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>>Ask *James Jacobs* ALL your Questions Here!<<

Off-Topic Discussions

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Paizo Employee Creative Director

The Fox wrote:

Hey James, by canon, is there a distinction in Golarion between divine magic and arcane magic, such that, for instance, a bard would be unable to use a wand or scroll of cure light wounds if it were created by a cleric?

This question comes from a discussion on the PFS forums. I'm not asking for a PFS-related ruling. The rules there are already set. For PFS purposes, there is no distinction between arcane magic items and divine magic items. All of that is covered in the guide to PFS, and it works just fine, and I don't think there is anyone who thinks it should be changed. (Just stressing this to reassure you that I'm not trying to trick you into getting involved with an argument somewhere.)

My home group has two campaigns going on right now, both in Golarion. (One is Rise of the Runelords and the other is Iron Gods). For our home games, we use the same ruling as above from PFS. But the question really is about campaign setting canon.

Follow-up question: Is there anything that you can think of that is canon in the campaign setting of Golarion—as published—that is remarkably different than the way things work in your home game? (I'm asking about narrative differences, not mechanical rules changes.)


The distinction between the three forms of magic is this:

Arcane magic is magic you learn to use through study.

Psychic magic is innate magic of the mind.

Divine magic is magic you gain from faith.

There's a LOT of crossover; sorcerers are kinda a cross between arcane magic and psychic magic thematically, for example.

But magic is magic, and the three categories are largely artificial constructions, and it doesn't matter when it comes to spell-trigger item like a wand; you just need it on your spell-list to use. For spell completion items like scrolls, you TECHNICALLY need a scroll of the same category as you... a wizard couldn't cast a divine scroll of dispel magic, I believe, rules as written... but in my opinion that's clutter and a great rule to ignore. The game certainly won't break if you do so. It's a bit of clutter we probably shouldn't have kept from previous editions, but back in the day we were paranoid about ANYTHING that might give customers a reason to abandon Paizo, and so backwards compatibility was a big deal.

As for me... turns out that when you help publish a game, it's pretty easy to influence things so that the game that's published is the game you play at home. The only two differences in my home games, I guess, would be that I allow bards to reallocate their skill ranks each time they gain a new versatile performance, and I call "breath of life" "cure deadly wounds" so it can be cast on the fly.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Rhothaerill wrote:
So you've described the daily life of a Paizo developer. What is the daily life like for a Paizo creative director?

For THIS creative director?

Helping to come up with the products we'll be offering. Providing advice and direction to all designers and developers on the way we build up the game and its setting. Working with licensees to ensure that 2nd party products (such as the comics, the audio dramas, the minis, video games, etc.) are all using the intellectual property correctly. Attending meetings to help guide Paizo's progress through the years. Helping to keep things running by editing or writing or developing when a project falls behind and needs a bit of help.

Plus everything that a developer does.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

JoelF847 wrote:
Since Occult Adventures don't have fakir or swami archetypes, are those being reserved for a campaign product tied more directly to Vudra?

Nope. We might do something with some of those some day, or we might not.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Is Aroden at all related to Ihys?

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Do you have an opinion of any sort regarding the various Warhammer settings?

James: Can you FAQ my request regarding Bardic Masterpieces so that the player base can stop bugging you about what you meant in post X vs post y?

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