodge

Scholz is banned because it's all I have left to do.

The Exchange

Conman's banned because his reaction is hilarious.

Conman is banned for thinking there is nothing left to do. There is always something to do. Just yesterday I had stuff to do.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Tirq is banned for taking the Strawman's ban.

Shadow Lodge

Burning Straw man is banned for slow reaction time.

Gruumash is bannned for not banning his alias.

The Exchange

Conman is banned because his avatar picture looks like he could be a Mythbuster Mythterm.

Tirq is banned because his avatar looks better then IRL.

Meredith Jones is banned for not being UL certified and a fire hazard.

The Exchange

Dr. Jan Jansen III, Turnip King is banned because his name is too long. I mean, we can shorten El Dios Del Los Almas Perdidas can be shortened to EDDLAP, and then there's the Vicious Chicken of Bristol who can be shortened to TVCoB, but yours can't be shortened in any good way. Dr. JJIIITK doesn't make sense, neither does Dr.JJ3TK. We'll just make int Doc Jan and be done with it. You're still Banned, by the way.

Sovereign Court

Tirq is banned for sporting a knockoff of my patented hairstyle.

Tirq is banned because we don't have to shorten his name.

Sovereign Court

..-. .-. .. . -.. / -.-. .... .. -.-. -.- . -. / -.. .. -. -. . .-. / .. ... / -... .- -. -. . -.. / ..-. --- .-. / -... . .. -. --. / ... .-.. --- .-- . .-. / - .... .- -. / .--- .- -- . ... / -- .- -.-- .-.-.-

***slither, slither, sneak, sneak.....ban***

The stig is banned for stealing my lunch.

Shadow Lodge

I'm doing pretty good today.

Midgard Serpent is banned because of the "Eat a Duck, End the world" issue, and the Stig isbanned for looking at me funny.

Serpent is banned for changing his verdict. You sneaky duck eater.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Ninjaotic is banned because ... he is a ninja.

Gruumash . is banned for getting rhinoplasty to look like Voldemort.

Shadow Lodge

Gruumash . is banned because Ninjas are awesome.

Another Dang Hippeh is banned because Voldemort does not have fangs, earings, or a green head-thing. He had human teeth, really small ears, and a purple Turban in the first movie!

Ninjaotic is banned for not being sneaksy enow.

Shadow Lodge

Spanky is banned because that was dang near 7 hours ago, I could have hidden by then. Just like I am now. By the time you read this, I'll be half way to Katmandu. Or Timbuktu. Or, hey, I'll use my Ninja Powers to make Katmandu and Timbuktu the same place.

I wave my Wand of banning at Ninjaotic.

Ninjas make my eyes watery and my head spin with all their misdirection, blur and concealment enchilada.

Thank God they're so busy hiding they never have the time to actually do something noxious.

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Banned for bigotry towards Ninjas.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Ninjaotic is banned for coming out of the shadows.

Shadow Lodge

Charles Scholz is banned because banning you is my new hobby.

The Exchange

Conman is banned because that isn't really a new hobby.

Shadow Lodge

Tirq is banned for tossing his hair on the ice at Red Wings games.

Conman is banned for obscure references.

Quiche Lisp is banned for expecting something other than obscurity from someone named Conman.

DR Konijn is banned for being a squirrel in rabbit's clothing.

gran rey de los everything is banned for saying the S word.

FuelDrop is banned for trying to prevent the use of the word "squamshish".

*Gasp* you didn't... you did!?! Right, now and forevermore you are banned!

How could you, you fiend! There could be children around here somewhere! Actually no, scratch that, they're probably out looking at all the over 18 sites. It is the internet, after all.

FuelDrop is banned for thinking about children.

The Exchange

gran rey de los britannia is banned for the most obvious reasons.

Tirq is banned because reason isn't obvious, neither is common sense. The road to enlightenment is a long and arduous one. To concede that the world exists in simple terms is to diminish the majesty and wonder that is life.

It is simple and obvious. When you come in here you're begging to be banned. Why you beg to be banned might be more complex. But you look like you need structure in your life, so much so that you've wrapped yourself in electrical tape. So, I will ban you to fulfill your need for structure in your life.

DR Echo and the Bunnymen is banned for being a co-dependent banning enabler. And... our time is up for this session, please pay at the desk on the way out.

Dr. Slaad is banned for charging for therapy here. We're all crazy and advice is free.

I M Weasel says you are banned.

I M Weasel is banned because ferrets are cooler.

Meredith is banned for ferreting out the weasels.

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