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Game Masquerade's Pbp Aeon Campaign


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Male Gnome Druid 2

"Well, in any case, it won't do to just mill about the entrance like this," Emmentian says with a glance about the room, "it might raise suspicion."

"When you are ready to take a closer look at the pool, he comments to Lynnara, "come and find me, for now I think it would be best to get into character." With that, he holds out a hand to his 'wife', and heads towards one of the colourful games on display, "shall we my dear?"

Reaching a table headed by a large spinning wheel, the gnome takes one of the gold bars from his case, and with a polite smile to the others at the table, places it on the area denoting the top third of the numbers on the wheel.

2:1 1d6 ⇒ 3

Male Halfling Rogue 2

[i] The sooner we get this doen, the sooner i'm out of this stupid dress [i] With a sigh, Talic turns to Celeste "Why don't you show me around place, perhaps I can even try my hand at one of these interesting games."

Finding a suitable table, Talic will pretend to have no idea how gambling works. [b]"Oh dear, I'm not sure what I should do, but it looks like such fun.

Would sleight of hand help him in manipulating the dice? if so...
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

wager 100g
3:1 1d6 ⇒ 6

@ Qarxan: After a few minutes of casual conversation with some of the patrons, you learn that Rhone Penderghast is indeed in attendance at the casino this evening, although he was last seen heading upstairs with a small retinue of bodyguards.

Emmentian, you lose 100 gp

Talic, you win 300 gp, plus in the excitement of your win, as you are collecting your winnings you manage to pocket an additional 50 gp in chips without anyone noticing.

Here's a little info on each of the areas of interest you will be investigating:

In the pool, most of the patrons not drinking at the bar are gathered around a large glass partition containing many different species of small, colorful fish. Upon closer inspection, you realize that these fish are trained to race and fight, and many of the spectators gathered are placing bets on the outcome of these events.

Security Booth:
High up above, it is hard to discern anything through the fogged glass panes of the booth, but it appears as if several men are gathered within. One of them appears to be scolding the others, using broad gestures and aggressive body language.

You notice that while most of the patrons in the casino cash in their chips at the Cash & Carry booth on the ground floor, a few of the very lucky winners are escorted by security to a private lift, and taken upstairs. After a few moments, they reappear, usually accompanied by a cart bearing several satin money cases embroidered with the Calypsia logo.

Feel free to gamble and gather information as much as you want, but I need everyone to make a perception check regarding their particular point of interest. DC 20

'Let's start moving up the floors, slowly, casually, shall we Samisel? My money is on the angry figure in the window being Rhone himself, masquerading as him could be risky. Maybe if we waited until he left, so I could get a good look then tried to get back under the pretense of having forgotten something? It's a flimsy plan. Can you think of better?'

Male human swashbuckler 2

Deston wanders towards a table and looks at the game.
"Sarah, come here and let's try this."
He hands her a gold bar and waits for her to throw the dice.

1:11d6 ⇒ 1

He then places a bet himself takes a go.

1:11d6 ⇒ 6

Male human swashbuckler 2

Ahh, just like the rest of our endeavors, a lot of playing and yet we are in the same spot."

Then Deston wanders in an apparently distracted manner to another table and lays down a bet as if the money has little meaning.

200gp 2:1 1d6 ⇒ 3

Deston will keep an eye on Talic and when he begins to make his way towards the vault Deston will try to precede him so as to provide a distraction for guards there.

Male Elf Cavalier/2

Perception Security Booth 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Perhaps, Qarxan, I should proceed to the security booth to see if I can help while you try to catch a glimpse of Rhone.

Male Elf Cavalier/2

I will be going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow, Tuesday. I will have my netbook so I won't be entirely out of touch but I might not be as prolific.

