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>>Ask *James Jacobs* ALL your Questions Here!<<

Off-Topic Discussions

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Paizo Employee Creative Director

Taco Man wrote:
How are the odds of the Kasatha getting some nice First-Party love in the future? Some Favored Class options, Racial Feats, n' maybe a Racial Archetype or two relating to their dexterity and extra arm-manship?

People of the Stars has a little bit for them, but beyond that, not much planned.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

1) Pretty much just the coloration of the fur. No real significant game statistic differences.

2) I wouldn't... I'm not familiar enough with that AP to do that. That's a Rob question.

3) Well... depends on the region, I guess. Pretty much any magical beast or animal is likely to have some predators though.

4) She wants to be a demon lord, and Deskari is the best option available to her to use as a method of gaining that power she needs. If she happened to be imprisoned elsewhere in the world, she might use a different demon, but you go with the demon lord you have, not the one you want. What made her a monster was, pretty much, the abuse that she suffered as an arcane spellcaster in Sarkoris, and then beyond that as a prisoner in Threshold. She was already a bad seed before that, but the treatment of arcane spellcasters by Sarkoris's elite was pretty bad in and of itself. In a way, Sarkoris made Areelu and she gave them exactly the reward the land deserved by opening the worldwound.

5) Of course there are.

1) Okay, how's that coloration different? What colors give the firepelt its name?

2) Where can I get ahold of him?

3) Okay, thanks.

4) So if I played a character with the goal of restoring Sarkoris she'd be all "You think I'm a monster? You should have seen what they did to me! It didn't deserve to survive, and I'd sooner die than let you resurrect their cruelty!" Like that?

5) What are the likeliest non-spellcasting classes they'd go for?

BONUS! 6) A monk's ki is what enables their fists to gain properties like overcoming DR/Adamantine and whatnot. Since Brawlers don't have ki, what grants them similar abilities?

1) They're black with red fiery stripes down the back. We illustrated one in Rise of the Runelords along with its goblin buddy.

2) He's got an "Ask Rob" thread around here somewhere, or you could just post it as its own question, or email him, or PM him... but he's in Hawaii for another week or so.

4) Perhaps. More likely she'd just try to turn you into an enslaved minion or just kill you.

5) Whatever their stat mods edge them towards.

6) Practice with fighting.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:
I just notice that the "Extra martial flexibility" feat can only be taken once. Is this intentional? What's the chance of an extra use feat coming out for this ability that I could pick multiple times? Cause honestly, I'd rather it add 1-2 more uses than 3 and only be taken once.

I have to believe it's intentional, but you'd need to ask that question on the rules forums to be sure. That kind of flexibility is really the brawler's thing... if you want it more than once, take brawler levels.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

hargoyle wrote:

Hello Mr Jacobs,

I've a question about Ring of Revelation. Can an Oracle use a Revelation from another Mystery through UMD and this ring? In your earlier answer (quoted below) this is not addressed.

James Jacobs wrote:
Dan Luckett wrote:


Over at the PFS section there is some confusion on how the
UMD Skill works in regards to emulating a class. The question was targeted at Ring of Revelation. The argument is can a non-oracle utilize the ring to gain temporary access to a revelation with a sufficient roll of UMD?

Some argue that no, you have to be an Oracle, and if you're not UMD won't help you.

Others say that UMD circumvents those standard preventions.

Use Magic Device will let you trick an item into thinking you're a different class... but it does not grant the POWERS of that class. The way the ring of revelation is worded pretty much means you HAVE to be an Oracle (aka you have to meet minimum level requirements in class abilities granted by the oracle class, since the powers granted directly affect that ability rather than grant you NEW abilities). Furthermore, the ring specifically says that it has no effect if worn by a non-oracle.

SO. Best case scenario, you could Use Magic Device to trick the ring into activating, but if you don't actually have class levels in oracle, the ring will do nothing more than take up a ring slot for you.


Paizo Employee Creative Director

1 person marked this as a favorite.
equinoxmaster wrote:

how many gnomes does it take to build a sunrod

(like the old "how many _____ does it take to screw in a lightbulb)

Zero. They've got better things to do with their time and they can see in the dark anyway. Let the silly humans build the sunrods!

what are the two deity articles in Hell's Rebels?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi James!

What real life language do you think I could base modern Osiriani on? Would it be akin to Egyptian or something like Farsi?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Card Game, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hi James,

As a cheesehead I was pleasantly surprised to see one of our cryptids in Bestiary 3. Who do I need to thank for the inclusion of this creature?

Many thanks for all your hard work.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

xavier c wrote:
what are the two deity articles in Hell's Rebels?

Asmodeus and Aroden, if I recall correctly.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscriber

Doesn't Asmodeus already have an article in Council of Thieves?

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

He also has a write up in Inner Sea Gods. If I was a betting man this Asmodeus article will have more relevant information about his clergy in Cheliax.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

James in the Baphomet article in Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, it mentions that Baphomet was born out of a vile act of the Demon Queen. Is that Lamashtu or someone else? Also is it safe to assume that act was something similar to Pasiphaë and the Bull?

Are there any short elves on Golarion? or is it just tall ones?

1)Where does the Church of Sarenrae get it's money from?

2)Where does the Church of Iomedae get it's money from?

3)Where does the Church of Shelyn get it's money from?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi, James.

I was just thumbing through my copy of Seven Days to the Grave looking for an NPC or encounter or two to steal for my homebrew Korvosa campaign. I noticed the art at the start of the Bestiary section (p.78) included a nosferatu killing a man. In the background, a red-haired human woman who's dressed exactly like Imrijka aims a crossbow at the vampire.

Should I assume that's a depiction of another inquisitor of Pharasma? If so, did that artwork influence Imrijka's character design? Or, was the typical garb of the order already established at that point (early 2008)?



James how would Sarenrae/Iomedae/Shelyn/Asmodeus/Norgorber/Abadar/Irori/Urgathoa/Zon-Kuthon react if a mortal showed up in they're realm requesting an audience?

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