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Mounts as rewards

Scenario Submission Talk

Sovereign Court *

GM adjudication eliminates the possibility for the Cavalier to get non standard mounts. Is there any chance that a non standard mount could be given out for access as a reward from a scenario?

Well if you follow the rule of "There is no charge for awesome" then i dont see why not.

I mean come on, the cavaliers are all about the mounts and nothing would be better then having a fairly young gold dragon as your mount!!!

Liberty's Edge *

I'm piggy backing on this thread due to commonality of topic and light traffic.

The following FAQ ruling is in place for animal barding proficiency. It can be found HERE.

Does training an animal using Handle Animal to be Combat Trained (pg 98 in the Core Rulebook) grant it Light Armor Proficiency?
No, using Handle Animal to train an animal, or mount, in this way does not grant it a free bonus feat. It is not unreasonable, however to assume that an animal specifically designed to be ridden (such as a horse or dog) could be purchased with Light Armor Proficiency as one of its feats (swapping out Endurance or Skill Focus respectively) for the same cost. (JMB, 10/21/10)


I would see this as a definitive ruling on the topic of war-training and armor proficiency for animals; animals need the proficiency feats, whether these are bonus feats (cavalier), feats learned by ACs, or opportunities for the campaign to expand upon the various strains of mounts known.

In a home campaign, a strain of horses with armor proficiency rather than the beastiary feats would be at the hands of the GM. In organized play, this comes about through universal campaign opportunities (such as a PA expenditure/availability or adventure reward). I would suggest this would be of high interest and would be well received.

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