Male Halfling Rogue 2

With a genuine smile, Talic collects his winnings. "I can't believe I won. I really shouldn't bet anymore, but this is just so much fun."

new bet 100g 3:1 1d6 ⇒ 6

As Talic tosses the dice, he asks "What is that lift over there? I've never seen one like it and would love a tour"

perception check 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
diplomacy check for information on the lift and the vault 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28

Male Halfling Rogue 2

I was made to gamble!

Female Human Oracle 2

[b}"Ahh.. we've come to some diversion I see. Something to make this party lively I hope."[/b] Deshwa with Anton in tow wanders towards the fish arena after glancing the pool She picks a fish and opens up with a 50 gp wager.

requested perception check 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Male Gnome Druid 2

"Ah," The gnome lets out a contented sigh, "this is so much more relaxing than contract negotiations. Let's try this one more time..."

Placing another bar in the same location as last, he watches contentedly.

100gp, 2:1 1d6 ⇒ 2

Male Gnome Druid 2

"Perhaps this isn't my game, dear." Emmentian comments to Marilyn, "maybe I'll have a little more luck with those fighting fish, and some of those species look quite exotic..."

Leading his 'wife' closer to the partitioned area of the pool, he peers into the depths to assess the fish within.

Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25
Would a handle animal/knowledge(nature) give any insight here?
Handle Animal 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Knowledge(nature) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Lynnara & Emmentian:
Suddenly a ruggedly handsome man orchestrating several of the fish competitions places a hand lightly on Lynnara's arm. "Ah, I wouldn't put my money on that one, if I were you, m'lady," he says with a wink and a sly smile. "Although I heard a rumor that the little pink glimmerfish there has been having one hell of a night. But what do I know?" he whispers, a smile once again on his lips. Sure enough, as soon as the race starts, the tiny pink fish soon outdistances the rest of the competition, including Lynnara's pick. After the race the mysterious man again locks eyes with Lynnara and gives a small shrug, as if to say I told you so.

Lynnara and Emmentian, you may both make a knowledge (nature) check to try and identify the man's profession. Emmentian, Im also still waiting on your perception check.

More coming later on the rest of the parties actions. I'm a little busy at work right now.

Bah! Ninja'd!

Lynnara & Emmentian:
Emmentian, you realize that this man is an animal trainer and fish handler, and it seems as though he works for the casino

Emmentian eyes the different fighting fish with a calculating stare. While fish aren't his specialty by any means, he does know a thing or two about predatory instincts and animal dominance. He snatches a crumb off of an hors d'ouvre and drops it directly in the middle of the different fish, watching intently what follows next. Initially, a larger orange and white coi fish bullies its way to try to grab the morsel, but just as the coi is distracted by the bit of food, a smaller, deep blue racerback comes in from the side, biting hard at the coi's eyes and stealing the crumb.

Emmentian chooses the blue fish as his champion and places his bets. 30 seconds later he is 100 gp richer. The rugged man chatting up Lynnara takes notice of the win and saunters over. "It seems you know fish, my lucky friend. Although, any Saamish breeder worth his salt can tell a hungry fish from a gluttonous one. Perhaps you seek a bit more of a challenge, yes? I see you have a pet there, a mist marsh viper, if I'm not mistaken. I hear they swim well. I have 300gp that says my black mouth eel trumps your viper in a duel to the death. I'll even give you 2:1 odds. What say you?" the man asks, a glimmer in his eye.

He then turns to Lynnara and says, "Come over here, m'lady, I've got quite the spectacle to show you, should our short friend over here decide not to take the coward's way out!"

Emmentian, should you choose to let Cirrus fight, you are free to cast whatever buffs/spells you wish before the start of the fight. Once they begin, however, you may not intervene. Lynnara, since you're in the water already, you may assist Cirrus during the fight by making a spell craft check (DC 10) to cast spells without raising suspicion.

Samisel & Qarxan:
As you gain the fourth floor, you very nearly run into a very brusque and very annoyed man who, judging from the jut of his chin and the thrust of his chest, can only be Rhone Penderghast. He is tall, clean shaven, and broad of shoulder, and wears his thick dark hair oiled and pulled back into a short pony tail. He doesn't apologize as he brushes past you into the lift, followed by his retinue of guards, all of whom seem a bit nervous to be in the presence of the gruff young nobleman. Evidently one of their number has earned Rhone's ire and probably a viscous scolding as well. It's clear that none of the guards wish to repeat that scenario.

Talic and Deston:
You notice that the more money you win (and spend) the more attention you receive from the casino staff. Suddenly, an attendant informs you that all meals and drinks are now complimentary, and later a gaming manager asks if you wish to be escorted upstairs and participate in some of the private, high-stakes games available exclusively to VIPs.

'What say you Samisel, shall we chance a bum's rush of impersonation, or wait and gather more information before I imitate that dear, noble boy?'

Male Halfling Rogue 2

"This is just wondeful, A VIP game you say, that sounds delightful"

Talic will tip the staff at the table 30g (out of the 50 he stole) and follow the gamin manager upstairs.

Male human swashbuckler 2

Deston still appears distracted, but nods and says,"Why not? It's just money and it might actually be entertaining."

Looking over to Sarah,"Shall we?" as he holds out his arm.

Male Gnome Druid 2

Emmentian narrows his eyes to regard the fish handler with an appraising look, "You got quite the eye yourself," he comments, "of course, I would need to see your eel before I agreed to risk this fine specimen, he's valuable breeding stock and it wouldn't do to risk him heedlessly."

Knowledge(nature) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25 Does Emmentian know anything about Black Mouthed Eels?

Emmentian, you know that the black mouth eel is a smaller breed than most salt water eels, though still noticeably larger than Cirrus. They lack Cirrus' poison, however, and rely on constriction to kill their prey. In your opinion, the two are fairly evenly matched, with Cirrus' cunning and speed compensating for the eel's size and strength.

Male Elf Cavalier/2

Qarxan, it appears that the Wilds smile on us tonight. Having seen the young noble, can you disguise yourself now? He seems to have made quite an impression on the guard. If we act quickly, they should be more willing to overlook any minor inconsistencies. Be brusque and unpleasant. Demand to look over the records again to make sure nothing is being mishandled, make a distraction and we'll see if we can score our prize.

Talic & Deston:
The four of you are led into an exquisitely furnished room, softly lit and smelling faintly of sweet cigar smoke. Here, only the richest of the rich gather to play games of cunning and skill rather than mere chance. The gaming manager escorts you to a set of tables where a professionally dressed woman is dealing cards to several other patrons. He turns to the two couples.

"This game is called Seven Ladies, one of our most popular and exclusive games here in the VIP lounge. If you're not familiar with it, it involves more cunning and strategy than most of our games here. The dealer issues each player two cards face down, then proceeds to deal out five more cards face up on the table. Each player bets against one another to see who has the strongest hand of five cards. It's quite exhilarating, and it's possible to win just by bluffing and convincing the others that you have the best hand, even when you don't. Since this is a high stakes game, minimum bets start at 300gp. If, after a few games, you wish to secure a portion of your winnings within our vault, I will be more than happy to escort you there and oversee the transfer.

This game is identical to Texas Hold Em. I will tell you what cards you have been dealt, as well as what is on the table. For simplicity's sake, there is no antes or raises, simply a starting bet that everyone must match in order to play. Winner takes all. Once per game, you may each make one Bluff / Intimidate check to encourage other players to fold, or one Sleight of Hand check to communicate your hand to the rest of your companions. If you can win a total of 1500 gp, the gaming manager will escort you to the vault.

Male human swashbuckler 2

I'll take a seat and play

Male Gnome Druid 2

The gnome looks between the eel and Cirrus for a few moments, then leans his head down to let out a quiet hiss to the snake, "What do you think, feel like taking this eel on?"
"Why not? I could do with a snack."

speak with animals

"Very well," the 'Saamish merchant' says, looking back up to the fish breeder, "mist marsh vipers aren't quite as comfortable in the water as eels, but I still think that he'll more than match up to your pet."

guidance is the only buff Emmentian has prepared right now... but I figure it's better than nothing.

Male Halfling Rogue 2

Trying desperately to hide a his excitement, Talic moves towards and open seat. Placing 300g on the table, Talic will make a quick scan of his opponents. "How thoughtful to invite me to join your little game."

All this gambling is making Talic forget how uncomfortable he is in this outfit.

Female Human Oracle 2

Our blowhard of a guest here is just asking for a takedown. Before the fight starts, I'll give Elementian's fish a Bless making a big mocking Presentation. "Powers of the Waves bless my friend's little warrior this evening. Cast Bless on the fish spellcraft 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25 Technically it's before the fight anyway, but I'd rather hold the fact that I'm casting not be to noticeable anyway.

Female Human Oracle 2

Your challenge is impressive. I shall put 200 gold nobles on Cirrus as well. If you've got the bravery to meet my bet as well as that of my companion."

Lynnara and Emmentian:
The animal handler grins at Lynnara's bold gesture. "I see our lovely river princess has some fire in her after all! Such a shame that it's wasted in useless chastity; I'd like to see that temper of yours put to better use in a bedchamber, preferably my own. But yes, I accept and meet your wager. I suppose if your delicate flower isn't up for grabs, then your money will suffice."

Suddenly thoughtful, he looks around hesitantly."As much as I would like this impending victory to be public, I'm afraid such an illegal and unsanctioned competition would likely lose me my job. We need a more private venue than this to hold our little gladiatorial battle." He eyes both Emmentian and Lynnara cooly. "I don't trust the two of you, but I suppose you being privy to a bit of confidential information wouldn't hurt anything. Follow me, and don't tell anyone what I am about to show you."

He leads the two couples out of the pool and around to the back side of the bar, where he unlocks a secret door and quickly ushers everyone inside. The room's interior is nearly pitch black, save for the soft blue glow of water coming from a large circular hole cut into the floor. Sea water laps softly at the edges, and below lies the artificial reef and its teeming wildlife. The animal handler lights a large lantern, brightening the room, and then gestures to the hole.

"This is the wet hatch, the sole means of access to the reefs below. This is how my divers and I feed all those little fishies that you rich party-goers love to ooh and aww over. I'd be a little careful around those edges, if I were you. There's more than just wee fish in those waters. The bosses brought in a live razor-tooth shark as a deterrent to potential thieves, and boy is it a big one. Fifteen, twenty feet at least, and mean as a freshly kicked hornet's nest. Makes feeding the rest of the fish a real pain. Only thing that keeps him away, oddly enough, is piss. We use mule urine, cause it's got more of a kick to it, and the razor-tooth can't stand the smell. But even then it's hit or miss. If he's hungry enough, or if there's blood in the water, he'll turn up quick, piss or no piss. However, he's probably sleeping right now, and I doubt he'll interrupt our little contest. Viper and eel aren't exactly tasty morsels to a shark the size of a house."

He walks over to a wooden barrel filled with murky sea water, pulls on a pair of thick leather gloves, and reaches in. "This," he says with a wicked smile, "is my baby. The southern black-mouthed eel.". In his hands is something that resembles a slimy, writhing mass of blood red rope. It's wide flat head repeatedly strikes at the glove, sinking it's needle-like black teeth into the sturdy leather again and again. The strange man holds the grotesque creature like it's his firstborn, his eyes gleaming with pride. "The black-mouths don't get as much recognition as the electric eel and the moray, but when it comes to sheer ferocity, nothing can touch them. They are fiercely territorial, and heaven help you if you swim right into the middle of a school of them, as they will tear your flesh to ribbons in seconds."

He motions to Emmentian to drop Cirrus in the water. "Well then, shall we?" he asks.

Roll initiative for Cirrus

Samisel and Qarxan:
I need to know what your actions will be, and for you to make any applicable spell casting rolls.

Talic and Deston:
After reviewing some of my math, I realized that 300 gp is too much. The standard wager will now be 100 gp.

Five total players. Pot = 500 gp

Talic's hand: 9 of spades / Queen of hearts
Deston's hand: 2 of spades / King of spades

FLOP (community cards): 6 of spades / 10 of clubs / Jack of Hearts

You may now fold, check (costs an additional 100gp), or make a skill check. Please note that unless you make a sleight of hand check to communicate with your partner, your characters will not know what the other person has in their hand. Thus, they must play to win based on their hand alone. No meta-gaming, please :)

Female Human Oracle 2

Lynnara will take in as much of the scenery as she can, doing a bit of oohing and aahing during the process. She will note things such as tidal marks just in case that might be relevant.

Male human swashbuckler 2

Deston folds and looks around the room

Qarxan takes Samisel's suggestion and quickly ducks out of sight, once their he casts disguise self to appear in body and dress like Rhone Penderghast. He then practices the accent and tone of the man's voice, getting as close as he can, and deciding to add an angry cough when approaching to mask strangeness in his voice.

He then returns to Samisel and makes obvious his conferring with the elf, as he does so he asks Ophilia to wait near the entrance to the floor and cause a loud distraction if she sees Rhone returning.

Finally, Samisel in tow he approaches the Security Vault.

Disguise: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (5) + 15 = 20

Male Halfling Rogue 2

Talic will try and intimidate the other players to get out of this hand. intimidate check 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23

Talic briefly glances at his cards, then begins to study the other players. He smiles inwardly as Deston folds, best to not be betting against each other. To the table he says "If any of you boys wish to keep your egos and your gold, now would be a good time to fold. besides you wouldn't want everyone to know you've been bested by a young lady."

Male Gnome Druid 2

Emmentian crouches low to allow Cirrus to slither gracefully into the water, where the black-scaled serpent holds its position to assesses the eel which it faces.

initiative 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Male Elf Cavalier/2

Naya, if you can, follow Rhone and see where he goes and to whom he speaks.

As Garion and Qarxan approach the booth, Garion says loudly, Rhone, I want to see your security setup. The High Command needs to be sure that Carmella is not going to escape.

My fiancé and I are moving into our new house today, so I probably won't get a new post up until this evening.

Sorry about the delay, my life is a little crazy right now

Lynnara and Emmentian:
@Emmentian: Cirrus' speed has given him the upper hand, he may go first.

@Lynnara: looking around the room, you notice there are several foul smelling barrels gathered in one corner, most likely filled with bait and chum to feed the many species of fish living in the reef system below. You also spot a small glass lockbox filled with several stoppered potions that faintly glow a soft blue.

Samisel and Qarxan:
As the disguised pair approach the reinforced glass doors of the security booth, the lone guard standing at the entrance nearly trips over himself to properly greet both companions. For a moment he hesitates, caught between giving a salute to an obvious superior or paying deference to the volatile nobleman. In the end, he opts for an awkward compromise, affecting a weak salute while dipping half-heartedly at the waist. He swallows the lump in his throat and stammers, " C-c-can I h-help you, s-sirs?"

Talic and Deston:
Two of the men playing at the table peer discriminately into the eyes of the pretty young "girl" before folding their hands in disgust. The remaining player, a portly nobleman sporting a bushy mustache, checks to see the next card and says with a sneer, "Tough words for such a dainty girl. Tell you what, why don't you run along home now and let the grown-ups play. After all, isn't it past your bed time?"

Assuming you check up:

Two players, pot = 700gp

FLOP: 6 of spades, 10 of clubs, Jack of hearts
TURN (4th card):Queen of diamonds

Talic, your turn again. You may check (100gp), or fold.

Male Halfling Rogue 2

Without even glancing at "her" cards, Talic says "Sir, we do not know each other well enough for you to inquire into my bed time" he then checks with 1oog.

Male Gnome Druid 2

Cirrus takes quick advantage of his reflexes to snap guardedly at the larger creature before it can prepare itself.
Fighting Defensively 1d20 + 8 - 4 ⇒ (11) + 8 - 4 = 15, 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1 + poison (DC11 1 Con/round) [Current AC 18]

'Can you help me? Are you paid to ask questions? Open the Wilds-cursed door,' Qarxan/Rhone coughs slightly, implying that that is why his voice might sound a bit strange.

He then waves Samisel forward to open the door for him, with a noble confidence that it will be opened immediately.

Cirrus' venomous jaws fail to clampdown on the slimy eel as it deftly slithers away from the attack. Suddenly, it reverses direction, attempting to latch onto the swift snake and constrict it. However, Cirrus appears to be far too quick, staying just out of reach of his larger foe. It's Cirrus' turn again.

Male Gnome Druid 2

Cirrus twists around as he slips out of the eel's grasp, and lashes out again with his fangs.

Continue to fight defensively 1d20 + 8 - 4 ⇒ (1) + 8 - 4 = 5, 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2 + poison (DC 11, 1 con/round) AC 18

Everyone, please check the OOC thread.

Male Elf Cavalier/2

Have fun, GM!

Ok, we are live again! I'm going to sort of speed things along to make up for lost time.

Lynnara and Emmentian:
After only a few seconds of darting back and forth, the blood red eel snatches a hold of Cirrus and begins entangling the serpent in the powerful coils of its body. Just when it seems all is lost, Cirrus manages to clear his head enough to land a viscous bite on the eel's face, puncturing its eye with a fang, and pumping deadly venom directly into the creature's brain. It dies within seconds.

The animal trainer hangs his head a bit in defeat, but cracks a wry smile and glances at the gnome and the young oracle. "Well fought sir. You had the superior beast this evening. That is indeed a fine specimen you keep."

"Unfortunately, I am without coin this eve, so I cannot give the promised payment in gold." He walks over to a large seaman's chest, drags it over and opens it. "However, I am a man of my word, and if payment is promised, then payment will be given, one way or another. I have here a collection of a few valuable odds and ends that I have acquired over the years. I believe some of these may be of use to a man in your particular profession."

He presents you with three items in particular:
- Vial of Razortooth urine - Exactly like it sounds.When emptied into the water, it will drive away most smaller sea creatures, but usually attracts one very large one. It is a very rare substance.
- Boom Stick - this is a metal pole roughly four feet long with a small explosive cartridge at one end, attached to a pressure sensitive detonator. When driven forcefully into a solid object, the detonator compresses and ignites the cartridge, causing significant damage to whatever was touched. It comes with only three cartridges, however, and must be reloaded out of water.
- Shell whistle - Not even the animal handler knows exactly what this crudely crafted mother-of-pearl whistle does. It is undoubtedly magical. When questioned, the man says he won it from an old sailor who said that while he was out taking a swim, Calypso herself visited the man and seduced him, and then bequeathed the man with the whistle as a token of his sexual prowess. The trainer has only ever blown it once; the same night that he won it. It let out a soft, mournful tune, and immediately filled the room with a torrent of sea water, and nearly drowned all of the men inside. Perhaps blowing underwater, or in different circumstances will yield different results?

Emmentian, you get first pick. Lynnara, you get second.

More for the rest of you later.

Male Gnome Druid 2

"Thank you," Emmentian says in response with a gracious nod of his head, whilst leaning down to retrieve Cirrus from the now bloodied water, "your own creatures are quite impressive also, perhaps you and I could do business in the future."

"But now, it is indeed quite acceptable to make your payment in goods... after all, what good is money beyond the things it can buy for you?" The gnome takes a close look at the three items offered up, carefully uncorking the urine to smell the contents before nodding sagely, then handling the other two items with similar care. "The shell is of course a truly fascinating piece, but it could be done justice by a princess," he says, inclining his head towards Lynnara, "I will accept the Razortooth urine as my prize."

Samisel & Qarxan:
"Of course sir!" the intimidated guard squeaks nervously as he scrambles to enter the passcode into the mechanical tumbler that controls the door lock. Finally, the doors slide open and the tall elf and disguised gnome sweep brusquely into the room, nearly knocking the poor guard aside.

Inside is a spotless and utilitarian office, complete with several large file cabinets forged of hardened steel. Above the large desk facing the atrium are several mirrors enchanted to continuously scry certain sections of the gambling floor, as well as several of the rooms above. One mirror, peculiarly, is left blank.

The nervous guard clears his throat a few times to break the silence, and says awkwardly, "Uh, sir? I can show you those reports again if you want, but nothing's changed. That wizard fellow you hired is still having difficulties getting the enchantments to stick on the, uh... subject." He looks at the glamoured gnome in trepidation.

Deston & Talic:
It seems as if Lady Luck is with the two companions this night, as after several games, both are sitting on a stack of chips worth more than 2,000 gp. At one point, the game manager approaches the two and says quietly "This is quite the streak you're having. It would be our pleasure to allow you to store a majority of your winnings in our secure vault for the remainder of the evening, so that you may gamble without worry of theft or deceit. You may, of course, accompany the gold to see that it is safely and securely stowed."

With that he gestures to his accomplices, who collect the large stacks of chips and organize them neatly on a large gilded tray. With the two companions and their respective dates in tow, the entire entourage makes it's way to the central lift, and ascend the remaining floors to the very top.

The doors open to reveal a gleaming room of the purest white. Embedded in the center of the opposing wall is a massive circular door hewn from obsidian and inlaid with gold filigree. On either side stand two imposing guards, at rigid attention and armed to the teeth. This, undoubtedly, is the main vault. Seeing the wide eyed stares of the two disguised adventurers, the game manager boasts, "This is Calypsia's central vault, the most secure room in all of Gold-Bottom. The doors and walls are reinforced with two inch thick steel plating. The lock is a work of art, a one-off built custom just for us by the famed locksmiths of Gibralter Security. Every night, after hours, a magical ward is put into place that sounds an alarm if any sort of magic is discharged in the vicinity of this room. In other words, don't worry ladies and gentlemen, your money is perfectly safe here, this vault is impenetrable."

As the group nears the doors, one of the guards holds up a hand, halting the group. "Im sorry sir, I can't let you proceed at this time."

The games manager gives the man a quizzical look, and just as he is about to voice his objections, the guard leans forward and whispers urgently into his ear for several long moments. When he is finished, the bewildered games manager turns to address the group.

"My deepest and most sincere apologies, folks. It appears, due to reasons I cannot disclose, that the vault is currently unavailable to us at the moment. Perhaps we can ensconse your winnings in the cash & carry booth instead?"

Game Masquerade wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

'Yes, yes, bring them to me, then leave me be, I want to scrutinise them.' he then moves to stand beside his desk, coughes lightly then indicates to Samisel to be at ease. He taps his foot impatiently waiting for the documents from the hapless soldier.

Are there any windows to the outside in this room or nearby. If we get suddenly caught we could leap out and feather fall to freedom, but theres no point jumping into the middle of the casino with its guarded main entrance.

Male human swashbuckler 2

"If they are just conducting some sort of sensitive business at the moment, we could come back a little later to deposit our money perhaps?" Deston asks the escort."You did promise us a secure place for our winnings after all."

Deston will act a little erratic as is expected of his family and their drug habits. he will also attempt to nudge his date just before he speaks so she will be aware of his attempted distarction. I will be attempting to get all eyes on me so Talic may be able to get a better appraisal of the vault. Bluff 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16 add 4 if the girl helps.

look, I'm post #300 :)

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